Alla inlägg den 9 maj 2023

Av EvaLena Hallgren - Tisdag 9 maj 07:07

Good morning all, we have now moved into Lucy even if nights still are very cold. I stay under the cover to keep Mom warm and it's so cozy. 

Lucy had to go back to inspect that rear-end brake drum something, and now she's feeling good again. 


Unfortunately, she still has some issues with indoor light fixtures that don't work which is most likely a fuse somewhere.

We have to wait until we find a fixer-upper man who knows about this kind of stuff. I suggested we go to that man who fixed our door last year because I remember Mom being impressed by his knowledge.

We're still staying at the same place in the country where I'm free to roam and I have now made it my property and alert Mom as soon as anybody comes close ....................I was stopped from barking at these big guys though.


This is a guy I remembered from last year, he always has cookies in his pocket when he stops by. My kind of people for sure.


This time he left a few on the table for later he said ...................I say give it to me now


We're still having lazy days in the sun, I run around until I get sleepy and then I take a short nap with Mom hoping she'll get up and throw my ball again. 

I did get a taste of the ostrich and yes it was yummy, but so is everything else they're cooking and as long as I sit close to my friend I know I will get a taste.


I'm not getting any more cheese though, They claim it gives me smelly gas? I don't know what that's all about,I haven't noticed    

Today will be another sunny lazy day I hope 

I don't know when Mom plans to get on the road driving south, but I know it'll happen eventually 

until than I will enjoy every minute of this freedom


Wet kisses to ya'll