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Av EvaLena Hallgren - Söndag 21 maj 06:56

As usual, Mom and I are up early and that may be because we went to bed early since Mom is older and have a problem staying awake after 9PM 

We had a great time at last night's grill party, well at least Mom had, I was locked up in my carriage not being able to sit at the table. I did get a little taste of the ostrich that was grilled to perfection by Christer.


As the evening went on there was a guy playing the guitar and ............... hmm............................. singing his version of Sylvias' Mother.

Unfortunately or fortunately Mom has forgotten how to upload a video from the phone. She spent a lot of time trying though 

The performer himself said what happen ar Dalkarlsa stays at Dalkarlsa and yeah I agree I heard the singing


The surroundings are great some of us walked to the lake where there's some petroglyphs. The story is that moose have been traveling here for 1000 years and that this may suggest a wish for good hunting.

well it was too steep for Mom to climb down for a picture so this is gift


gorgeous view over the lake and we couldn't have asked for better weather 


I just loved the run in the woods so I was speeding ahead, and guess what?

Mom is mean she hid behind some bushes and when I turned around she was GONE!!!

I ran back but got confused about how far it could be, so I stopped and listen in all directions, and than I hear Mom giggle 

She GIGGELD! like that was funny, NOT


In the afternoon they played a game of boule and I thought it looked like a lot of fun to chase the balls but nope not these balls Mom said. So can I have just that little one? I asked .............nope 


Next to the campsite was the cutest little old-fashioned "Fika" place and once again Mom indulged in a shrimp sandwich



She thinks it's the greatest sandwich on earth, but this time she regretted not having the waffle with lax when she saw this


We said goodbye to our friends and continued on south.

The next stop was supposed to be a Bison park where there'll be an RV parking and moose and whatever

When we got there we both said noway we stay here, but we did walk around


We paid the $8 entrance via phone, because there was no person in sight anywhere, nor were there any bisons


This is a cabin to rent and stay overnight? Guess it's cool for kids but I don't like it here it's too noisy with cows hollering next door. There were three sad moose locked up and that's sad because in the wild they'll be wandering about 25 miles a day

We said goodbye and aren't coming back

Driving in the countryside the bright yellow rape fields make Mom smile, even though they smell pretty bad. 

Rapeseed is grown for the production of edible vegetable oils, animal feed, and biodiesel. Rapeseed was the third-leading source of vegetable oil in the world in 2000, after soybean and palm oil It is the world's second-leading source of protein meal after soybean.

Those metal cans are the kind the farmer used in the old days for milk. They pulled them out in the morning and a truck drove by to pick them up. Mom says they are really heavy

We were heading to the ferry but it was too far Mom is tired so we pulled over in a small town with free RV parking

No facilities but we have all we need in Lucy so we're fine

The town's name is Gislaved and most famous for making tires

  • the Gislow brothers founded the company - named after their Swedish village - in 1893
  • they champion an innovative spirit and outstanding quality built on Nordic character and expertise
  • the first Swedish tire roll-off production line was in 1905
  • the first Volvos are produced – equipped with our tires
  • Major milestone – millionth tire produced in 1949
  • by 1970 main export markets include Scandinavia, Japan, and North America
  • Gislaved joins Continental AG – the global tire leade

Tomorrow we should be in Trelleborg waiting for a ferry to? Poland? Germany?   Whichever comes first Mom says

Wet Kisses 


    Kom ihåg mig



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