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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 29 juni 2022 08:44

 Once again Mom changed our rut, on our way to Gothenburg she saw the sign to Ulricehamn and thought she had never been there, and let's take a look. It turned out to be a beautiful little town by a lake and we found a great parking place to stay for the night.


Ulricehamn has been populated at least since the Middle Ages. The town has had city privileges since the 15th century. There are still several old buildings from the 17th and 18th centuries and the picturesque main street Storgatan has existed in its present form for centuries. Among other historical structures, there is the city hall located at the market square, a yellow rococo building from 1789


Mom appreciates towns that keep and restore the old buildings, not as they do in her puppy town

This is the train station The railroad was built in 1874. The last train took its route in 1985. Today the railroad is a popular, car-free bicycle- and walking track. The distance between Ulricehamn and Tranemo is a part of the 150 km long bicycle track Sjuhäradsrundan




we went for a very long walk along the river and Mom marveled over the gorgeous willow trees along the way. I took an interest in their trunks 



Walking up a steep hill we were at the main street and I met a man that had something in his pocket that smelled delicious..................it was chicken and he was kind to share




This giant mural made Mom smile, it's Rosie the riveter in a Swedish version 


Here's a strawberry stand, and they're selling .................strawberries. This is the season for them



Never in a million years would my Mom leave me tied up outside the store, she would be scared someone steals me. but I suppose in a small town like this ................well who knows


This guy seems frozen in time, He represents the time when men went to peoples houses to sell their goods or selling their services like a Ferrier or maybe sharpening knives for example


Along the river is the construction of the Winter sanatorium, which was finished in 1910.  The rumor about the hotel spread across the country making tourists from all corners of Sweden come visit Ulricehamn. The guests were transported by horse and carriage from the train station. A rail for a tram was tested in 1911 but the brakes could not handle the large differences in height which made the tram to derail. It was never tested again.

Today there's a fancy restaurant and a cold bath house. It's very warm now but Mom is still not tempted to go for a swim, the water looks cold she says, but I would like to know how she knows if she doesn't get in it?


A newer restaurant and an ice cream shop where they had put out matrasses to rest on in the shade


All in all, this is a great place for a short stay, nice and quiet. Mom slept until 8 am????? I can't remember if that has ever happened before.

I think Gothenburg is the next stop, but you never know, things can change very quickly which is fine with me as long as I get my walks and treats.

ALl is well Henry


Av EvaLena Hallgren - 28 juni 2022 06:16

Mom's cold is gone and we're back on the road, this time we're heading south to one of Mom's puppy friends

Before we got there Mom just HAD to stop at this place and order her favorite potato pancake despite it wasn't suppertime. It came with yummy thick bacon which I got to taste. Mom said she always stop here for as long as she can remember


Mom's friend lives in an old school that was built in the eighteen hundreds and past her house is a narrow-gauge railway. At 71 km long, (44miles)it is only 891 mm. (35inches) broad; it stretches from the forests of Småland in the west, past lakes, through small communities and agricultural areas out to the archipelago in the east. Along this line, trains have been running ever since 1879, despite many attempts to close it. Now, thanks to the determined efforts of residents and enthusiasts alike, the line is saved and is today regarded as one of Sweden’s top-10 industrial heritage artifacts. No train came by during our stay because it only runs for tourists now but this is how it looked at 5 am


Mom loves early mornings and I'm a good sport and go along to keep her company. This morning we saw 4 elks grazing on the field but they ran so fast when they heard me so Mom couldn't get a picture



It's a beautiful place but Mom is getting restless and very anxious to get the converter for Lucy's power fixed, so in the afternoon we were back on the road now heading west towards Gothenburg.

The temperature is in the eighties and it's sunny with blue skies, in other words, it's a gorgeous day.

We stopped to look at the horses at the stud farm, the foals were happy skipping around


This one particular foal was running without chasing a ball?

I would have liked to run alongside, but Mom said my legs are too short so I couldn't keep up............... I really wanted to prove her differently but she wouldn't let me out of Lucy

These foals are supposed to grow up to run on an oval track to make money for their owners? 

there's a lot of money involved and if any of them would get hurt because of me Mom said she would be in big trouble with the farmer.


We didn't get very far before Mom got sleepy (getting up at 5 am is the reason I think) so we found a great little campsite by a lake where Mom got to do her laundry.

Many people were swimming and I would have too if it wasn't for that "no dogs allowed" sign .............


it's now 7 am and it just stopped raining so I'll go for my tinkle walk and then we'll pack up and continue on to the repair guy.

Life is great, Henry





Av EvaLena Hallgren - 25 juni 2022 14:42

The day after Midsummer celebrations are lazy do nothing but relax on the sunny days. It's 85 F and that's too hot for many Swedes so it's sitting in the shade and twiddle your thumbs day 


On Thursday Mom and I went for a bike ride to pick wild flowers by the road, 


When we got back Mom made wreaths for herself and me. I didn't want to wear mine and only had it on for a photo opportunity 


In the evening we went to a very local Maypole rising 


It was small enough so Mom thought I could be loose to say hello and I did make my rounds from table to table and ate a lot of goodies...............good thing I'm cute everybody wanted to share


Well, maybe Helge wasn't so much into sharing but I helped myself anyway


On the way home I noticed the neighbor's cat was outside, so I quickly ran in to her house and ate her food. People around here don't bother to close their doors many keep them open for all their pets? 

I don't mind, I think it's a great idea, and I will suggest we'll do that in Florida too

Friday we went to a more significant celebration but this place didn't BBQ so I don't understand why I was kept on a lead here?  Mom was afraid I would get lost with so many people and I agreed to sit with Elvy while Mom was running around taking pictures.


The festivities started with a band marching in playing fiddles and carrying flags


Many people were wearing traditional costumes and if you know your stuff you can tell what village they came from just but looking at their clothes.


MOm loved the little kids and their clothes


Little girls are my favorite, but these girls had nothing good to eat, they just wanted to pet me


after some speeches, it was time to dance around the maypole, I didn't since no one invited me to but it looked like a lot of fun.


After all this, we went home and ate a traditional Midsummer meal herring, potatoes, with sour cream and scallion. I did eat a sill chunk that Mom teased me with thinking there's no way I would eat that.

I've been with Mom for almost 3 years now, and she doesn't know I eat everything that's offered on a fork...

For dessert, Elvy had made a strawberry cake which also is a tradition.

It was delicious


For 2 days in a row, the temperature has been in the eighties, and Swedes are calling it a heatwave and are having a very difficult time with it..............Me and Mom are loving it


For some reason, uploading videos are broken so hopefully, I can add them later

which I just did

Goodnight kisses Henry


Av EvaLena Hallgren - 22 juni 2022 07:16

Early morning and it's raining again it seems like the rain is following us?.................Seriously Mom says, yesterday was a gorgeous sunny day with blue skies 


Monday morning it was time to leave our friends in Mom's puppy town and head south, but first Mom wanted to clean Lucy who had become quite muddy from all the dirt roads we've been driving on. Mom says Lucy feels a lot better when clean and performs much better when she shines ??


I wish Mom would take the bike down so we can go for a ride. We haven't been riding the bike at all? I hope we will soon because that's my favorite 


Driving south all day with a few pitstops I thought, why are we in a hurry? We really weren't but Mom had a place in mind that she said I really liked so I kept looking out the window with great anticipation.

As it turned out Mom didn't make it all the way without stopping to take a couple of power naps, and I understand because it's 749 km (465miles)

The good thing is that there are many rest stops along the way with gorgeous views and paths through the woods


This is the SUV mom wants and she was surprised to see one here in Sweden where gas prices currently are $10 a gallon.......


Waking up from yet another nap at 4 am it was foggy and the sun was trying hard to break through the mist.

This is the time wild animals are on the go, and wolves and bears have been sighted a lot lately so hoping we get a chance to see wildlife we drove small roads through the forest but all we saw was one moose several hares and a tiny little fox pup sitting by the road. When we stopped he quickly ran into the bushes so no chance of a picture.


Finally arrived at our destination and it was the greatest surprise, again we were back where we started my favorite place on earth.


Saturday is Midsummer Day and it's a public holiday and a day off for the general population, and schools and most businesses are closed.

It's the time when where we are now we will get more than 21 hours of sunlight. 

Similar to New Year, the main celebrations take place on the eve of the day. Traditional events include raising and dancing around a huge maypole, in Swedish called the Midsommarstången.

Some believe it originated as a symbol of fertility.  Even though the major fertility rites in ancient times, center around the beginning of spring, Midsummer was linked to an ancient fertility festival, as conception at this time would lead to a birth in March, which was traditionally seen as a good time for children to be born. Others think the shape of the pole has its roots in Norse mythology, and that it represents an axis linking the underworld, earth, and heavens. Many people will wear traditional folk costumes and listen to traditional music. It is also a holiday on which the Swedish will consume a large amount of alcohol and raucous drinking songs are a common sound during the celebrations.

Midsummer was considered to be one of the key times in the year when the power of magic was strongest and it was thought to be a good time to perform rituals, particularly those which related to predicting the future. A tradition of this is one in which young people pick bouquets of seven or nine different flowers and put them under their pillow in the hope of dreaming about their future spouse.

Nobody here is young enough to follow those traditions except for picking wildflowers and decorating 


Some Swedish men are so secure in their "machoness" that it's ok to pick wildflowers and decorate



I'm pretty sure Mom and Elvy will make flower wreaths for their heads as is tradition. Elvy made this for her front door


Mom made supper.........................it is pasta with mushrooms and pancetta.  The traditional midsummer meal is herring and potatoes with sour cream and scallions. Doesn't sound like anything is prepared for me during this celebration?

Well, there's always beer.............since I heard a lot of alcohol is consumed on this day...........can't wait


is that a gun holster on the bike? really ???? ..............noo it's a repair kit for tires ...peaceful Swedes don't carry guns around I was told


They do have some pretty neat bugs   

We had a gorgeous warm sunny day and in the evening it started to rain again but that's ok because the weather man has promised sunny skies for the midsummer dance.


The gazebo keeps us dry and safe from the pesky mosquitos 

All is well

plenty of kisses to ya all 


Av EvaLena Hallgren - 20 juni 2022 06:48

Gomorron, sorry I haven't updated my blog for some time, but Mom has been hanging out with girlfriends from her puppytime and totally forgotten to help me out. It's not that I begrudge her the time but I need help too.

They sure have a lot to talk about stuff that doesn't involve me so I'm bored

Somebody suggested I have a hangover, but that's not true


This picture could be a great eyeglass commersial ..................


We stayed at the campsite a few nights and several of Mom's friends stopped by and they all bought her supper

I heard that the pizza was a disaster but I never got a chance to judge 


I had to stay outside and look at it all through the window? what's up with that? I need the number of animal control so I can make a complaint. Mom said if I did that she'll tell them I drink beer and I'm underaged............fair enough


In the evening the band was playing for a bunch of old people. I assume they were old because they walked two and two holding on to each other? The loud music was killing my ears so we didn't stay

We were camped by the river so we sat there watching it go by


then all of a sudden a pink something came floating by ??? it looked like someone's Christmas tree? 

Yupp now I have to believe Santa really lives here..........


Friday we packed up and went into town to explore. Nothing looks the same except this stone lady which is a familiar site for Mom and they used to call her "the fat lady"


Mom had to visit the bank, and everywhere in Sweden you take a number and sit down to wait your turn. 


Almost everybody rides bikes here, there are thousands of them everywhere


After walking around for a few hours and having "fika" with friends we drove to the countryside to visit a friend that has the most amazing garden which boggles Mom's mind since the season for plans is so short.


I didn't care so much about flowers, but there was a guy with cookies in his pocket, just like my friend at home


and then I took it upon myself to watch this short human from falling into the fountain


After a "fika" we continued to another friend's house and that's where we still are parked. They have a very pretty home and I was helping with the prewash cycle 


Unfortunately, it has been raining a lot and Mom says she's getting webbed feet and are sick of this looking for where the sun is. Late last night we did see a little blue sky so we went for "fika"at their summer house which is located by a gorgeous lake.


In this lake, their grandson who is an expert fisherman catches many pikes and this is his biggest one. He makes his own lures and Mom was hoping to buy one before she leaves. She really wants to try fishing too but cold rain is no fun to be out on the water.


old log cabins are a craftsman's pride. look at the hinges ...............


On the way home the fog was rolling in over the fields and tomorrow morning we'll be on our way heading south again.

Mom has discovered that something is wrong with the 12V converter and since Lucy is so old there's no replacement to buy, but she got a tip of an expert on this and he promised to help out Only problem is that he's located at the other end of Sweden close to Gothenburg, We'll be heading that way but will make a pitstop where we started .........(actually it'll be more than one pitstop because it's 768 miles from here)


we are waiting for our hosts to wake up so we can say our goodbyes and Mom wanted to hose off Lucy all the mud from all the dirt roads we had been driving on.

This is our kind hostess Vanja


All is well here although the weather has been very wet and cold.................it can only get better says, Mom

Wet kisses Henry

Av EvaLena Hallgren - 15 juni 2022 11:07

Monday evening Mikael came home from work and changed Lucy's diesel filter and after supper, they all went fishing in the boat. I stayed home watching Lucy (read napping)

Mom finally caught a fish, not big, but at least a fish


Being out on the water is so peaceful says Mom, pretty sure I will find out eventually..........

after rain comes the sun and a  rainbow 



Buster decided he was going to become a lapdog just like me......not sure it's 100% appreciated by his Mom


Well, as the saying goes "All good things come to an end" 

It was sad saying goodbye I sure hope we can visit here again.

Every town and every village here has many roundabouts and they like to decorate them with art. Mom really likes this one.............flowers for our friends we just left


The next stop is in the town Mom was born. We parked south of the river and walked into town over the bridge she always crossed as a kid. It's so narrow it's now a oneway bridge 

Another one was being built upstream. That will be the fourth bridge over the river Mom noted. 


The park has changed a lot and the yearly cactus pot wasn't done yet


Amongst all the changes Mom was happy to see the old water fountain Johanna still in place


Coming up to the town square there's the much talked and written about wooden skyscraper 

The Sara Culture Centre is built from over 12,000 cubic meters of wood harvested from nearby forests



Mom thought it was the most hideous building she has ever seen and it was huge. 

It is a 20-story, 75-meter-high box with little holes for windows and is named Sarah after a popular Swedish author - opened its doors last September. As ugly as we think it is, it's very innovative and new

The cultural center, which takes up the lower four levels of the building, is built with columns and beams made of glued laminated timber and without the use of concrete. The cement industry currently accounts for about 7 percent of global CO2 emissions, per the International Energy Agency.

The building houses six theater stages, the city library, two art galleries, a conference center, restaurants, and a hotel with 205 rooms that offer views of the surrounding city.

Apart from being one of the world’s tallest wooden buildings and a meeting place for the city’s residents, the building’s energy system tries to be as carbon neutral as possible.

The building is equipped with solar panels, batteries, and a heat pump that works with electrical, water, and district heating. Even the sprinkler system, which in most buildings is usually powered by diesel, is powered by renewable energy.

Excess energy from the building is passed on to other parts of the city or stored in the cultural center’s on-site batteries.

We didn't stay in the city long, instead, we drove a short distance to the best campsite Mom knows of.


we set up camp and Mom did laundry 


?????? maybe Santa REALLY lived up there where all the reindeer were roaming?

but why would Mom steal his socks?


This campsite has chandeliers everywhere and the fanciest one is hanging in the room where you empty your toilet cassette ............everything here is polished and clean................just the way Mom likes it



tomorrow night there will be entertainment here so we might stay around longer than we planned says, Mom. 

The temperature is around 65 and that would be very pleasant if it wasn't for the chilly wind.


The sun is now going down at 23.30 and up at  1.51  which means we have a 21,5-hour daylight

Life is good

wet kisses to ya all




Av EvaLena Hallgren - 12 juni 2022 08:54

Sunday morning and we're still in the paradise of Mom's family. I keep telling Mom we could live like this too, but then she keeps telling me about long dark cold winters. I don't know much about winter, but I assume it is when the white balls Mom throws disappear into nothing.

This is what a Swede considers total paradise,a home in the forest by a lake a few kilometers from the city........


we walked a path thru the woods and Buster was hunting something small and jumping in the water any chance he got

I was much more careful where I went and mostly stayed behind Mom just in case..............who knows what kind of beasts Buster would chase towards me


This is another kind of paradise we visited, it's on the river on a golf course very close to the city.


The owner of this place was very generous and offered me a Whiskey which to Mom's horror I readily slurped up and I would have finished it if given a chance.


We were riding in an old Chevy styleline sport coupe 1950 and Mom was sitting there reminiscing with a silly grin on her face. This car is a year older than she is and runs better than she does...................ooooppps I guess I have to beg for treats somewhere else after that comment .......


The afternoon was time for relaxing and I cuddled up with the host 


The youngest member in this family is a good cuddle partner too


I and Mom walked in the woods again and I blend in perfectly.................can you see me?


Mom is weird .............????? 

She says this is a donkey and the rider fell off and died?????????


After our walk we relaxed again 


Then Buster came and took my place 


In the evening there was a gourmet dinner on the table. Our hosts are fishers and hunters so everything is produced nearby. The whiskey guy brought over some caviar that was out of this world (according to Mom, I didn't get to taste that, Mom said it was too expensive for my palate)


Two Chars one baked and one smoked were served as the main course and for dessert a rhubarb cobbler with whipped cream and ice cream.


Mikael smoked the smaller char


Great food great company and pretty soon there wasn't much left on the plate. There were snaps and beer and a lot of drinks too and Mom has never been up this late in a long time she says, but since the sun never goes down she forgets it night and time to go to bed


This is a great door knocker, so Mom will look to get one for our home in Florida 


Today I hear there are more adventures planned.....................The host told Mom to go dig up some worms??? 
Not sure what that' 's all about, but I'll find out and will tell you all about it in my next blog.


wet kisses to ya all


Av EvaLena Hallgren - 10 juni 2022 10:01

Today we're off the mountain and the sun is back on charging the panel on the roof. We're at one of Mom's friends and here lives a giant named Buster. He's very nice, but a little scary


It's a gorgeous place with a huge yard to run loose, but Mom had to spend so much time to get all the grass out of my paws so I'm not sure I will be let loose again.

Mom loved the flowers at this apple tree, I don't care but I watered it


 Lucky me, I found another tasty ear 


so let me go back to where I left off yesterday. We stayed on the mountain for the night. Freezing but awesome.

We met a couple who lived in a humungous RV like the size we see in the USA. I thought Mom would be jealous, but as it turned out she much prefers little Lucy who is easily parked and can go pretty much everywhere.

This luxury home can't drive some of the roads in Norway for example.


They were nice people and invited us for a beer and cheese-doodles. Beer for Mom and doodles for me. Well, I had to get some beer to wash down the doodles, so it was a good night


we started up early it was too cold to just hang out and we needed to drive to charge the batteries.


Let me tell you, Mom is no fan of gravel roads and neither am I since all the kitchen stuff is rattling and it sounds like it'll break any minute.

We found coltsfoot up here and that's the first flower that we see in spring



coming off this road everything changes and it gets warmer and trees are growing again.


Mom hates it when I walk this close to the edge, she even gets a little mad at me. She doesn't understand I have no fear of heights like she does and I'm not falling like she thinks I will


This is a tall bridge and Mom wanted to look at the view so she stopped and parked and we walked back to look. While driving she's not able to look over the sides? she just stares straight ahead.


The biggest road hazard up here is the reindeer who think they own the road which pretty much they do because you do get in trouble if you hit one. The Sami people are like the American cowboys and follow their herd that stays on the mountain in the summer and is herded towards lower land in winter. Although Western culture has lighthearted associations with reindeer and the holiday season, these animals have been central to the Sami peoples’ livelihood for centuries. The Sami are the indigenous people who first inhabited the area of northern Scandinavia that extends across current-day Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Russia. Conflict regarding land rights and borders has troubled Sami reindeer herders since the arrival of the current dominant ethnic group from Southern Europe around the 9th century. Colonists continued to push the Sami further north and inland, taking from them their sacred land. Today, while the Sami have been granted some land rights by the government, they still struggle to maintain ownership of their land.........sounds familiar huh?



Mom tried to film them while driving and it turned out so so.................she wanted to show their funny looking hoves and their funny gait.




Log cabins are very popular here and many rest stops have firepits where you can make a fire cook your food and relax 




We drove through a village where this guy was standing............I think he must have visited Florida and got a severe sunburn from not being used to the sun.


Trappstegforsen literally means stairs of waterfalls. The waterfall has several small cascades after each other with an elevation of approximately 10 meters



This is all I have to tell you for now. I'm not sure what will happen this weekend but Mom's friends probably have something interesting in mind. They work today so we hang out and relax in the sun and do nothing.

In other words a great day.

Wet kisses to ya all