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Av EvaLena Hallgren - Onsdag 31 maj 07:34

Good Morning, We are in Zakopane but ready to leave soon and head south because we can't find a place to charge the PC, plus Mom needs to do laundry. We will head south towards a new country, hoping to see what we need.

Yesterday we were in Wieliczka Salt Mine a fascinating world 12 million years in the making. 

I wasn't allowed to go down the mine even though Mom could have used me to keep her calm since she's not very good in closed spaces underground


There was no flash allowed inside so pictures aren't that good.

Opening more than 700 years ago, the Wieliczka Salt Mine is Poland’s oldest business.  There were tens of generations that worked to bring the three square miles of mining tunnels to life, and it’s a testament to the ingenuity and tenacity of the Polish people.  It ceased mining operations in 1996, and then its table salt production in 2007, as one of the oldest continuously operating salt mines in the world.  Today, it opens its doors to over one million visitors each year (which helps to employ 200 miners.)


The guide spoke great English and was very funny


The Wieliczka Salt Mine reaches a total depth of 1,073 feet and even features an underground lake amongst its rooms and cathedrals.


Often referred to as “The Underground Salt Cathedral of Poland,” the Wieliczka Salt Mine has four cathedrals, multiple carvings, and ornate salt chandeliers. You wouldn’t think of a salt mining operation as beautiful, but certainly is. And it’s because of this beauty that it captured the imagination of millions. As such, the salt mine even has a large reception room to host weddings and other private functions. It’s also what’s attracted such notable visitors as President Bill Clinton, Johann Wolfgang, Nicolaus Copernicus, and Pope Jean Paul II.
St. Kinga’s Cathedral is one of the most breathtaking sites in the Wieliczka Salt Mine. You enter near the ceiling of one side and then descend a massive staircase to reach the floor. Most notable are the large chandeliers, as well as multiple carvings (including one of Pope Jean Paul II.)



A carving of The Last Supper in St. Kinga’s Chapel.


Sculptures of gnomes working in the mine are scattered throughout its passages.


Very salty brine


Built in 2014, the Wieliczka graduation tower, with an area of 7500 square meters, is the largest facility of this kind in southern Poland. Located right next to the Wieliczka Salt Mine, and resembling a medieval castle, it attracts tourists primarily for health and recreational reasons. It is a massive structure filled with blackthorn bundles with salt running down the structure's wall


The salt spray generated there is considered one of the best natural treatments for people with chronic respiratory diseases and is one of the best ways to strengthen the immune system. A visit to the graduation tower cleanses the airways and, therefore, should be undertaken regularly by allergy sufferers, as well as patients with rhinitis, bronchitis, sinusitis, and acute respiratory infections. Visiting the graduation tower is also recommended for healthy people, especially those exposed to air pollution. Moreover, the unique microclimate in this place allows you to relax and regain energy.  Mom said it took a lot of her energy to climb the stairs up to the tower......


Mom was gone for 2,5 hours while I watched Lucy. I did get rewarded with Swedish cheese mixed with bacon.

It's yummy.


Weather is great and at 8 am we're continuing our trip

Wet kisses 


Av EvaLena Hallgren - Söndag 28 maj 16:44

yesterday in  Warsaw Mom walked 21 095 steps and since I have twice as many legs I walked twice as far right?

It's a bit of a challenge to navigate and find parking in big cities says Mom but first she thought this parking would do, 


 but thought better of it and found a more secure space that was very close to the old city


There were no facilities but it's ok since Lucy has what we need, ( except charging the PC)

This is an amazing city with so much to see so we started walking early


Since its founding in the 10th century, Warsaw has been invaded and occupied numerous times, most notably by the Russians and the Germans. Just before the start of World War II, Warsaw enjoyed a brief period of autonomy.

That rapidly changed in September 1939, when the Germans invaded Poland. The entire Jewish population of Warsaw was herded into the Warsaw Ghetto, cramming between 300,000 and 400,000 people into a 3 km² area.


  Copernicus was born in Torun, Poland, and went to college in Krakow. His statue stands in the center of Copernicus Square. Radiating out from the statue are the rings of our solar system.

This is the site of the signing of the Warsaw Pact in 1955. This pact united the Soviet satellite states (Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Albania, Romania, East Germany, and the Soviet Union) against NATO


Pilsudski Square is a large open square located just next to the Royal Way. A large plaque on the ground commemorates Pope John Paul II’s visit here in 1979. we also visited the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. This memorializes the Polish soldiers who fought and died in all wars Poland has been involved in,

We did go back for the changing of the guards and filmed but can't add it here.

In August 1944, Polish resistance fighters launched the Warsaw Uprising, in order to drive the Germans out of Warsaw. The fighting was brutal and despite lesser manpower and artillery, the resistance fighters were able to hold out for almost two months. The Germans won the battle and nearly all of the resistance fighters were either executed or deported to extermination camps. In retaliation, Hitler leveled the city of Warsaw with systematic bombings,

From 1945 to 1989, Warsaw, and Poland, were under Communist rule. Many of the city streets, churches, and buildings were restored to their original form.

These little cars are for rent to explore the city if you can't walk

There are buses cablecars and a metro, all-electric and the buses have an accordion in the middle.............   so if you know your way around it's plenty of different ways so you don't need a car


Since 1989, Warsaw has been undergoing a golden age. In 2004, Poland joined the European Union. Businesses came flooding back to Warsaw, along with artists, families, professors, scientists, and tourists. Warsaw may have a gloomy past but it has a very bright future. As of 2023, the city is home to 13 skyscrapers (buildings at least 150 meters (490 feet) tall) and tens of other high-rises, ranking sixth in number of skyscrapers in Europe.

There are 4 in this picture, even though they look like they're all stuck together


These roses had the strongest scent ever and gorgeous Mom acted like me and went to sniff them ...........embarrassing


This was the building we saw when driving and Mom had decided we should get a closer look so here we are


This building was originally known as Joseph Stalin's Palace of Culture and Science but in the wake of destalinization, the dedication to Stalin was revoked. Stalin's name was removed from the colonnade and interior lobby of one of the building's sculptures.

Construction started in 1952 and lasted until 1955 during the Soviet occupation of Poland as an imposed and unwanted "gift" to the people of Poland. As one commentator describes it, the Palace "was a "gift of the Soviet peoples to People's Poland" that Warsaw could not refuse. It was erected with great propagandistic fanfare and named after Joseph Stalin upon its completion in 1955

The Palace of Culture and Science is highly controversial. It is often viewed as a reminder of Soviet influence over the Polish People's Republic, a coalition of veteran and nationalist groups, as well as Law and Justice have called for its demolition. In 2009, then Foreign Minister Radosław Sikorski supported the demolition of the Palace noting the expense involved in its maintenance. Other prominent government leaders have continued to endorse demolition plans, including the current Prime Minister


what is a major city without a Hard Rock cafe, and no we didn't go inside but afterward Mom thought she should have gotten a Tshirt

We also saw this strange roof when we drove by , and now we know it's a mall called Zlote Tarasy


We noticed a man walking on top of it so let's go inside and look if we can see him


This place is enormous and they have no issues with dogs coming inside. We didn't feel like shopping but a nice latte and a rest wasn't totally wrong. The nice lady even gave me a water bowl


Walking around we both noticed how clean the streets are, no ciggbutts or gum. It's nice to see how Polish people still clean outside their shops before opening.

We also noticed these poles in many places and a closer look showed it's a bicycle fixing station with tools and air.

Actually, it's for all kinds of small repairs on the go

How cool is that?

And sure Mom lied, there's a butt

A nice statue we thought but no explanation


A James Dean look alike? no explanation on who he was

  Leaving this area there was time to head towards the old city and looking at the app it showed us walking through a big park. That suited us both great. 

covering 15.5 hectares, this splendid garden, founded in the late 17th century, became Warsaw’s first public park in 1727. Initially modeled on Versailles, but later relandscaped in the more natural English style, the garden is filled with chestnut trees and baroque statues Once serving as the gardens of Saxon Palace, this magnificent park features shady tree-lined avenues, and an elegant 19-century fountain 

If it looks as though the gardens are missing a palace, you’d be right. The Saxon Palace was, like so many other buildings, destroyed during WWII. All that survived were three arches of a colonnade, which have sheltered the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier since 1925. Plans to rebuild Saxon Palace from scratch at fabulous expense, so far, remain unfulfilled.

we were so lucky that we walked into a celebration of some sort, the only thing we could figure out was an anniversary of the park. People were dressed so pretty and there were ompaompa bands

a reporter


The ladies all looked amazing 


Mom is glad the hospitals have better tools now




Our picture is now hanging on the wall in Chopin's house...............;-)


This is supposed to be a bike, but neither one of us could figure out how to ride it


These bikes Mom would have known how to ride, but they weren't there to be tried out and there was no place for me anyway


we better not try any of these bikes


A nice paperboy handed Mom a newspaper, but it's in Polish so we can't read it, It was nice though


Looking at how well-dressed these ladies are Mom started to think how much more ladylike women looked in the past. 


We had a great time in the park but we had to move on to the old town as planned.

Outside the park were these old cars parked


As we're walking on the main street looking behind us is first a police car and after it a mob of people. Oh no, it's a demonstration of some sort? hope it's a peaceful one we thought.
As they're coming closer we noticed all the costumes and were told it was something created on TicTok 

a fur suit walk...............well I have the suit, don't I? WFW = Warsaw fur walk



This is a very nice costume, but it must have been very hot in there................he was carefully approaching the cop for a high five


The streets became very crowded and since there were so many restaurants close by and suppertime why not sit down and watch while having a beer and a bite.

 Mom ordered  Zurek because she had read about it being a traditional soup. It's a rich soup soured with fermented rye starter, served with a boiled egg – halved – and a meaty white kiełbasa. Served in a bread bowl

Honestly, it didn't look so good, but it was delicious and very nicely spiced. I did get a little taste of the kielbasa


Finally, we reached the old town and now we were both pretty tired so we just sat on a bench for a while taking it all in
Sitting in the center is the Old Town Market Square.

This large, open square is surrounded by numerous restaurants. In the center of the square, is the mermaid statue.


Two Polish ladies came and sat next to me so I did my usual hello kissing, who knows she may have cookies in her handbag.


The Ukrainian flag is on many buildings showing support for the people, which is nice. We got one for Lucy too


Leaving the square we ran into this guy and as usual Mom can't resist cuddling anything furry or feathery for that matter



This large, open square is surrounded by more colorful buildings, cafes, and the Royal Castle. Proudly standing in the center of the square, on top of the column, is Sigismund, originally erected in 1644 and is one of Warsaw's most famous landmarks as well as the first secular monument in the form of a column in modern history The column and statue commemorate King Sigismund III Vasa who in 1596 had moved Poland's capital from Krakow to Warsaw.


The large, reddish-pink building that dominates Castle Square is the Royal Castle. It looks rather plain on the outside but it is very opulent on the inside.

 .For the first time in Poland, we were told I wasn't welcome............Oh well

We've been kicked out of better places, haven't we?  



We are both getting tired so we walked back to Lucy and fell asleep. In the morning we continued south and Mom had found this quiet peaceful little town to stay for the night.............and that didn't turn out as expected. There's a carnival of some sort here. We did walk around the lake but are too beat to join in any celebration.

Warsaw is a great city a lot to see and a lot of fun going on

Tomorrow is another day for adventure, today we'll rest

Wet Kisses 



Av EvaLena Hallgren - Lördag 27 maj 06:21

I was right when I said I will have to watch Lucy while Mom went to the castle. She wasn't gone more than a few hours, so it wasn't too bad.

Mom said it was amazing and well worth a visit 


the Grandmasters overlooking the place


this is a stomp mill


The miller's office


The floor in the grand hall looked like a quilt


Amazing how things will grow


This is part of the mechanism for opening and closing the drawbridge


Everywhere you look there are all kinds of figures


Nope not going there or there, some nooks are just scary looking and Mom is afraid of getting lost somewhere in the underground


How do they know who the finger belonged to? and why would anyone steal it?


this is the restaurant we took a break yesterday, No beer brake today because we're driving south again


we are now sitting in a parking lot in the middle of Warsaw and soon we're going to explore everything there's to see

Lots of wet kisses 



Av EvaLena Hallgren - Fredag 26 maj 06:15

Good morning, I think Mom listen to me about getting the circadian rhythm wrong because we stayed up past ten last night and it's now 6.30 am ............she's learning

Yesterday morning we had a show for breakfast. Four Poles trying to start a lawnmower and before that figuring out how to put a string in a weed whacker.


OH well, we went on the road early and we weren't spared any road construction today either 


Again we're driving through the gorgeous countryside lots of green and lots of bright yellow rape fields. They are a joy for the eye but not so much for the nose. The scent is like urine which doesn't bother me much but Mom hates it


Poland has a lot of storks, not our wood kind, but the baby-delivering kind, and their nests are huge. We watched for a while and noticed little birds nesting on the sides. Guess they're tenants 


We are now in a town called Malbork ...........surprise surprise, no xyjz in this name.  The campsite we found is almost empty so I get a lot of free runs. Mom set up our seatings but I don't know how she'll fit in that carriage


This was the home of the Teutonic Knights, a German chivalric order established in the holy land during the Crusades and they built this amazing castle.


The brethren knights came to the southern shore of the Baltic sea to wage war upon the pagan tribes of Prussia.

They established their own state on conquered land in the 13th century.


During the 15th century, it was the largest castle in the world, and yes it's huge, we walked around the entire castle and Mom got her 10 000 steps in. It was also one of the most important political and economic centers of medieval Europe.


The Palace of the grand masters build during the 14th century is a masterpiece of Gothic architecture. You can really tell that this building was for the refined residence and not for an ascetic monk.


In the heart of the monastery is the church of St Mary. The most important religious and national ceremonies took place here. Holy mass services are held every day and sometimes flogging of a brethren knight. Maybe they prayed before the beating which will make it ok 


I wasn't allowed inside the castle, so I have a feeling I'll be watching Lucy for a few hours today, and I'll be fine with that as long as it doesn't take all day.


This lady gave off some really good vibes, so I went to sit with her while Mom are taking pictures 


After walking for hours and hours we got thirsty and finally, I'm getting to taste some really nice cold Polish beer.

This bar/restaurant was great with sunchairs placed looking over the water and castle................we feel no pain says Mom


This is a picture from the brochure, the only one Mom could find in English 

Mom am excite about going inside and meanwhile I'll be watching Lucy so she doesn't roll away.


Looks like it'll be another sunny day in Poland

wet kisses 


Av EvaLena Hallgren - Torsdag 25 maj 05:59

I don't know what time zone Mom is in? but going to bed at 7 and up at 4 is not what everyone else does here. Mom doesn't care she likes the quiet morning hours when no one else is around.

Lucy's solar roof gives us enough power, except it does not power the PC so we have to go to a campsite to charge it.

It may be the connection thing that doesn't do its job? it is 160W so ?

Yesterday we visited a very interesting place. Since it's still off-season for vacationers we were almost alone exploring the grounds, which suited us very well.

The town is called Szymbark, Polish language has a lot of zy and j,s together which is impossible to pronounce for us.

This fountain was at the entrance but no tickets for sale and the gates were opened so we walked in without paying.


A house upside down?  Maybe a tornado? you can't live in a house like this............are you sure? they say.

Well Mom's equilibrium made her quite unsteady and I wasn't all that excited about it either


We entered the roof we walked on the ceiling, under the table passing a lamp, which could fall over and ignite our entire world


So why did they build it? as a playground? maybe for some people, but it is a metaphor for how our world has become so chaotic.

Every day people are killing each other in the cruelest way possible, others live in excess dreaming about a pill that would provide immortality others live in poverty and suffering of the family. Entire nations are being slaughtered.

Thus it is not true that we can't live in an upside-down house. 

It is an allegory of today's world and could be erected anywhere in the world, but in Poland, it is particularly justified.

They managed at the last minute to put back the foundation of the fallen house choking in the fumes of communism.

It is still missing many elements, which is a reflection of the larger house, which is still upside down.


this beast scared me to death, I didn't even have the courage to bark at it. Mom whos much braver than I am went up to pet it, trying to convince me it was ok.............noway 


There are several cute little log cabins and they all have an amazing history. Mostly sad stories of how people struggled to stay alive. Forest wood has been a building material throughout the ages. Both Polish and Kaszubian history is engraved in wood. A childs crib is made of wood, and we embark on our final journey in a box made of wood.


Who knew this about Canada ???


This train with carriages represents the fate of hundreds and thousands of Polish families brutally awakened and deported into the unknown by Stalin praetorians.




 Here is the Siberian Deportee house i.e it's the wooden house transported from Irkutsk and reassembled. A Polish traveler visiting Siberia got a request from Poles living there to bring a piece of "homeland" and he gave them a wooden emblem carved with the saying "God-Honour-Homeland". In return, they gave their countrymen back in Poland the oldest house in this part of Siberia which was built by the Polish deportees in the 18th century.


There's so much sad history here and a replica of the prison camp which reminded us of another camp further south 

Just imagine this long trip trapped like cattle in the cold no food no nothing



A missile bear?


The Kashubians strove for years to commemorate the heroes of the secret military organization of Gryf Pomorski.

The choice of the boulder for this purpose was not accidental. The boulders are the treasure of Kaszuby and they are spoken about in their legends. The largest bolder they could find is in the shape of a heart and a stone processing company cut in half. A cold stone and a heart? sounds like incompatible contradictions. However, sometimes the heart has to be as hard as stone to survive.

The bullet in the heart symbolizes physical and psychological torture because if a Gryf member was not killed by a bullet from a German rifle, he was later killed by the gun of a Polish butcher


So much sad history seems to repeat itself in Ukraine, and why? 


After several hours of walking around this beautiful park, I felt something is wrong in the sky, and try to warn Mom we have to get back to Lucy quickly. Mom is kind of slow to notice these things, but eventually, she heard the thunder so we headed back, but not before a quick visit to the souvenir shop (Which was open?) The only shopping we did was a postcard from this nice lady


There's a big hotel on the premises too which is a popular place for seminars and conferences. The restaurant looked amazing...................so ok Mom hurry up before the sky kills us

We drove a few miles and now we are in Przywidz................pronounce that if you can

Wet kisses to ya all 


Av EvaLena Hallgren - Onsdag 24 maj 20:47

Last night it started to rain and it kept on all morning, so we left very early to find better weather. It's quite a challenge to navigate in Poland when you don't know the language.

They just close a road and tell you in Polish where to go instead? Not very helpful Mom says 

 Mom likes to take smaller roads and it's like driving in a green  tunnel but the pavement can get pretty bumpy at times

The main roads are great but it seems like this entire part of Poland is being reconstructed which means detours to ????  


We are driving through many small villages but the streets are narrow and it's difficult to find a place to park. Not that it matters much because Mom have no shopping itch  ..............yet I may add


we're driving towards Kartuzy, where a lot of Kashubians live............. 

The Kashubians are a true ethnic minority, distinct from the Poles in both language and culture. Originally western Slavs with ethnic links to the Poles, the Kashubians are believed to have settled in the area around 1,500 years ago, although the first records date from the 13th century when the Pomeranian Dukes included ‘Duke of Kashubia’ 

Today we visited the oldest original ceramics museum run by the same family since 1897.


The Kashubians are the descendants of Slavic tribes and even have their own language. That doesn't really matter to us because we don't know Polish either. 

Mom got to try the wheel and even if the instructor wasn't Patric Swaysee she sure enjoyed it


This is the final result with some help from the man of course. It takes a lot of time before it's finished so they said we can pick it up next time we come visiting.


This man wants to meet Michael Jordan 


Every piece is hand-painted with a goose-feather and they make only a few patterns, This represents their family 


This tree is growing just for me to live in I think, but I would have to stay alert and chase away the dogs that want to lift their leg  on it,


yes I think it says no spritzing I get it even though I never spritz anything anyway


Mom is tired and ready to go to bed and I wouldn't mind either so the story will continue tomorrow.


wet kisses to ya all



Av EvaLena Hallgren - Tisdag 23 maj 18:36

Leaving our night parking place we had an easy drive south. It was only a three-hour drive through Sweden's most southern province named Skane which is a drive through rolling hills with bright yellow rape fields and fields just freshly plowed other green crops. It looks like a giant quilt Mom says. It's mostly highway so nowhere to stop for pictures. It doesn't matter says Mom because the camera can never capture what the eye sees unless maybe we had a drone.

In Trelleborg, we had to wait until 21.00 to get on the ferry to take us across the Baltic Sea to Poland.

  Mom has been here many times before and she wanted to show me two statues she likes.


OK, so this one is really cool still looks exactly the same as Mom remembered 

But what has happened to the dragon? no water and he lost his green color?I think his dying


Trelleborg does not look the same as Mom remembered and that was disappointing but they had the most gorgeous tulips we had ever seen in the park


So we got on the ferry and most vehicles are giant trucks with trailers and for some reason, it seems like every single driver of those big things are smokers...We quickly went to our cabin and stayed there for the entire 6.5 hour crossing


The cabin was nice and had a much-needed shower for Mom.

In the morning Mom took me to the deck's pee pad, but it was full of cigarette butts so I refused to go there

I'll wait for a better place to go


I see land ohojjj and here comes the pilot 


We are now in a very small town named Mielno. This is a typical tourist town but it's not season yet and the streets are all under construction. As a matter of fact, so far it seems like ALL of Poland is under construction, every road so far, and the few that weren't dug up is in dire need to 

We found out that no one takes credit cards we had to get cash and in Poland, it's zloty, not Euros like Mom thought. Now we had to walk and find a bank ATM and of course, the one we found close was out of order.

At the other end of town finally a working ATM

Stores are selling typical tourist junk and these shoes made Mom laugh and that costume is just scary looking I should be barking at it


Nothing much is happening now unless feeding seagulls are excitement 


Tomorrow we'll be visiting Polands Riviera

wet kisses 


Av EvaLena Hallgren - Söndag 21 maj 06:56

As usual, Mom and I are up early and that may be because we went to bed early since Mom is older and have a problem staying awake after 9PM 

We had a great time at last night's grill party, well at least Mom had, I was locked up in my carriage not being able to sit at the table. I did get a little taste of the ostrich that was grilled to perfection by Christer.


As the evening went on there was a guy playing the guitar and ............... hmm............................. singing his version of Sylvias' Mother.

Unfortunately or fortunately Mom has forgotten how to upload a video from the phone. She spent a lot of time trying though 

The performer himself said what happen ar Dalkarlsa stays at Dalkarlsa and yeah I agree I heard the singing


The surroundings are great some of us walked to the lake where there's some petroglyphs. The story is that moose have been traveling here for 1000 years and that this may suggest a wish for good hunting.

well it was too steep for Mom to climb down for a picture so this is gift


gorgeous view over the lake and we couldn't have asked for better weather 


I just loved the run in the woods so I was speeding ahead, and guess what?

Mom is mean she hid behind some bushes and when I turned around she was GONE!!!

I ran back but got confused about how far it could be, so I stopped and listen in all directions, and than I hear Mom giggle 

She GIGGELD! like that was funny, NOT


In the afternoon they played a game of boule and I thought it looked like a lot of fun to chase the balls but nope not these balls Mom said. So can I have just that little one? I asked .............nope 


Next to the campsite was the cutest little old-fashioned "Fika" place and once again Mom indulged in a shrimp sandwich



She thinks it's the greatest sandwich on earth, but this time she regretted not having the waffle with lax when she saw this


We said goodbye to our friends and continued on south.

The next stop was supposed to be a Bison park where there'll be an RV parking and moose and whatever

When we got there we both said noway we stay here, but we did walk around


We paid the $8 entrance via phone, because there was no person in sight anywhere, nor were there any bisons


This is a cabin to rent and stay overnight? Guess it's cool for kids but I don't like it here it's too noisy with cows hollering next door. There were three sad moose locked up and that's sad because in the wild they'll be wandering about 25 miles a day

We said goodbye and aren't coming back

Driving in the countryside the bright yellow rape fields make Mom smile, even though they smell pretty bad. 

Rapeseed is grown for the production of edible vegetable oils, animal feed, and biodiesel. Rapeseed was the third-leading source of vegetable oil in the world in 2000, after soybean and palm oil It is the world's second-leading source of protein meal after soybean.

Those metal cans are the kind the farmer used in the old days for milk. They pulled them out in the morning and a truck drove by to pick them up. Mom says they are really heavy

We were heading to the ferry but it was too far Mom is tired so we pulled over in a small town with free RV parking

No facilities but we have all we need in Lucy so we're fine

The town's name is Gislaved and most famous for making tires

  • the Gislow brothers founded the company - named after their Swedish village - in 1893
  • they champion an innovative spirit and outstanding quality built on Nordic character and expertise
  • the first Swedish tire roll-off production line was in 1905
  • the first Volvos are produced – equipped with our tires
  • Major milestone – millionth tire produced in 1949
  • by 1970 main export markets include Scandinavia, Japan, and North America
  • Gislaved joins Continental AG – the global tire leade

Tomorrow we should be in Trelleborg waiting for a ferry to? Poland? Germany?   Whichever comes first Mom says

Wet Kisses