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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 21 maj 2016 09:37

Finally, Lucy is ready for the road, she now has a new carpet and cushions. Elvy sewed some beautiful neck cushions to put on top of the chairs. (not in this picture) Mom is very pleased to sit more comfortable, but they do nothing for me.


Lucy also needed some rubber seal for the toilet, which was ordered and put in place.Most expensive       little doodad ever. Everything is coming together real nicely and Mom is finally getting over the 6-hour time change.

It's not very warm, so for a short moment, I felt we should go back to Florida, but Mom promised,it'll get better.

One afternoon they left me in the car and went for brunch. Look at the pizza Mom had ? and that's supposed to be for one person ? Can't say everything is bigger in the USA, at least not in this case.




We had a gorgeous sunny day, not super warm, but good enough for a rest in the easy chair.



This wildflower is one of the first to bloom in spring, one of Moms favorites



Swedish men are very inventive, and even though we have never seen a car on this contraption, it sure looks very practical and sturdy.



Mom and Elvy looking in magazines and girlie chatting about outfits of the rich and famous




The weather stinks rain rain rain and still a little chilly. According to the weather rapport, it's going to be warmer tomorrow. Hope they're right, because Mom says if it doesn't get warmer we're driving to Spain, and that's sounds a little scary to me since I've never  been there. On the other hand, what choice do I have?  Mom doesn't always listen to me, and I mostly go along with whatever crazy ideas she has, except when it comes to this motorcycle stuff. That's where I draw the line, no way, no how, is she getting me on one of those things, and neither is she. I don't want to be an orphan.




Friday afternoon we said our goodbyes and "see you soon" kisses and went on our way driving south. From the window, we saw 2 moose crossing the road, but there was nowhere to stop and take pictures, and they went into the woods pretty quickly anyway.
My first thought when I saw this figure I said "Oh this is where Lincoln went", but at closer look I realized the mustache and the beard weren't the same........then again, maybe it turned white when he became older ?



The destination was the little village where Sorensen family lives. I knew it before we arrived as soon as I got a whiff of the air since there's a paper mill there and occasionally it smells funny. It's a great opportunity to let go of some stomach gasses without getting the blame.

Here we are at Sara's house, and she's the same kiss up girl as last time we met.The kitty didn't want to bother with me this time either ? what's up with that ?


Saras Mom Birgitte made an awesome supper, well at least that's what Mom said, I didn't get a taste so I can't judge, but it smelled real good. 

Sara had the nerve to plop herself in MY Mom's lap not that I care much, I know she'll never trade me for anybody else, nor would she sell me for all money in the world..................



It's now Saturday morning, and there are a few blue patches on the sky, so maybe, just maybe we'll have a nice sunny day.

All is well, look out for tomorrows update 










Av EvaLena Hallgren - 17 maj 2016 13:57

Finally I got Mom to help me to update my story. She has been so busy taking care of Lucy,so I've been feeling very neglected for a couple of days.
As ususal I was on my best behavior on the flight, and slept most of the way. For a little while I was sitting in Moms lap, but it got too warm, so I prefered my bag on the floor. Flight was late landing in Oslo, and the connecting flight to Stockholm was closed, at least that's what it said on the board. I did hear Mom saying a bad word reading the flight schedule trying to figure out how long we'll have to wait, and if there was time for me to go outside. All of a sudden a man in uniform comes running and he grab me and Moms bag telling us to hurry up. Mom snatched me back from him thinking he was a dognapper ? but she tried to keep after the man since he had her bag. As we're running he explained that the pilot was waiting for us ? like we were famous celebrites or something. Getting on the plane everybody was in their seats staring at us, but who cares at least we're on time for the train out of Stockholm, or so we thought.
As an after thought, how the dickens did this guy know that we were the missing passengers? I know he was at the same flight as us from Orlando, but we were never introduced ?




After landing in Stockholm we got the suitcases very quickly and everything got loaded on a wagon and Mom pulled it all outside and I found a very nice plot of green grass to do my business.
Than off to the train, and now the difficulties start. It's almost impossible to buy a ticket if you don't have an Iphone. Sweden is very advanced in technologies,and for an old lady like Mom it's not easy, and she's tired and irritated that noone is willing to help her ( I should have done the asking for us ) Finally she managed to buy a ticket from a machine, but the first 2 trains had no seats, so we had a long boring wait before the train arrived.
Mom could hardly pick up her suitcases so a kind man helped, and finally we arrived at our friends station where Ove and Elvy was waiting. Now there was only an hour drive left before the final destination, and I finally got to stretch my legs in a long run.



It's pretty cold here so we slept in Helges cabin the first night. He had prepared with a nice fire in the stove so it was warm and very cosy. It was 1AM Saturday morning Swedish time,(7pm Friday UStime) before we got to bed, and Mom still had trouble sleeping, but I was fine.
Following day it was time to give Lucy attention, and first the waterpump refused to work,it pumped water that never came to the zinks, instead it poured out underneath Lucy and that put a damper on things. Mom saw a big repair bill thinking she had forgotten to empty the hotwater heater for the winter and everything is probably bust. Well, it's weekend and there's nothing to do about it now, since repair places are closed. Second night we slept in Lucy and in the morning Mom decided to read the instruction book, and low and behold, there it shows a saftey switch on the heater that releases if it gets to cold and the water empties..............awesome saftey switch for people who doesn't know what they're doing. Mom loccated the switch and ...........voila everything worked. Hallelujaaaaaaaa

Second issue was a seal on the toilet tank, which was no news Mom had already ordered it, and it was waiting to be installed. Unfortunatley it was a second seal that was needed, (again reading the instruction book) so that's the last fix needed.

Today is nice and sunny Elvy and Ove is having "fika". Temperature is aroud 55, no complains


I'm getting older, and Mom says it shows on my eyes and coat, but I still have the power of hypnotizing some people. One look at Ove and he heads straight to the fridge to find treats, just the way I like it....................woo hooo



This place is a little old fashioned so Mom have to get the water from a well. It's a summer retreat, and it's fun to experience how people used to live a long time ago. We sure have it a lot easier now a days.



The place we are at now, does not have good wifi, so Mom have to drive Lucy in to the village to connect, but it's not so bad. The peaceful atmosfere more than makes up for it and the first morning we heard the coocoo bird and saw 2 deer at the corner of our friends property.........sure is something to be said aboutt living in the country.......

Not sure about any plans for the next few days, I'm probably the last to know, but it doesn't matter as long as I'm not left behind. Not a chance in hell Mom says, where she's going, so am I.
Stay tuned, my story is to be continued.


Av EvaLena Hallgren - 13 maj 2016 00:54

Hellooooo !!! long time no see..................have you missed me ?  Well, here I am again, getting ready to go back to Mom's puppy land. There's been a lot of rushing around these last few days, both Mom and I had to visit our doctors and mine updated my passport. And what Mom did I don't know?

For days, Mom has been packing and unpacking to make sure they weight is right. I have no clue why she would need so much stuff, we have all we need in Lucy, don't we? 




I will miss Lilly, I wish she could come  too, but she would be too scared and make a lot of noise on the plane.


Mom is walking around taking farewell of her orchids 





the "frangi pangi" gave me a bon voyage flower ............




And the datura also gave a goodbye flower




Couple of days ago we went to my store to pick up treats and something to chew on for the trip.

Mom insisted on me trying on a Florida sun hat. She thinks it would be so cute at the airport, and when we land you'll look adorable she says ............I say NO NO NO, end of discussion..........besides, that's a girlie hat........am I right, or am I right ?

Actually, Mom knows about my aversion to clothes, she just can't help herself sometimes, and I suppose she'll expect me to eventually give in...........NO NO NO never




we are ready waiting for our ride to the airport, can't wait to see everybody and I hope the summer weather is coming back.




Av EvaLena Hallgren - 7 september 2015 12:51

It's very cold here now, and raining again................so we're getting ready to return to Florida's sun.

We are at the small village where Lucy is going to stay and there's no WIFI where we're staying, so Mom and I went into town just for this message..............

Looking forward seeing all my buddies soon again.

These are blackberries from last week, but since it has been such a cold summer they weren't all ready to eat.............mom seems to like them a lot..........me ? not so much




We also made a quick stop in Mom's favorite small town ASKERSUND, but weather stunk so it wasn't the greatest this time.



We got a giant for company, so big you can get lost in ,or hide real good.....




All Mom is doing now, is getting Lucy ready for winter sleep...................and knitting, and listening to books......................

we're all good, see you next week............







Av EvaLena Hallgren - 31 augusti 2015 08:35

Mom is looking at maps and information about Greece this morning ??? Don't know what that's all about, because for all I know we'll be flying back to Florida in a couple of weeks .............I know she can change her mind in a drop of a hat, but .............I miss Lilly........

We're still at the same place visiting this small village, which has been very peaceful and relaxing,  but I heard a rumor about this being the last day and that we'll be on the road again.................where ? I have no clue. The other day Birgitte made the ham the way Mom remembers from her puppyhood..........I heard a lot of grunting and smacking and mmmmmm..........she forgot to give me a taste !!..........not sure I'll ever forgive that.........


Saturday we went far into the woods ( Mom forgot the name of the village) to a fair and there was a lot of interesting people.........



This guy may be Santa Clause in disguise .........





here's a black smith working hard


Mom bought some cloudberries from this guy....................wonder if she'll remember to give me a taste of that ???


There was also some meatball factories with blankets on, not sure what the blankets was all about, because even if it was a little windy, it wasn't cold. The girls riding them was doing all kinds of tricks and people cheering ? I would have cheered if they had tossed me a meatball...................they didn't and I'm feeling real sorry for me...............again a lot of people had comments about me sitting in my wagon............they're all jealous of course.


Riders was supposed to slice a watermelon in super sonic speed, first girl missed


second girl got distracted and picked up something from the ground



Third girl....................swish swish, melon juice for everybody ................



This guy made waffles, and again Mom ate forgetting about me ?..................Mom is getting so forgetful it's crazy, next she may forget me at rest stop, and than what will happen to me ?? .................


on the way home Birgitte drove on a winding gravel road, and all of a sudden she stopped at garage sales, but there was no garages, or houses ??



Anyway, there was this super cute puppy,(says Mom) a mix between a powderpuff ( like my neighbor Bodi) and a Chihuahua ( like my other neighbor Scooter) ..............he's laughing when Mom tickles his belly..........I didn't care much .....this garage sale concept, seemed weird, really weird, so I stayed in the car


On the way to the fair,  was this cave, and ofcourse there's all kind of stories about it, true or not, who knows...............


Maybe these trolls lived there ?


I'm not sure this is a vehicle that could be bought in any store ? but it's pretty cool, and it gets you where you want to go......


An old Swedish brand Motorcycle



Last night we went for a shorter road trip to the town of Karlsborg which was established and grew due to the construction of a fortress, during the 19th century. According to the principles of a central defense the fortress was designated as the reserve capital of Sweden in the event of war.........

Today there's a Parachute Ranger School here.



Sky looked amazing, and Birgitte, and me, patiently waited for Mom wanting to take pictures



Here's a place to rent, if you want to live in a treestump ...............




There was a full moon, but Mom don't know how to get good pictures of that yet




here we go straight into the woods....................Birgitte seems to think she's driving some kind of tank or an offroad vehicle..........



This is the papermill by night..............










Av EvaLena Hallgren - 28 augusti 2015 08:50

Not that it matters what day it is, since every day are the same here. We're still at the same little village, and I'm wondering if we're moving here ? It's fine with me, just want to know 

Wednesday there was a fair in the closest town ASKERSUND, a small town with population of about 4000.  I got to ride around in my stroller. It's amazing how much attention I get sitting there...........people take a second look surprised I'm not a baby..............( Mom calls me her baby sometimes) and when I get real cocky and bark at dogs walking by, people look around trying to figure out where it comes from ................I think it's hilarious, Mom get annoyed.........

This is how Swedes makes American donuts, if possible even sweeter and even more gunk than we can think of, but at least they haven't put bacon on them yet....................what's wrong with bacon I say ?? ALL donuts should have bacon..



Mom and Birgitte tried these balls, I can't say anything about the taste, since I didn't get as much as a little crumb.........



This is Askersunds town hall


The town Askersund traces its origin from the 14th century. Despite its small size, Askersund is for historical reasons normally still referred to as a city, although Sweden nowadays defines a city as a locality with more than 10,000 inhabitants. To me it looks like every single person in this town is out and about today.



It amazes me how these guys from South America have found this small quaint town, but it looked like they really liked it, smiling as they entertained with their music



Actually, this is Moms favorite city, second to her puppy town up North..........the cobblestone town square, the harbor, the lake, the old wooden buildings makes it a very nice relaxing city in the summer. In the winter ? not so much ............


This building has an  history from 1784, and it started as a drugstore, than a shoestore, and now it's a place for "fika". Very quaint and rustic, with old furniture and a nice garden in the back to sit and enjoy a great cup of coffee..................and pastries to die for ...........



Great looking florescent green bike..........but riding on these cobblestones ............................lalalalallalalalaaaaaa



yesterday it was raining hard almost all day, but in the afteernoon Mom and Birgitte went out to the forest looking for cantarellens............(not sure why I was left at home ?) ..............

this is what they came home with, and for what I heard it was AMAZINGLY  delicious............again, I didn't get a taste ??? ................the red stuff is lingonberries



Sarah didn't get a taste either, even though she tried to look this cute..............I sat on the chair and tried my hypnotizing look................which didn't work on these coldharted woman................I miss Ove



Not sure what will happen today, I sure hope we'll do something..............Mom is getting lazy, reading, knitting ............just sitting around............not even getting dressed before noon ...........

oh well..........what can I do ?










Av EvaLena Hallgren - 24 augusti 2015 06:57

Now we're in a place I've been to several times before, I jumped out of Lucy and ran the fastest I could, hoping the door be open, and yes it was......................so here I come and straight to the fridge..........I didn't even have to use my hypnotizing powers.............Mom was so surprised and shaky she couldn't even hold the camera still.............


YES.....we are in the smallest village that smells a little funky, and that's because of a factory that employs 170 people and produce  bleached and unbleached kraft pulp. Town is  ASPA BRUK, and the pulp production started here in 1927


Mom spent a lot of time here as a puppy, and this time we were lucky to invite ourselves straight to a 70ies birthday party..............they served a sandwich cake, a typical Swedish tradition. It's the birthday boys daughter that's cutting the cake. Mom didn't give me anything to eat, but I was handed goodies when she wasn't looking, lucky for me, I could have starved to death........



Another Swedish tradition this time of the year is having crayfish parties , a tradition that started because crayfish harvesting in Sweden was, for most of the 20th century, legally limited to late summer. Today, the premier date in early August has no legal significance. Dining is traditionally outdoors, but in practice the party is often driven indoors by bad weather or aggressive mosquitoes. Customary party accessories are comical paper hats, paper tablecloths, paper lanterns (often depicting the Man in the Moon), and bibs. A rowdy atmosphere prevails amid noisy eating and traditional drinking songs . The alcohol consumption is often high, especially when compared to the amount of food actually eaten. It is considered customary to suck the juice out of the crayfish before shelling it.

Here Birgitte is showing some of their catch before cooking


Following day we came along to harvest the traps they had put out, and Lennart was the captain of the boat............


I nominated myself to the " First mate", and I heard no objections................not that I would care...


Here is a Beaver nest, and I looked and looked, but nobody home...............maybe they too were out looking for crayfish...........

A rowdy Beaver crayfish party would be fun to attend..........



There weren't many in the traps, and some were too small to keep, they had to be a minimum of 10 cm. 

about 4 inches


Since I was first mate, I had to keep an eye on everything, to make sure it was done correctly............




Mom didn't do one iota to help out, she just sat there and sunned herself ..............and sometimes restricted me from doing my work...........


back to the marina, and I tink Mom was relieved, since she get seasick in a bathtub



It was a gorgeous sunny day with not a cloud on the sky, but poff, all of the sudden water all over the car and a rainbow ??? ..........................Birgitte had driven through some strange kind of carwash that was put up for the people in the village....



Backat the house I finally got to say hello to the house cat.................she's Ok, but no Lilly



Sun is somewhere else today, so I suppose it'll be a "read a book in bed day"


later alligator





Av EvaLena Hallgren - 21 augusti 2015 22:10

To change view we decided to move to a different town called GREBBESTAD , that’s located only a few miles up the coast. As of 2010, there were 1,401 inhabitants, though this number can increase by as much as ten-fold during the summer, and even though this is the end of the vacation season, this campsite was huge and crowded, but very nice 
This time I was lucky to get a long bikeride with Ove, while Mom and Elvy just relaxed
we went into town
and when we got back I helped him with his pedicure.............I'm real good at foot licking
Mom and Ove tried their luck fishing, and Mom's fishing rod is a tiny travel thing, not much bigger than a pen............Ove lent her a lure, and at the second try she got a brown trout, but unfortunately the reel broke off from the rod, and despite Ove’s help the fish got loose and swam off..........
we went for walks 
in one place there was millions of swallows and they are such amazing flyers it’s fun to watch them ...........
This morning it was time to pack up and start the trip North, and we stopped at a rest stop with this amazing rock wall, that was put together without any cement,
and this was the view
We were driving along and this bridge was pretty cool
And it's not like like Sweden don't have enough moose, that they need to put up cardboard ones ??
I sppose it's a park with more or less tamed moose so the tourist can get a close up look
Arounf noon we stopped for fika, and now Ove and Elvy went on their way home.............I miss them already ....................  
 me and Mom stopped in a small town MARIESTAD, which is located by Swedens largest lake called VÄNERN. It had 15,591 inhabitants in 2010. 
Once again we're parked at a marina, and Mom finished reading a book. 
We also went for a walk and I met a kitty that I thought wanted to play, but nooooooo, as soon as I got close she ran ...............I miss Lilly
It's a pretty little town but not much to do I think, or Mom is just to lazy right now.............so it's an early night
Good Night all









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