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Av EvaLena Hallgren - Fredag 26 maj 06:15

Good morning, I think Mom listen to me about getting the circadian rhythm wrong because we stayed up past ten last night and it's now 6.30 am ............she's learning

Yesterday morning we had a show for breakfast. Four Poles trying to start a lawnmower and before that figuring out how to put a string in a weed whacker.


OH well, we went on the road early and we weren't spared any road construction today either 


Again we're driving through the gorgeous countryside lots of green and lots of bright yellow rape fields. They are a joy for the eye but not so much for the nose. The scent is like urine which doesn't bother me much but Mom hates it


Poland has a lot of storks, not our wood kind, but the baby-delivering kind, and their nests are huge. We watched for a while and noticed little birds nesting on the sides. Guess they're tenants 


We are now in a town called Malbork ...........surprise surprise, no xyjz in this name.  The campsite we found is almost empty so I get a lot of free runs. Mom set up our seatings but I don't know how she'll fit in that carriage


This was the home of the Teutonic Knights, a German chivalric order established in the holy land during the Crusades and they built this amazing castle.


The brethren knights came to the southern shore of the Baltic sea to wage war upon the pagan tribes of Prussia.

They established their own state on conquered land in the 13th century.


During the 15th century, it was the largest castle in the world, and yes it's huge, we walked around the entire castle and Mom got her 10 000 steps in. It was also one of the most important political and economic centers of medieval Europe.


The Palace of the grand masters build during the 14th century is a masterpiece of Gothic architecture. You can really tell that this building was for the refined residence and not for an ascetic monk.


In the heart of the monastery is the church of St Mary. The most important religious and national ceremonies took place here. Holy mass services are held every day and sometimes flogging of a brethren knight. Maybe they prayed before the beating which will make it ok 


I wasn't allowed inside the castle, so I have a feeling I'll be watching Lucy for a few hours today, and I'll be fine with that as long as it doesn't take all day.


This lady gave off some really good vibes, so I went to sit with her while Mom are taking pictures 


After walking for hours and hours we got thirsty and finally, I'm getting to taste some really nice cold Polish beer.

This bar/restaurant was great with sunchairs placed looking over the water and castle................we feel no pain says Mom


This is a picture from the brochure, the only one Mom could find in English 

Mom am excite about going inside and meanwhile I'll be watching Lucy so she doesn't roll away.


Looks like it'll be another sunny day in Poland

wet kisses 



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