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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 25 augusti 2022 19:29

Just like I predicted yesterday, we're in Sweden now, and only a couple of hours away from our final destination for this year. Mom said she couldn't pass up on this gorgeous spot, but I think the truth is she's trying to stretch out the trip a little.



I don't mind stopping here, it's soothing to listen to the stream outside the window and this clip is taken at 7.30pm and the sun is making its descent down the horizon


We stayed two nights at the last place in Norway and this was our view from Lucy

I really liked it there because I was free, there were so many paths to walk and explore

and I made a friend willing to play with me



Driving towards Sweden the landscape changes, there are still mountains but not as steep and dramatic looking as in Norway.

Behind these mountains is Sweden Mom tells me.

Oh ok, roads are narrow and bumpy and that's when I leave my copilot seat and go lay down on a cushy blanket under the table. Much safer in my pinion


What a great-looking gas station we thought. we don't need gas but let's stop anyway to see if we can get something to eat .........Mom went in and came out with nothing. burgers hot dogs nooooooooope  I voted yes but I have no say


I have seen hundreds and hundreds of moose warning signs but not one live moose, we .haven't seen any wildlife at all which is very disappointing 


It's up the mountain, down the mountain, up the mountain and most of the time Mom doesn't have the guts to look down while driving so we stop often.


Here's a handyman special great location but a hazardous road to get there


At the bottom of the valley, we came to a town called Tolga. I needed to take a leak and Mom found something she thought interesting.

The 1.05-square-kilometer (260-acre) village has a population (2021) of 583 and a population density of 558 inhabitants per square kilometer (1,450/sq mi)



A beautiful stream with a very different-looking bridge for Norway we thought  


And what a nice story behind it


And the story continues ...........

The sculpture of the horse and sled represents the memory of the golden age of the melting copper industry the period 1640-1950. The 6m – long, 2m – high sculpture was carved in black granite by the skilled carvers of the Danang Sculpture Foundation in Vietnam. Again, the Norwegian people can witness and admire the talent of the sculpturing of Vietnamese carvers.

and an interesting story came with the statue


This tiny town had so many interesting buildings and was completely deserted, we didn't see one living thing except the tourist picnicking next to the horse.
You would think just one of the 558 people should be out and about?


Anyway, it is a sweet little town so I bet the people will be as sweet

The next stop at the border was this monument.


And it read "In memory of when King Hakon, Prinz Olav, and part of the government hid from the nazis at the toll masters and his wife's home. The picture shows the toll master's wife Aminda holding out the apron behind King Hakon.

12 April 1940


sign underneath says there are snowmobile restrictions and to read up on the laws


There used to be only a rock to mark the border and If that is the toll master house I would like the job  ..........Temporarly


Oh hello there!!! That must be the head boss in reindeer land, look at his antlers, hurry up into the woods before you get hit...



  Stopping at a supermarket we met these two girls selling Ukrainian cookies so, of course, we thought it was for a cause, but got no answer to that. so we bought no cookies they didn't look good said Mom, sure wish I could be the judge........$7 for 2 cookies to a dog that eats bird poop?   nope,  but the girls were pretty 

Tomorrow we will be at the place where we picked up Lucy and started our trip. Now it's time to put Lucy away for her winter rest in this huge place with other RVs and boats. We will be back and hopefully, it is not going to take three years this time.

Here's a map of  places we have visited on this trip  


I'm so happy you wanted to share my trip with me 

and so is Mom 



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26 augusti 2022 08:43

Vilken fantastisk resa du/ni har gjort. Så många fina platser ni har besökt. Tack för att vi har fått följa med er i text och bild. Lycka till framöver. Kram från oss i Hjoggis

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Ralph Carlsson

30 december 2022 21:05

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