Alla inlägg den 27 maj 2023

Av EvaLena Hallgren - Lördag 27 maj 06:21

I was right when I said I will have to watch Lucy while Mom went to the castle. She wasn't gone more than a few hours, so it wasn't too bad.

Mom said it was amazing and well worth a visit 


the Grandmasters overlooking the place


this is a stomp mill


The miller's office


The floor in the grand hall looked like a quilt


Amazing how things will grow


This is part of the mechanism for opening and closing the drawbridge


Everywhere you look there are all kinds of figures


Nope not going there or there, some nooks are just scary looking and Mom is afraid of getting lost somewhere in the underground


How do they know who the finger belonged to? and why would anyone steal it?


this is the restaurant we took a break yesterday, No beer brake today because we're driving south again


we are now sitting in a parking lot in the middle of Warsaw and soon we're going to explore everything there's to see

Lots of wet kisses