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Our trip is coming to an end, later today I think we may be back in Sweden and soon Mom will be working on getting Lucy ready for a winter rest. After some initial issues (due to being locked up for three years) Lucy has been good to us, taking us on a great adventure and keeping us dry through some rainstorms. She's now keeping us warm and cozy since it has cooled down considerably now. Sure wish she could have kept us cool in the horrific heat we encountered in France which made us turn around skipping the plan about visiting Barcelona. (still bugging Mom)

Norway always delivers when it comes to the beauty of nature, and when we woke up at the bridge Mom decided to drive back to get better pictures since the sun was now shining.



Under the bridge is where these loudmouths live 



we were watching these guys fishing and wow did they catch a lot of fish. Mom said it's most likely a school of mackerel 

under the boat.


We made a quick stop in Kristiansund The 87-square-kilometer (34 sq mi) municipality  and the 51st most populous municipality in Norway with a population of 24,179.


Archeological evidence exists of settlement in the area which is now Kristiansund from as early as 8000 BC when at the end of the last ice age some areas on the western coast of Norway were ice-free. Finds have also been discovered from the bronze age and early iron age.


Klippfiskkjerringa is a tribute to the many women who worked at the klipfish cliffs in the city. For 300 years, klipfish was the most important industry in Kristiansund, until the 1950s

Clipfish is salted cod (and some other species) originally sun-dried on the smooth rocks


"stolen" from the web shows how woman spread the cod on the cliffs


Not much else besides the harbor was of interest here except maybe this store that sold traditionally costumes. Just like in Sweden, every county has its own variety of dress.


This pillar with a mine on top has the names of the men from this town that died in wars


Driving along we came to this floating bridge. ...............floating ???

this bridge is built in 1992 and is 933 meters (3054feet)

Floating bridge/pontoon bridge construction has a long history in military and civilian applications on every continent except  Antarctica. According to the engineers who designed this bridge, it was designed using recent American technology for floating bridges, combined with Norwegian technology for offshore platforms. The bridge designers researched other bridges in the world and traveled to the state of Washington in the USA to visit the Homer M Hadley Memorial Bridge and the Hood Canal Bridge —two floating bridges. The continuous floating concrete structure used in the Washington bridges was ultimately ruled out in favor of the discrete floating concrete pier design. This design afforded: 1) an elevated roadway that reduced traffic hazards in storms, 2) a reduction in corrosion of the bridge deck, and 3) improved passage of water beneath the bridge thereby supporting native species.


There was a beautiful rest stop at one end of the bridge, a place we could have stayed overnight, but Mom said we needed to drive a little further.



Bridges and tunnels and bridges and tunnels, the longest tunnel yesterday was the 5,727-metre long tunnel that runs beneath the Bremsnesfjorden, reaching a depth of 250 meters, making it one of the deepest undersea tunnels in the world. Construction began in 2006, and the tunnel opened on 19 December 2009, later than initially estimated. The breakthrough was in March 2009. Problems with water leaks caused delays and cost overruns.

WATER LEAKS ??? ....................yikes... made Mom check the walls of the tunnel as her heart was beating faster than normal.


Norway is a gorgeous country with amazing nature so we'll be back for sure.

Time to pack up and continue on to Sweden which is also gorgeous, but in a different way.

Wet kisses to ya,all 






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