Alla inlägg den 23 maj 2023

Av EvaLena Hallgren - Tisdag 23 maj 18:36

Leaving our night parking place we had an easy drive south. It was only a three-hour drive through Sweden's most southern province named Skane which is a drive through rolling hills with bright yellow rape fields and fields just freshly plowed other green crops. It looks like a giant quilt Mom says. It's mostly highway so nowhere to stop for pictures. It doesn't matter says Mom because the camera can never capture what the eye sees unless maybe we had a drone.

In Trelleborg, we had to wait until 21.00 to get on the ferry to take us across the Baltic Sea to Poland.

  Mom has been here many times before and she wanted to show me two statues she likes.


OK, so this one is really cool still looks exactly the same as Mom remembered 

But what has happened to the dragon? no water and he lost his green color?I think his dying


Trelleborg does not look the same as Mom remembered and that was disappointing but they had the most gorgeous tulips we had ever seen in the park


So we got on the ferry and most vehicles are giant trucks with trailers and for some reason, it seems like every single driver of those big things are smokers...We quickly went to our cabin and stayed there for the entire 6.5 hour crossing


The cabin was nice and had a much-needed shower for Mom.

In the morning Mom took me to the deck's pee pad, but it was full of cigarette butts so I refused to go there

I'll wait for a better place to go


I see land ohojjj and here comes the pilot 


We are now in a very small town named Mielno. This is a typical tourist town but it's not season yet and the streets are all under construction. As a matter of fact, so far it seems like ALL of Poland is under construction, every road so far, and the few that weren't dug up is in dire need to 

We found out that no one takes credit cards we had to get cash and in Poland, it's zloty, not Euros like Mom thought. Now we had to walk and find a bank ATM and of course, the one we found close was out of order.

At the other end of town finally a working ATM

Stores are selling typical tourist junk and these shoes made Mom laugh and that costume is just scary looking I should be barking at it


Nothing much is happening now unless feeding seagulls are excitement 


Tomorrow we'll be visiting Polands Riviera

wet kisses