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FRIDAY 5/27/2022

Av EvaLena Hallgren - 27 maj 2022 06:42

When we arrived at the Swedish town nearest the Norweigan border Mom bought the medicine I have to take before crossing. For that, I had to see a veterinarian to get confirmation that I actually swallowed it.

This is the grin on Mom's face as we arrived at this town ??

I was of course wondering why and as it turned out Mom had a summer job on a steamboat here as a small puppy


She recognized the place where "her" boat used to anchor but so much has changed. She did ask some old men about it and was told that the ship does not exist anymore?  (I wonder how old Mom really is?)


The Scandic hotel is still there on top of the cliffs, but a much more modern boat is anchored where "Moms boat" was

When she lived here the shrimp boats came in from the sea at 5 am and she remembers meeting them and getting the treat of fresh warm shrimp as they were cooked on the boat on the way in. The seagulls that are looking for the shrimp heads are still here as loud as ever.


We parked and I found a kid with the freshest tastiest ears I ever had.


Now we need a veterinarian for me, and Mom is searching through Lucy to find my papers and as forgetful and scatterbrained as she is, she finally realized my papers are still in the suitcase left at my favorite place up north.

Yippeee I'm glad we're going there to see my friends and be free again..................

There's of course a chance that no one will know or want to see my papers, but Mom does not want to take a chance, so we turn around going North again.

Lucy is giving us trouble again, she's not being fed the correct amount of diesel (Mom's diagnosis)so she's coughing and spitting and can hardly make it up a hill. She really wants us to know how little she appreciated being left alone for 3 years.

We stopped at a gas station and Mom bought a bottle of cleaning stuff for the tank and after a while, it did the trick.

I wish Lucy could be more forgiving and accept we couldn't come sooner

She's still keeping us warm and dry though

The ice-cold wind and all the rain is not fun even though Mom bought me a really nice raincoat...........


We stopped and had supper at a rest stop and slept great as the rain hitting the roof is lulling us to sleep 

Continuing north we stopped at yet another place Mom lived as a puppy and here we got an expert looking at Lucy and he said she's ok now.

Mom's friend has a cute cat that I wanted to meet but she didn't exactly welcome me?


Her friend Birgitte had  lots of goodies in her fridge, and she's sneaking me a lot of them when she thinks  Mom isn't looking


Now I get to run again but everything is soaking wet and it's cold 

It's raining cats and dogs says, Mom????  I'm looking around and have no idea what she's talking about???? all I see is wet wet wet cold cold cold rain


We went to bed early again listening to the rain on the roof which is the best sleeping pill according to Mom.

It's now 7 AM and we see blue skies and gorgeous sun.........................AMAZING 

It's not supposed to last, so we better get out and take advantage of it while it lasts.

Wery wet kisses to ya all


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Marianne Ervestrand

27 maj 2022 14:00

Hej! Ha en härlig resa till vackra Norge med mamma! Å Snoddas katten du träffade på Dalbergså hälsar🐈🐕

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