Alla inlägg den 24 maj 2023

Av EvaLena Hallgren - Onsdag 24 maj 20:47

Last night it started to rain and it kept on all morning, so we left very early to find better weather. It's quite a challenge to navigate in Poland when you don't know the language.

They just close a road and tell you in Polish where to go instead? Not very helpful Mom says 

 Mom likes to take smaller roads and it's like driving in a green  tunnel but the pavement can get pretty bumpy at times

The main roads are great but it seems like this entire part of Poland is being reconstructed which means detours to ????  


We are driving through many small villages but the streets are narrow and it's difficult to find a place to park. Not that it matters much because Mom have no shopping itch  ..............yet I may add


we're driving towards Kartuzy, where a lot of Kashubians live............. 

The Kashubians are a true ethnic minority, distinct from the Poles in both language and culture. Originally western Slavs with ethnic links to the Poles, the Kashubians are believed to have settled in the area around 1,500 years ago, although the first records date from the 13th century when the Pomeranian Dukes included ‘Duke of Kashubia’ 

Today we visited the oldest original ceramics museum run by the same family since 1897.


The Kashubians are the descendants of Slavic tribes and even have their own language. That doesn't really matter to us because we don't know Polish either. 

Mom got to try the wheel and even if the instructor wasn't Patric Swaysee she sure enjoyed it


This is the final result with some help from the man of course. It takes a lot of time before it's finished so they said we can pick it up next time we come visiting.


This man wants to meet Michael Jordan 


Every piece is hand-painted with a goose-feather and they make only a few patterns, This represents their family 


This tree is growing just for me to live in I think, but I would have to stay alert and chase away the dogs that want to lift their leg  on it,


yes I think it says no spritzing I get it even though I never spritz anything anyway


Mom is tired and ready to go to bed and I wouldn't mind either so the story will continue tomorrow.


wet kisses to ya all