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Av EvaLena Hallgren - Torsdag 25 maj 05:59

I don't know what time zone Mom is in? but going to bed at 7 and up at 4 is not what everyone else does here. Mom doesn't care she likes the quiet morning hours when no one else is around.

Lucy's solar roof gives us enough power, except it does not power the PC so we have to go to a campsite to charge it.

It may be the connection thing that doesn't do its job? it is 160W so ?

Yesterday we visited a very interesting place. Since it's still off-season for vacationers we were almost alone exploring the grounds, which suited us very well.

The town is called Szymbark, Polish language has a lot of zy and j,s together which is impossible to pronounce for us.

This fountain was at the entrance but no tickets for sale and the gates were opened so we walked in without paying.


A house upside down?  Maybe a tornado? you can't live in a house like this............are you sure? they say.

Well Mom's equilibrium made her quite unsteady and I wasn't all that excited about it either


We entered the roof we walked on the ceiling, under the table passing a lamp, which could fall over and ignite our entire world


So why did they build it? as a playground? maybe for some people, but it is a metaphor for how our world has become so chaotic.

Every day people are killing each other in the cruelest way possible, others live in excess dreaming about a pill that would provide immortality others live in poverty and suffering of the family. Entire nations are being slaughtered.

Thus it is not true that we can't live in an upside-down house. 

It is an allegory of today's world and could be erected anywhere in the world, but in Poland, it is particularly justified.

They managed at the last minute to put back the foundation of the fallen house choking in the fumes of communism.

It is still missing many elements, which is a reflection of the larger house, which is still upside down.


this beast scared me to death, I didn't even have the courage to bark at it. Mom whos much braver than I am went up to pet it, trying to convince me it was ok.............noway 


There are several cute little log cabins and they all have an amazing history. Mostly sad stories of how people struggled to stay alive. Forest wood has been a building material throughout the ages. Both Polish and Kaszubian history is engraved in wood. A childs crib is made of wood, and we embark on our final journey in a box made of wood.


Who knew this about Canada ???


This train with carriages represents the fate of hundreds and thousands of Polish families brutally awakened and deported into the unknown by Stalin praetorians.




 Here is the Siberian Deportee house i.e it's the wooden house transported from Irkutsk and reassembled. A Polish traveler visiting Siberia got a request from Poles living there to bring a piece of "homeland" and he gave them a wooden emblem carved with the saying "God-Honour-Homeland". In return, they gave their countrymen back in Poland the oldest house in this part of Siberia which was built by the Polish deportees in the 18th century.


There's so much sad history here and a replica of the prison camp which reminded us of another camp further south 

Just imagine this long trip trapped like cattle in the cold no food no nothing



A missile bear?


The Kashubians strove for years to commemorate the heroes of the secret military organization of Gryf Pomorski.

The choice of the boulder for this purpose was not accidental. The boulders are the treasure of Kaszuby and they are spoken about in their legends. The largest bolder they could find is in the shape of a heart and a stone processing company cut in half. A cold stone and a heart? sounds like incompatible contradictions. However, sometimes the heart has to be as hard as stone to survive.

The bullet in the heart symbolizes physical and psychological torture because if a Gryf member was not killed by a bullet from a German rifle, he was later killed by the gun of a Polish butcher


So much sad history seems to repeat itself in Ukraine, and why? 


After several hours of walking around this beautiful park, I felt something is wrong in the sky, and try to warn Mom we have to get back to Lucy quickly. Mom is kind of slow to notice these things, but eventually, she heard the thunder so we headed back, but not before a quick visit to the souvenir shop (Which was open?) The only shopping we did was a postcard from this nice lady


There's a big hotel on the premises too which is a popular place for seminars and conferences. The restaurant looked amazing...................so ok Mom hurry up before the sky kills us

We drove a few miles and now we are in Przywidz................pronounce that if you can

Wet kisses to ya all 



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