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Av EvaLena Hallgren - Torsdag 15 juli 15:26

After Washington DC, we continued to Gettysburg a small town in Pennsylvania where there's a lot of history.

 Battle of Gettysburg was a turning point in the Civil War, the Union victory that ended General Robert E. Lee's second and most ambitious invasion of the North. Often referred to as the "High Water Mark of the Rebellion", Gettysburg was the Civil War's bloodiest battle and was also the inspiration for President Abraham Lincoln's immortal "Gettysburg Address".


as usual, the"no dogs allowed" sign made me work again. Mom was very concerned about how I would handle all the canon shooting but decided to give me a chance. I did think it was a little spooky but stayed quiet ...........I take my job very seriously so I don't understand her worries


Cycloramas were a very popular form of entertainment in the late 1800s, both in America and Europe. These massive, oil-on-canvas paintings were displayed in special auditoriums and enhanced with landscaped foregrounds sometimes featuring trees, grasses, fences, and even life-sized figures. The result was a three-dimensional effect that surrounded viewers who stood on a central platform, literally placing them in the center of the great historic scene. Most cycloramas depicted dramatic events such as great battles, religious epics, or scenes from great works of literature. Hundreds were painted and exhibited in Europe and America during the 1800s, yet most were lost or destroyed as their popularity died out with the introduction of a more entertaining art form, motion pictures.

The "Battle of Gettysburg" Cyclorama at Gettysburg National Military Park is one that has survived. This fantastic painting brings the fury of the final Confederate assault on July 3, 1863, to life, providing the viewer with a sense of what occurred at the battle long touted as the turning point of the Civil War.

The culmination of the battle was captured on canvas by the French artist Paul Philippoteaux, a professional cyclorama painter and artist. Philippoteaux was not present at Gettysburg but came to the United States in 1879 when he was hired by a group of entrepreneurs to paint this monumental work for a special display in Chicago. Philippoteaux arrived in Gettysburg in 1882 armed with a sketchbook, pencils, pens, and a simple guidebook to help him locate the site of the climactic charge. The artist spent several weeks on the battlefield, observing details of the terrain and making hundreds of sketches. To help him recall the landscape with accuracy, Philippoteaux hired a Gettysburg photographer to produce a series of panoramic photographs for his use. These images are some of the earliest detailed photographs of Cemetery Ridge, the Angle, and the "High Water Mark", and the field of Pickett's Charge. Philippoteaux was also lucky enough to interview a number of veterans of the battle, who helped with suggestions on how to depict the chaos of battle.

This was a true masterpiece very spooky and noisy (war is) I kept my cool 

No filming was allowed during so this is after it was over.


 the battle was a crushing defeat for the Confederacy. Union casualties in the battle numbered 23,000, while the Confederates had lost some 28,000 men–more than a third of Lee’s army. The North rejoiced while the South mourned, its hopes for foreign recognition of the Confederacy erased.

Our next stop was a spur-of-the-moment thought. We were very close to Bethlehem in PA where Mom used to visit a friend with two little girls. The little girls have now grown to ladies with kids on their own, and it reminded Mom how old she really is. So much blablabla so I tuned it all out and concentrated to keep an eye on the three big cats living here


Mom decided the little girl would look so much better in the cowboy hat and I agree with her

The following day we set up camp in Lake George, a place Mom visited many years ago it's a popular tourist destination in upstate New York.

The campsite was walking distance to town but because it's in the woods it was hard to keep everything clean, which didn't bother me one bit, but you know how Mom is. Still, it was quite cozy and we had everything we needed.



 Lake George is a town in New York’s vast, protected Adirondack region of mountains and old-growth forest. The town sits on the lake of the same name. On the shore, the Fort William Henry 


Check this out a fort for me, and whomever William is      


we walked and walked and took in all the sights many people take a one hour cruise on the lake.

a sign said no-smoke boats? that's not what I see?

I think they're sending smoke signals to a different village maybe?


fantastic wood carving to show what once was


these ladies reminded Mom of a story from her puppy time but couldn't remember exactly


I wish we could have driven this instead of walking 


there were also trolleys to drive you around but Mom insisted on walking..

I like to bring up something that's bugging me, So many places do not want me on their property but I promise I'm not the one that leaves trash behind. Sure I do my business but Mom picks that up so I don't understand why I can't go everywhere, but the people that leave their trash can?


some people have a very different taste


Finally a break, I like to sit around watching people go by


many beautiful buildings and flowerpots everywhere, in other words, a typical tourist town 


Early morning we parked by the lake and this is what caught Mom's eye...................I thought NOWAY but she said oh yes because she did it last time here 30+years ago. Do you see that small dot in the sky? That's a parachute that's being pulled by a boat.

Luckily it's getting too hot for me to stay in the car and this time I'm glad there were no dogs allowed. 


we're now on to our next destination and Mom said it might be a great surprise for me................hope so

all is well 

Av EvaLena Hallgren - Tisdag 13 juli 13:10

Yesterday was a very sad day, it was time to leave Curtis and Marlene to continue on our trip. We've been having a great time with great people and Mom is still grinning from ear to ear when she thinks about the crabbing adventure.

Some day we have to go back .................right Mom?

Today we're in the United States Capitol and even if Mom has been here twice before there's a lot to see. Unfortunately, a lot of things were closed off because of Covid and a sad event happened in January...........

We started at the Capitol which we were told they will open for visitors again soon


The United States Capitol is the meeting place of the United States Congress and the seat of the legislative branch of the U.S federal government. It is located on Capitol Hill at the eastern end of the National Mall.


parking is not so easy around here nowhere is it free and Mom was quite proud when she managed to download an app to pay for parking, $3 an hour with her phone, then add an alarm in time to refill money to avoid a parking ticket. 

You CAN teach old dogs new tricks.................

Second, we went to the Arlington memorial and the tomb of the unknown soldier


The Tomb of the unknown Soldier stands on top of a hill overlooking Washington, D.C., the tomb is made from Yule marble quarried in Colorado. It consists of seven pieces, with a total weight of 79 short tons (72 metric tons). The tomb was completed and opened to the public on April 9, 1932, at a cost of $48,000.

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier has been perpetually guarded since July 2, 1937, by the U.S Army. The 3rd USInfantry Regiment ("The Old Guard") began guarding the Tomb on April 6, 1948. There is a meticulous routine that the guard follows when watching over the graves. The Tomb Guard:

  1. Marches 21 steps southward down the black mat behind the Tomb
  2. Turns left, facing east for 21 seconds
  3. Turns left, facing north for 21 seconds
  4. Takes 21 steps down the mat
  5. Repeats the routine until the soldier is relieved of duty at the changing of the guard 

There was a sign telling you to show respect be quiet and not to chew gum.




Other unknown servicemen were later placed in crypts there, and it also became known as the Tomb of the Unknowns, though it has never been officially named. The soldiers entombed there are:


                  Unknown Soldier of WW1 entombed November 11, 1921; President WarrenG Harding presided

  • Unknown Soldier of WW2 interred May 30, 1958; President D Eisenhower presided
  • Unknown Soldier of the Korean war also interred May 30, 1958; President Dwight Eisenhower presided again, Vice President Richard Nixon acted as next of kin
  • Unknown Soldier of the Vietnam war interred May 28, 1984; President Regan presided. The remains of the Vietnam Unknown were disinterred, under the authority of President Clinton on May 14, 1998, and were identified as those of Air Force 1st Lt. Michael J Blassie whose family had them reinterred near their home in St.Louis Missouri. It has been determined that the crypt at the Tomb of the Unknowns that contained the remains of the Vietnam Unknown will remain empty.

Steep hills 95F (35C) and a lot of walking and stairs exhausted Mom but like a good trooper she kept on pushing my stroller. England premier minister Boris Johnson was visiting so they were shooting canons. We heard it but didn't make it up the hill in time. 

They were putting away the canon and it looked like they were struggling so despite Mom being tired she offered them help (like the good person she is)

They politely declined but they also got a good laugh. HA they don't know what Mom is capable off  

( a few bacon strips should be coming my way after that comment,)


After this Mom needed a shower real bad and we started to look for a place to stay that didn't cost an arm and a leg and allow dogs that should also be within walking distance. We found the cutest place called Hive hotel with a small room in the basement???? that didn't sound good but they had a shower. What a great surprise, the room is tiny but clean and had everything we needed.


This hotel was really close to the Lincoln memorial so after a shower, we were off walking again. Her Garmin watch showed we walked 8.6miles this day (13km)


The Lincoln Memorial is a US national memorial built to honor the 16th president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln.

The building is in the form of a Greek temple and contains a large seated sculpture of Abraham Lincoln and inscriptions of two well-known speeches by Lincoln, The Gettysburg Address and his second inaugural address. The memorial has been the site of many famous speeches, including MLK jr's "I have a dream" speech, delivered on August 28, 1963, during the rally at the end of the march on Washington for Jobs and Freedom 

Along the top of the memorial is an intertwining rope of laurel to represent unity – the major theme of the memorial There are 58 steps leading up to the top, 2 for the number of terms he served as President, and 56 for his age when he was assassinated lucky for us there was an elevator.

Lincolns view is incredible so I'm sure he's quite pleased where he's sitting keeping an eye on the capitol and Washington monument


The exterior of the Memorial echoes a classic Greek temple and features Yule marble quarried from Colorado. The structure measures 189.7 by 118.5 feet (57.8 by 36.1 m) and is 99 feet (30 m) tall. It is surrounded by a peristyle of 36 fluted Doric columns, one for each of the 36 states in the Union at the time of Lincoln's death, and two columns in-antis in the entrance behind the colonnade. The columns stand 44 feet (13 m) tall with a base diameter of 7.5 feet (2.3 m). Each column is built from 12 drums including the capital The columns, like the exterior walls and facades, are inclined slightly toward the building's interior. This is to compensate for perspective distortions that would otherwise make the memorial appear to bulge out at the top when compared with the bottom, a common feature of  Ancient Greek architecture.



From here we walked to the Vietnam wall 
The wall originally listed 57,939 names when it was dedicated in 1982; however other names have since been added and as of May 2018 there were 58,320 names, including eight women. The number of names on the wall is different than the official number of U.S Vietnam War deaths, which is 58,220 as of May 2018. The names inscribed are not a complete list of those who are eligible for inclusion as some names were omitted at the request of families


A short distance away from the wall is another Vietnam veterans memorial, a bronze statue named The three servicemen. The statue depicts three soldiers, purposefully identifiable as European American, African American, and Hispanic American. In their final arrangement, the statue and the Wall appear to interact with each other, with the soldiers looking on in solemn tribute at the names of their fallen comrades. The distance between the two allows them to interact while minimizing the effect of the addition on Lin's design


A street performer played sad tunes nearby




The Washington Monument can be seen almost everywhere you walk, it is an obelisk built to commemorate, George Washington once commander-in-chief of the Continental Army (1775–1784) in the American Revolutionary War and the first President of the USA (1789–1797).

The monument, made of marble, granite, and bluestone gneiss is both the world's tallest predominantly stone structure and the world's tallest obelisk, standing 554 feet 7+11⁄32 inches (169.046 m) tall. It is the tallest monumental column in the world if all are measured above their pedestrian entrances. Overtaking the Cologne Cathedral it was the tallest structure in the world between 1884 and 1889, after which it was overtaken by the Eiffel Tower in Paris.



This is a memorial dedicated to Americans who served in the armed forces and as civilians during  Worl War2

Consisting of 56 pillars, representing U.S states and territories, and a pair of small triumphal arches for the Atlantic and Pacific theaters, surrounding an oval plaza and fountain.

Opened on April 29, 2004, it was dedicated by President George W Bush on May 29, 2004 More the an 4.6 million people visited the memorial in 2018.


this is how most people got around and we could have too if it wasn't for not leaving a spot for me, but I told Mom we should have brought my backpack .............should have could have blablabla


it's getting dark and Mom is beat but we can't leave before we walked by the White House to see if Joe and Jill is home

There was no way of getting close to it. Because of recent violence, there are guards and fences keeping you far far away. As matter of fact, they recently built a much higher fence around it.


This is a National Historic Landmark building which is the headquarters of the United States Department of the Treasury An image of the Treasury Building is featured on the back of the 10$bill.

We saw a big rat scurrying by this place, Mom was wondering if there may be a few of them inside too?



The Red Cross National Headquarters built between 1915 and 1917, it serves both as a memorial to women who served in the American Civil War and as the headquarters building for the Red CrossIt was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1965



oh, I forgot to tell you we went to the National Gallery of Art too but it was closed due to covid but we did walk around in the sculpture garden.


This silver tree was both our favorites






A rabbit? a donkey? a horse?   That's up to the viewer's imagination 





There's so much more to see here, but cities are so tiring so after another large coffee (for Mom) and the promised cookies for me we'll be getting back on the road again. to where ???? not a clue, but I'll let you know






Av EvaLena Hallgren - Måndag 12 juli 01:10

OOoops I think Moms senior moments are rubbing off on me...............what a horrific thought 

Anyway, before we got to the town for my surprise we stopped in Norfolk Virginia to look at a naval ship.

Wisconsin was last decommissioned in September 1991 after a total of 14 years of active service in the fleet, and having earned a total of six battle stars for service in World War II and Korea, as well as a Navy Unit Commendation for service during the January/February 1991 Gulf War.



the USS Wisconsin BB-64 was the last authorized of the four mighty Iowa-class battleships, the largest American dreadnoughts ever built. Wisconsinor “Big Wisky” as it was affectionately nicknamed, enjoyed a service life that spanned six decades and three conflicts. Entering service just as the supremacy of battleships was giving way to aircraft carriers, the heavy guns of the four Iowa-class vessels were still unmatched when it came to naval firepower. BB-64 could hurl shells over the horizon at enemy ships, but also at targets far inland — a duty it performed right up to Operation Desert Storm Long since decommissioned, this great piece of American maritime history was not destined for the scrap yard. Resurrected by the City of Norfolk and the USS Wisconsin Foundation, it has become a museum ship and navy heritage site that continues the legacy of duty, honor, and country that was the calling card of Wisconsin's crew, and to inspire future generations of Americans. 





Mom decided that maybe it wasn't the greatest idea to take the tour inside since we were told there was many steep stairs where I had to be carried and Mom says I'm too heavy for that.

I appreciated that desicion because instead we went for a walk in a nearby park



we met a police officer with his dog, we thought they looked very much alike.




The Norfolkians have a lot of cool ways to get around, I noticed Moms interest and had to point out there was no place for me.



this could have worked though

some statues we liked in the park 



After a few hours in the park were on our way to Chesapeake Bay Bridge/Tunnel


Hopefully We're caught up with stories for now.

Tomorrow we're on our way for new adventures

All is well 


Av EvaLena Hallgren - Söndag 11 juli 14:31

Again Mom has been too busy to help me out here, as a matter of fact, she actually left me for an entire day but now I'm getting ahead of myself. 

The surprise ...............I couldn't believe it. we pulled up in front of this house 


and there was my best buddy from home? Curtis was in the garage and I greeted him with as many kisses as I could

and then ran in to see Marlene and kiss her all over, mostly her tasty ears

Here we are at a restaurant waiting to have chicken and dumplings. Mom said she would never order that again but I thought they were good


The following day their daughter Jennifer drove us around to do some sightseeing. I really like her a lot and she let me ride in her lap, which is a no no according to Mom 


There's a lot of old gorgeous houses in Dover, not that I care but Mom likes it a lot


Jennifer introduced us to Miles the Monster at the Dover International Speedway. The track was constructed in 1969 and has hosted NASCAR, USAC, and IndyCar races. From 2007 through 2009 the speedway received an upgrade   during the makeover, a 46-foot fiberglass creature was built outside the racetrack and named Miles the Monster. 

In 2012, Miles the Monster launched a failed run for President of the United States with the campaign slogan “Concrete Change in 2012.” He ran without the backing of a political party


Mom spotted a shop in town that displayed the flag from her puppy country but she's NOT doing any shopping on this trip .................


Jennifer also showed us a great house which is owned by a friend of hers and here I had to stay in the car with Curtis

because there were several chickens running around all over.


after this stop, she took us to Delaware bay where we walked up to a tower for a great view.


Look at these giant tracks, I do not wish to meet the animal that left them. I believe it was a monster, maybe Miles has been here?

whoever left those prints scared  some human so badly he ran away from his shoes

In the evening we were invited to Jen and Shelbys home for an amazing supper. Mom loved it but there was a giant there with a terrifying voice so I spent most of the evening in Curtis's lap. This is the rear end of him.

As the evening progressed Mom overheard something about fishing and she immediately asked if she could come along and was told ok if she can get up at 3AM.....................sure but for what I heard I weren't included? 

What's up with that? huh? 

I did feel pretty sorry for myself when Mom left but settled quickly in Curtis's lap.

Here's a picture of the beginning of the fishing trip

They weren't really fishing they were crabbing and when I saw the pictures of those evil crabs' sharp claws I'm glad I stayed home.

They had a long line where they attached clams in little bags as bait and the guys were taking turns scoping them up as someone driving the boat between the buoys          

Mom also got to try and she did catch one crab, but also undid the line so the captain of the boat had to start over from the beginning. 


she said it was heavy so the rest of the trip she just measured and packed the crabs in bushels. At the end they had 1,5 bushels full.


In the evening we were all invited to Melvin and Brenda's house for a feast. The house and the garden made Mom green of jealousy 


Here I met this lady Amber that couldn't stop kissing me and I certainly didn't mind at all. It turned out she was the owner of that big house where the chicken was running around.


Melvin had cooked those crabs and also made the most amazing french fries. I didn't get to taste any of those ugly things but the fries were great as Mom said.


Look at the table manners of these people? what a mess? and they're hammering and sucking and OMG it was almost embarrassing but it seemed normal for the humans?


I'm finally caught up on my story and tomorrow we'll be leaving all these wonderful people to continue our trip

not sure where to yet, and from experience I know it's no use to ask because Mom keeps changing it all the time.

All is good 

Av EvaLena Hallgren - Fredag 9 juli 11:54

continuing from yesterday.

I think Mom made a mistake yesterday because we were still in North Carolina when we headed towards the ocean and a place called Outer Banks. 


we passed a lot of small villages and fishing seems to be the biggest past time


driving north on this narrow string of land there was wall to wall T-shirt shops, souvenir shops, and restaurants. I started to wonder why we are here? Mom doesn't like this kind of place, and we have plenty of beaches where we live?

Soon I found out why

In a town  called Kitty Hawk it was time for me to start working


some very interesting history took place here that Mom really wanted to visit, and since it's too hot for me to stay in the car, I have to wear this vest and watch Mom every step so she doesn't fall down

On December 17, 1903, Wilbur and Orville Wright made four brief flights at Kitty Hawk with their first powered aircraft. They had invented the first successful airplane.



Wilbur and Orville set to work trying to figure out how to design wings for flight. They observed that birds angled their wings for balance and control, and tried to emulate this, developing a concept called “wing warping.” When they added a moveable rudder, the Wright brothers found they had the magic formula-on December 17, 1903, they succeeded in flying the first free, controlled flight of a power-driven, heavier than airplane. Wilbur flew their plane for 59 seconds, over a distance of 852 feet, an extraordinary achievement


this cute little girl wanted to pose for a picture so why not?




The monument was located on top of the hill where they launched their plane and despite the heat, we decided we just had to get up there if for nothing else but a photo opportunity.



Obviously, this monument was erected to honor me..............ha in your dreams Mom says




after this stop, we continued north and got off the reef and I'm still waiting for my surprise when Mom all of a sudden makes a U-turn I sat up and looked excitingly maybe it's coming now? A diner??? am I getting my own chef?

Nope, the place was closed but according to Mom, this is a nostalgic big time. OK I take her word for it


Yet another U-turn( how come all the interesting stuff is on the other side of the road?

Nostalgy again I ask? 

Yes Mom saw this Grave Digger monster truck in action many years ago in New York


I had to admit they were pretty cool looking but neither Mom nor I do understand much about all this stuff inside 


If you wanted to you can ride in a bus monster, but we didn't bother but I was happy to try a smaller version


there were     some strange animals there too

Was this my surprise? nope not yet..............

finally, something that caught Mom's eye on the "right" side of the road. I stayed in the car for this one.

why is a rusty shrimp and troll interesting?  art says Mom....


The next stop is Norfolk but I will tell you all about that place tomorrow because I have to get out and take a leak.

I have already gotten my surprise and it was AWESOME I'll tell you tomorrow




Av EvaLena Hallgren - Torsdag 8 juli 13:22

So here we are again, this is day four of our trip and Mom has not helped me tell my story until now but to her defense, she has been driving a lot. We left on Monday and the first day we drove 506miles (ca800km) because she said we had already seen everything and wanted to get away from the upcoming bad storm 


state road 95 is pretty boring but it is the fastest way to go. First state after Florida is Georgia 


next is South Carolina where we made a quick rest stop at the welcome center

On the border to North Carolina is a tourist trap called South of the border, and Mom thought it'll be a good place to camp out the first night. Unfortunately, the campsite only allowed big RVs and no tent or little SUVs.......... What's up with that?


Mom remembers stopping here the first time she drove to Florida in the eighties and that time there were so many activities shops and lots of people. The only way to describe this place now is by saying dump dump dump


we walked around and took a few pictures before we went back on 95 continuing a few more miles until we found a good place to sleep which ended up being at a hotel parking lot. Not ideal but it was getting late and Mom hates driving in the dark.


24-hour Hot Tamales ??? Mom thought it was a place with light-dressed ladies dancing but that was wrong. It's a Mexican dish made from corn..........haha


we woke up early and continued North on 95 through the next state which is Virginia


somewhere in the middle of the state, Mom decided she had enough of 95 and got off an exit to head towards the Atlantic ocean. I asked if she had any particular place in mind, but I think she just wanted a change of pace.

The second night we slept at a church parking and there was a big field for me to run but was cut short when Mom saw a deer family gracing. It's super cozy in our little home

we are a little further on the road than this, but this is all for now. Mom said there's a great surprise for me in a day or two??? I can't wait 


Av EvaLena Hallgren - 9 augusti 2020 19:52

we have been home for NINE DAYS!!!!! and I, have told Mom several times that I wanted to finish my story but she's been busy cleaning, gardening and stuff that SHE thinks important, so what can I do other than wait patiently like I always do.

Still in Lousiana and once again Mom looked for something neat to visit but couldn't find anything before New Orleans and even though Mom has been there before that's where we ended up. We stayed in the exact same hotel as Mom stayed last time with Buttons. I feel I'm filling his paws just fine so far and Mom totally agrees.................it was newly renovated and so modern Mom had a hard time figure out the faucets..........but the bed !!!!!!!!! HEAVENLY !!!!!!!!!!!

Founded in 1718 by French colonists, New Orleans was once the territorial capital of French Louisiana before being traded to the United States in 1803. In return for fifteen million dollars, or approximately eighteen dollars per square mile, the United States nominally acquired a total of 828,000 sq mi (2,140,000 km2; 530,000,000 acres) New Orleans in 1840 was the third-most populous city in the United States.

New Orleans is world-renowned for its music, Creole food, and its annual celebrations and festivals, most notably Mardi Gras. The historic heart of the city is the French Quarter known for its French SpanishCreole architecture and vibrant nightlife along Bourbon Street which was the street we went to as soon as Mom got out of the shower. The city has been described as the "most unique" in the United States.




 The city has historically been very vulnerable to flooding due to such factors as high rainfall, low lying elevation, poor natural drainage, and location next to multiple bodies of water. New Orleans was severely affected by Hurricane Katrina in August 2005, which flooded more than 80% of the city and killed or displaced thousands of residents, causing a population decline of over 50%. Since Katrina, major redevelopment efforts have led to a rebound in the city's population.

We had supper on a balcony overlooking the street which was unusually quiet,


 HEY !!! I looked at the menu and this is NOT what I wanted......................I think Mom should know what I like by now?

she says she does and this wasn't for me she planned to eat without sharing? what nerve 


As it turned out her heart softened and I got a few tastes of some sliver of meat in one of those bean dishes. Mom said it was really tasty but no way she could finish it all.............Put it here I'll finish it don't let food go to waste ...........Mom said it was too spicy for my tummy.................Why can't I be the judge of that?I say

All of a sudden all hell broke loose, loud drumming people cheering and throwing money down the street..................it was a party..................we never found out what was celebrated but who cares we joined in.............(mom did, isn't my taste) 

Before World War II, the French Quarter was emerging as a major asset to the city's economy. While there was an interest in historic districts at the time, developers pressured to modernize the city. Simultaneously, with the wartime influx of people, property owners opened adult-centered nightclubs to capitalize on the city's risqué image. Wartime Bourbon Street was memorably depicted in Erle Stanley Gardner’s detective novel “Owls Don’t Blink”. After the war, Bourbon Street became the new Storyville in terms of reputation. By the 1940s and 1950s, nightclubs lined Bourbon Street. Over 50 different burlesque shows, striptease acts, and exotic dancers could be found.

All the bars and many stores were closed due to the virus...........not too many people out yet. I bet the town explodes at midnight.

This is a very interesting place to people watch



A Mother daughter bonding 



Street musicians everywhere some better some not so good 



Fortune tellers set up their tables on the street corners...........This guy/girl? was very suspicious about us?



Thes two guys asked Mom if they may pet me, and she said it was my choice, so I took an air whiff, they had many interesting scents ad the guy with the beard had lots of snacks in it (I got a wet rubdown when we got back to the hotel ??)




Mom gave them $5 so they walked away discussing what to get for it .............I bet on a slice of pizza and a beer each.



Here's another street band.................and because of the atmosphere, it sounded ok........... I think it could have been considered noise in another part of the world 



Trying to figure out when an outfit like this would be considered appropriate?




Plenty of stores selling trinkets to tourists, I was especially interested in these toothy things, but nope didn't get one

but I did get in a quick lick 


This guy is a ghost finder you pay him to look in his Ipad to get to know the ghost closer,.............there's a black hanky that dances around a little once in a while ..........You can sell anything in this town it seems


This sure is a very special city but we didn't feel like staying out when the party starts (if it does) so we went back to the hotel early.


Back at the hotel, we watched TV and sprawled out on a kingsize bed until morning .....There's a great park only a block away so that's where I made my morning business.


Then we sat and had a great breakfast outside a cafe.................moms standard order spinach omelet.


There's more to New Orleans than the French Quarters and some very modern buildings and some old and gorgeous


Every town need these 


We went for a very early walk to the riverwalk but there are so many constructions it was difficult to find ways passed everything..............looks like someone got scalped last night???? good thing we went home early



And of course, here's  Harrah's a casino. The casino is the brainchild of Christopher Hemmeter, a hotel developer in the Hawaiian Islands who returned to the mainland in 1991 when he began to develop casino gaming projects. His biggest project was a proposed $1 billion casino in New Orleans. Billed at the time as "the world's largest casino".The original design resembled Monte Carlo's 1861 casino, intending to evoke the New Orleans 1885 Cotton Exposition and Chicago's 1893 World Columbia Exposition. The developers estimated the casino would attract one million additional visitors to the city and would generate annual revenues of as much as $780 million, estimates that were based in part on the proven success of dockside gaming in the Mississippi Gulf Coast area

The contrasts between old and new 


We are now 683 miles from home and its Friday and a hurricane warning for Sat. night so Mom decided we'll drive straight home, and arrived at the house around 10pm.......Initially, Lilly wasn't happy to see us??? but she got over it after a while.


It was a great trip 7502 miles (1 2073km) we have seen a lot and had a great time.........

And Mom said I have been the best travel companion anybody can wish for ...............mmhmm I overheard something about school for me?? because why?  it's a school for both of us Mom says ..........ok I know I'll ace it, not so sure about her though? 

All is back to normal see ya in the hood








Av EvaLena Hallgren - 30 juli 2020 12:43

We slept quite well at Clines corner and had a great breakfast before continuing on to Texas


Both I and my Mom have come to the conclusion Texas has nothing to offer us. I can't stand the grass because every time I walk on it some very sharp prickly things get stuck on my pads and it hurt so much. They hurt Mom's fingers too when she pulls them off. Mom gets in a bad mood when she sees this which she doesn't think is funny or cute, it's just boorish and rude. 


Their ribs were really good though and I got a lot of it this time because that portion was huge, like a lot of things here.


Mom has driven this route once before and decided that this time we should stop at the Cadillac Ranch which Standing along Route 66 west of Amarillo,  It was built by a group of art-hippies imported from San Francisco. They called themselves The Ant Farm, and their silent partner was Amarillo billionaire Stanley Marsh 3. He wanted a piece of public art that would baffle the locals, and the hippies came up with a tribute to the evolution of the Cadillac tail fin. Ten Caddies were driven into one of Stanley Marsh 3's fields, then half-buried, nose-down, in the dirt (supposedly at the same angle as the Great Pyramid of Giza). They faced west in a line, from the 1949 Club Sedan to the 1963 Sedan de Ville, their tail fins held high for all to see on the empty Texas panhandle.

This is how it looked original (picture was stolen from the web)


From the beginning, you could recognize the cars and the year they represented.

That was in 1974. People would stop along the highway, walk out to view the cars -- then deface them or rip off pieces as souvenirs. 

This is how it looks now



I guess you can say it's a different kind of art, Art that represents this era? We both hated it, the stench of spraypaint and the litter everywhere. Parents with toddlers letting them sniff the layers of wet paint? don't they know it's poison?

We didn't stay long, Mom got her pictures and we quickly left the muddy field that smelled rotten. Why cant people at least pick up their garbage? We saw diapers tossed and lots of other gross things that I wanted to investigate but Mom stopped me short. There was a dumpster at the road which also was covered with paint...........we think this vendor found the perfect place for his shirts

I pooped here, and Mom picked it up out off habit..............I'm not going to tell you where she tossed the bag ;-) ;-)



Little further down the road was this muffler man turned into National  Rifle Association spokesman symbolizes the golden age of roadside attractions. The purpose of this mega attraction is to of course spread a message, but is more or less there for curious travels to have a photo op. 

Besides the large cowboy proclaiming his right to arm bears, three Cadillacs are jacked up in a visual reference to the nearby Cadillac Ranch, with mannequins resembling Elvis, John Wayne, and Willie Nelson at the wheel.


Slug Bug Ranch -- also known as Bug Ranch, Bug Farm, and Buggy Farm -- was created in 2002. The five wrecked Volkswagen Beetles, buried hood-down in the ground, were the idea of the Crutchfield family, who owned the Longhorn Trading Post and Rattlesnake Ranch next door.

It began when a huge corporate Travel Plaza was built on the opposite side of the Crutchfield's interstate exit. They figured they could stay in business if they could siphon away traffic with something eye-catching and engaging. Slug Bug Ranch seemed a natural choice: a parody of the popular Cadillac ranch 35 miles west. At the time, the Beetle wrecks were painted a pristine bright yellow, and a sign next to them encouraged, "Sign a Bug.


The Crutchfield's were right about one thing: Slug Bug Ranch has proved popular as an attraction. Unfortunately, it flopped as a business plan, and the Trading Post closed only a year after it was built. Its advanced state of decay is a testament to the vigorous love it has endured from Route 66 travelers, who have felt free to modify the abandoned artwork with spray paint and whatever crowbars, hammers, blowtorches, etc. they apparently carry in their vehicles.


We found most of what is left of the famous glorified route 66 is in a state of decay


this was one of the stores still open but no customers, no tourists except us, and the lady inside wasn't very cheery either.


Mom kept looking and looking to find something that WE may find interesting on our way, and she saw a picture of Wichita falls that looked really nice for a stroll, but when we got there again my paws filled up with those sharp prickly things and the water was reddish-brown and smelled funky. This place wasn't even worth taking pictures off.

Did I tell you that I got a job at our last National park stop .............Mom wish it was a paying job so I could have chipped in on that cord.......(here we go again Get OVER it Mom)

Anyway, I'm very proud of it it makes me special ...................


All thru Texas they call their rest stops for Picknick stop and yes there's tables and places to BBQ but NO restrooms? What do they expect people to do? like me? Mom has a trick but if I tell you I'll get back on her Sh&%list

We are in Louisiana now parked at a beautiful rest stop with clean bathrooms and vending machines and maps and ......well everything you need while on the road. 

We slept here although it's a little bit too warm  80F and the noise from the road was annoying.

Good Bye Texas do not think we'll be seeing you anytime soon.

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