Alla inlägg den 14 maj 2023

Av EvaLena Hallgren - Söndag 14 maj 12:30

Hello again, after a week of resting and getting used to the 6-hour time difference we finally got on the road and started our slow move further south. We only drove for about 3 hours and the birch trees are already showing off the very first green color that's only seen in early spring................says Mom

The wood anemone is also telling us it's springtime.


When we stopped I immediately recognized I had been here before and ran to see the lady of the house who I love a lot.......................I know it's mutual despite her trying to get away from my hot kisses.  

We happen to arrive at the HOA clean-up day so all homeowners got a broom and swept the walkways. 


The job was quickly done and after everyone got together at the grill having hot dogs coffee and rhubarb pie with vanilla sauce


This hammock under the apple blossoms looks fine 


Like so many Swedes Vanja and Christer also have a summerhouse and to our great delight we got invited again

It's located next to Sweden's nineteens largest lake and another Swedish paradise we get to visit.

This is the view from Lucy's window .............Can't complain at all


I know how to get the best seat in the house every time 

This is a very healthy breakfast cereal they say...................I'm sure it's a mistake they look like mine and are very tasty?


This morning we went for a walk by the lake and we both agreed to buy this house............

The bad thing is it's not for sale 

Tomorrow we'll be somewhere else Mom says, and when I ask she says it'll be a surprise, but as hint she let me know a grouchy cat lives there.

Life is great 

Kisses from Henry