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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 6 juli 2018 22:10

What a difference a day and sunshine can make...............yesterday was a down day for Mom and this morning she got up so early, and didn't make the usual coffee and just left the campsite she really hated but the only choice since we're in a national park. 

Anyway, no more than a 15 minutes later she found a nice parking space and made the coffee and fed me and then the sun came up.............instant mood change. (I know why Mom was pissy last night, but I'm not allowed to tell..............)

Steeped in Lithuanian mythology, the Curonian Spit is a legend said to have been formed a long, long time ago by a beautiful giant girl named Neringa, who created this sandy peninsula to protect the bay from a stormy sea created by an evil serpent. This story can loosely be understood by observing the beautiful wooden carvings along the "Hill of Witches" in Juodkrante, a village where we stopped and spent several hours this morning................very fitting thinking of Moms tantrum yesterday.



Work began in 1979 on the sculpture park, and it now features 80 different wooden carvings from local artists. Painstakingly hand-crafted, each sculpture depicts a popular character from folk and pagan traditions in the Juodkrante. The public park got its name long before the sculptures were placed along the wooded trails, and is, in fact, a reference to the pagan celebrations that take place on the hill during the Midsummer’s Eve Festival.



The location of the Hill of Witches was previously used as the site of a yearly festival called Jonines (St. John’s Eve). Occurring on June 24th, this festival was a mix of pagan and Christian celebrations with dancing and merriment. The celebration culminated in a search for a magic fern blossom at midnight.This celebration was stopped during WWI


I had no idea what was going to happen, and in the beginning, when it was uphill I tried to protest so Mom should get my carriage but she didn't give in, so I had no choice to walk along. I did try to get these two stiffs to carry me but they were frozen and didn't move. it was a slow walk and a lot to sniff, so I started to enjoy it too. 



It was so early so at first, we were alone in this magical forest but soon a nice young couple came and the girl Amber was born close by and knew the legends and told many stories as we walked along. She told us this was the Devil and he's asking you to tell him your wishes and it'll come true. He's holding his hand by his ear as he's listening..............


This is too spooky for me............but knowing what happen last night I knew there was no use of me telling her not to...........and sure enough.


Amber also said something to him in her native tongue, and then her boyfriend did in his language and he was Romanian. I guess the Devil knows ALL languages..............wonder if he'll understand if I ask for those special treats we're out of.


The hill became overgrown with huge pine trees that now stand as high as the eye can see. Listen closely – you can hear them whispering to you in the breeze.

Once you reach the summit and start to make your way down the back side of the hill, you will notice a different feeling. The sunlight seems to be hidden behind the trees, the wind picks up just a little bit, and the carvings are of gruesome things like Lucifer and the Gates of Hell, scary sorcerers, and wicked witches. Beware – you don’t want to get caught on this side of the hill after dark or you might never return................here's Christian and Amber trying out a ride


all of a sudden we heard music at the bottom of the hill 


we stopped and listened and both kids fell in love with me and asked their father for permission to come and see me after they finished their song.


this is a hill where the witches, goblins, fairies, fortune tellers, and devils all come together each night after sunset. They party, drink, dance, gamble, and play cards. Most of all, they scare the wits out of any mortals that dare to enter the hill after dark! They roam the hill all night, frightening, confusing, luring, and tormenting any human who crosses their path. The only reprieve for all mortals is when the rooster finally crows at dawn. It was a warning to all party-goers of the pending sunlight that would soon pass over the hill. As soon as the rooster crows, all the magical and mystical beings disappear as if they had never been there at all.


we said goodbye to the nice couple and Mom looked around in a souvenir stand and finally found a wind chime she liked. Every year she brings a ddifferent one to the Florida room.



this is the Lithuanina flag in case you didn't know


Mom loves these stock roses and was admiring them in someones yard



The owner of the yard kept an eye on us so I didn't dare lift my leg and mark anything here, she didn't look like she would share her yard with me .........



and on we went, back on the ferry to the mainland and I'm doing the copiloting as usual



We're heading North to yet another country and we started off on a very good road but as usual, Mom has to make changes. This road looks like a quilt which Mom christened to "50 shades of gray"....................oh gee how original




We're still in Lithuania and we thought it was kind of strange there aren't billions of 18wheelers on the road and now we found out it's a holiday Lithuanian independence day.

we're camping in a gorgeous place and our closets neighbors are this cute.






as we're sitting here in Lucy a few cars with flags shows up and we got invited to their party, but that's another story I'll tell you about tomorrow.


Good NIght











Av EvaLena Hallgren - 5 juli 2018 21:56

Lithuania is a country and the southernmost of Europe’s Baltic states, a former Soviet bloc nation bordering Poland, Latvia, and Belarus. The capital is Vilnius and known for its medieval Old Town. Mom says we have seen so many Old Towns now so she looked for a national park instead.

As world war I neared its end, Lithuania's act of independence was signed on 16 February 1918, declaring the founding of the modern Republic of Lithuania. In the midst of the secondworld war, Lithuania was first occupied by the Soviet Union and then by Nazi Germany. As World War II neared its end and the Germans retreated, the Soviet Union reoccupied Lithuania On 11 March 1990, a year before the formal dissolution of Soviet Union Lithuania became the first Baltic state to declare itself independent after 50 years of Soviet occupation.

After driving on so many bad roads in Poland, it felt good driving on smooth roads again. The landscape is flat and mostly farmland. it looks like a huge quilt in many nuances of green, yellow and brown with a few splashes of blue where there's a lake or a river.

this is a marker of the highest elevation on the highway.


sometimes this red line is a divider and it's like a washboard and makes a lot of noise when you drive on it. Also, it makes my chair vibrate so it disturbs my nap. It makes Mom giggle



finally, we got to the ferry luckily  a very short one so we could stay in Lucy


Now we are at Curonian Spit which is a long thin piece of land that is 98 km (60 miles)long and only 0.4 km (450yards)wide at its narrowest point and 4 km (2,4miles)wide at its widest. The Lithuanian portion of the Curonian Spit (a portion of the spit is within Russia’s Kaliningrad territory) is home to historic fishing communities. An additional unique feature of the Curonian Spit is the shifting dunes, located between Nida and Kaliningrad.

We are in Nida and on the other side of that black line is Russia and Mom is tempted to drive there to take pictures of the border guards.............MOM, do NOT make trouble.... My advice is not to do that so we get out of here together



the smooth driving roads are now gone, for 55 miles we bounced around like a little dingy on the ocean. Sure it would have been better if Mom slowed down but she felt bad for all the small cars that got stuck behind and some made really scary passings on this narrow road. Why such a hurry? Usually, Mom pulls to the side to let people pass but there was no way to do that here.



After parking Lucy at a camp in the forest, sandy pinecones and needles covering the ground which is not very nice. It is the only campsite here and you're not allowed to park anywhere else.

We went for a bike ride and Mom was very pleased with the new bike, but I'm not noticing any difference.................maybe because it's the same basket?




We went around town but it didn’t feel all that exciting since it’s not sunny and not much to do, not a lot of tourists either.



it looked like a typical little fishing village



Mom has a feeling it's a playground for the newly rich because it's quite a while since we have seen these cars or someone this happy on his yatch 



I tried out a Mercedes but I think the bike basket is cosier 



this looked like love



this dog had a collar of amber..............lots of tourist souvenir shops selling amber here............Mom didn't buy any



not a great day to be on the beach



all that was left to do was to eat, and Mom ordered fish and drank 2 beers………………...uhoh, it’s not Polen prices anymore, we are on Euros now..................



time to say good night all









Av EvaLena Hallgren - 4 juli 2018 22:16

we are now somewhere in Lithuania, we were supposed to be in Vilnius which is the capital of Lithuania but found out they have a city festival and that means it'll be crowded, so Mom stopped at a parking place to look where else to go, and we're still at that place. First, she got hungry and cooked, and then she needed a nap? and oh well.............we're in no hurry.

Before it got dark we had this view.


There are storks nests everywhere here and apparently, it's baby season 


last night we slept by a lake in a very quiet spot, can't really say that about this spot, it's too close to the road, and when we pulled in here we saw this sign. It looks like we're under camera surveillance and that sounds like it'll be very safe? right. According to google translate, it says: You will be fined for the sale of household items.................ok we are not selling anything


When we woke up this morning we finally see blue skies and a sun on it's way up, so we went for a nice long walk by the lake. This bird looks familiar 


but I have never seen this kind before?


Leaving this place around noon and heading north we start to see signs that let you know it'snot that far to Russia, and Mom worries about Linnea leading us wrong so we mistakingly cross the border to Putin land. According to Moms friend, we will know for sure where that border is............haha


He also asked for more pictures of the country and the people, enough churches already ...............so we stopped in a small village, one street a couple of bars and a supermarket a bunch of old guys sitting on a bench drinking beer and shooting the shit. Mom bought an ice cream and we sat and took in the scene. 


There were quite a few curious stares and this man chatted away with Mom and she responded to him in English and Swedish telling him she's sorry she can't speak Polish. It didn't seem to bother him at all. He still told her his story


the ice cream was delicious, I didn't want any even though Mom offered to me


A Munk on a mountain bike is not something you see every day.


The Polish people are really serious about their cemeteries, we have seen many like this and this one in the middle of nowhere it seemed?


Another thing here is the constant detours because of road work, and that usually ends up getting very bumpy, but this one broke a record. Mom was so sure Linnea screwed up because how can you possibly meet another vehicle here? 

and when she met a guy in a Volvo that happily waved she was sure this is not going to end well...........(she thought he was laughing at her choice)


then this sign popped up ?? and ok this is for eighteen wheelers too? I sure hope we will not meet on now


all went well. Another sign we often see is this, but we never see many cows or is it a bull warning? Either way, we don't  see them often and never on the road


This is me telling Mom I have to go out NOW......................


see you tomorrow......................all is well

Av EvaLena Hallgren - 4 juli 2018 02:23

It is still crappy weather (and it's a heat wave in Sweden? can't win)  

I'm still in my bunk sleeping while Mom who couldn't sleep is updating my blog. It's very quiet here so I don't understand why she's not sleepy.............oh well

Yesterday when we got to Warsaw we found a parking space a few blocks from the old town right on the river and that's where we spent the night, and for some reason, Mom couldn't get the modem to work so there so no wifi no update of the blog. It also turned out to be a bad choice to spend the night here since the noise from traffic was on all night. Didn't bother me so much but it kept Mom up.

Warsaw is the capital and the largest city of Poland The metropolis stands on the Vistula River in east-central Poland and its population is officially estimated at 1.765million Moreover, its historical old town was designated a UNESCO world heritage site. Sounds like a repeat from other cities we have visited and honestly, that's the way it feels now.

Warsaw was once described as Paris of the east andwas believed to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world until World war II when the German invasion started in 1939.



These kids had a ball playing with the water pump...........kids are never cold it seems



the famous mermaid statue, no idea what she has done to become famous, but that's what it said in the tour flyer, which we didn't bother with. This weather didn't inspire to do anything at all although Mom would have liked the Chopin concert offered in one of the chapels.............but for whatever reason, I wouldn't be allowed to attend



The history of Warsaw is like other cities we visited in Poland horrific, there was the massacre of the Jewish population and deportations to concentration camps which led to the uprising in the Warsaw ghetto in 1943 and to the major and devastating Warsaw uprising between August and October 1944.

Warsaw gained the new title of Phoenix City because of its extensive history and complete reconstruction after the severe damage it suffered in World War II, which left over 85% of its buildings in ruins. The city was awarded Poland's highest military decoration for heroism, following the Siege of Warsaw.

Central Poland, including Warsaw, came under the rule of, a German Nazi colonial administration. All higher education institutions were immediately closed and Warsaw's entire Jewish population – several hundred thousand, some 30% of the city– were herded into the Warsaw ghetto.

The city would become the center of urban resistance to Nazi rule in occupied Europe. When the order came to annihilate the ghetto as part of Hitler's "Final solution" on 19 April 1943, Jewish fighters launched the Ghetto uprising Despite being heavily outgunned and outnumbered, the Ghetto held out for almost a month. When the fighting ended, almost all survivors were massacred, with only a few managing to escape or hide



An old man who went for ice cream with his dog who's begging for a taste .................and he is kind to share 



Hitler, ignoring the agreed terms of the capitulation, ordered the entire city to be razed to the ground and the library and museum collections taken to Germany or burned.

Monuments and government buildings were blown up by special German troops known as"Burning and Destruction Detachments".About 85% of the city had been destroyed, including the historic Old Town and the Royal Castle which was burned and looted by the Nazis in 1939 and almost completely destroyed in 1944 after the failed uprising. Reconstruction of the castle carried out in 1971-1984 was led by the Civic Committee, responsible for the reconstruction of Warsaw. It was afforded by mainly US donations 







By July 1944, the Red Army came deep into Polish territory and pursuing the Germans toward Warsaw.

Knowing that Stalin was hostile to the idea of an independent Poland, the Polish government in exile in London gave orders to the underground home army to try to seize control of Warsaw from the Germans before the Red Army arrived. It was in August 1944, as the Red Army was nearing the city, and the uprising began.

The armed struggle, planned to last 48 hours,and was partially successful, however it went on for 63 days. Eventually, the Home Army fighters and civilians assisting them were forced to capitulate. They were transported to pow camps in Germany, while the entire civilian population was expelled. Polish civilian deaths are estimated at between 150,000 and 200,000.


On 17 January 1945, the Soviet troops and Polish troops entered the ruins of Warsaw and liberated Warsaw's suburbs from German occupation. The city was swiftly taken by the Soviet Army, which rapidly advanced towards Lodz as German forces regrouped at a more westward position.

This is called the Barbicanand was largely destroyed, as were most of the Old Town's buildings. It was rebuilt after the war, during 1952–1954, on the basis of 17th-century etchings, as the new government decided it would be cheaper to rebuild the Barbican and the nearby city walls as a tourist attraction than to rebuild the tenements. In its reconstruction, bricks were used from historic buildings demolished in the cities of Nysa and Wroclaw most of it was rebuilt, save for two exterior gates and the oldest tower on the side of the Old Town. 


I say I'm still one of the biggest tourist attraction in every city we visit. Maybe I should have a little cup on the carriage for donations as street performers do?


the stadium on the other side of the river




this looked like a great interesting shop,but we had a feeling the shop owner would not be happy if we pulled the muddy wheels of my wagon over those pretty rugs.



this is about getting along even if we are different




Mom actually tried these taps to see if any beer came out of them? 




A little old lady watching what's happening in the streets below. I do think she notices Mom taking pictures of her because she quickly closed the window and pulled the lacy curtain shut.



The old town which like in all cities is covered in cobblestones and  usually the outside restaurants are full of tourists but today's weather is keeping them from sitting outside Mom getting hungry was looking for a place for us to eat, and since she prefers the little "hole in the wall"places we asked to come inside here, but not possible because of me. I don't get it? I'm sitting quietly in my carriage?



Oh well, eventually we were invited into a very nice place and this dish was suggested. It was a potato pancake and a meat stew with mushrooms and topped with another pancake. I loved the meat and there was so much Mom could finish and she didn't let me do it. Here in Poland there is no custom of taking leftovers home, which I think is a shame, it would have been a great breakfast for me.



It is cold and wet, not a great day for a stroll, so after supper, we walked back to Lucy and tried to sleep. Unfortunately Moms choice of parking spot wasn't that great since the traffic noise never seemed to end.


We got up really early and continued on North, not exactly sure what's next. Moms mood are as gray as the weather and she's pissed about the modem not working and was looking for a free wifi hotspot to figure out what's wrong.

Often the bigger gas stations have wifi so she pulled in and tried to fix this issue. She got online but still couldn't connect to the modem. Ready to give up she met two young men who were hitchhiking, and she invited them to come along and it didn't take one of them long to fix it. Here they are at a short stop for a bite to eat



They were heading up to Poland's biggest lakes to go sailing and it wasn't far from our plans to begin with and it'll take us off the high ways on much nicer roads.

Both guys spoke good English and although I had to give up my seat and the weather still sucked we had a great time and learned more about everyday living in Poland.

We dropped them off at a marina and Mom had the brilliant idea about looking for the chemical we needed for Lucy and yesss score. According to Linnea, there were so many camps to choose around these lakes so Mom picked one that looked good, but when we got there it was so bad we didn't stay and that's a first.

Finally found a nice place by a lake and if it wasn't for the rain it would be great.................maybe tomorrow will be better




It is now 4 am and Mom is coming back to bed and back under the covers so I can keep her warm, it is cold


it'll get better later 


















Av EvaLena Hallgren - 1 juli 2018 20:22

So Mom decided it was time to say bye to our great friends next door and head to Warsaw which is about a 3,5-hour drive from here. 

You think we got there? nope we didn't

Driving along all of a sudden the sky opened up and we were in a middle of a hailstorm? Does the weather know this is July first? Mom was lucky to find a spot to pull over and luckily it didn't last long, sun shining again we went on. 

I needed a pee break and Mom a cup of tea so we pulled into a truck stop for a snack and looking up on the sky it looked like we were heading into crap weather again?

Now we had the sun behind us and the black clouds in front................so we took a nap 


when we awoke it had stopped and looked like it was going to be sunny again. This is like Florida, but much cooler.


Continuing on we drove through a little bigger town and Mom spotted a store name she's seen before and thought it looked like it could be a camping shop...........(oh shoot here we go again) The name of the shop is Decathlon and this place had an easy entrance and large parking lot (which believe me, is very unusual here) We could use more chemicals for the toilet so Mom pulled in, and it turned out to be a sporting goods store. oh well ..........

They did sell bikes so Mom checked the prizes and decided this was a great deal on a bright red bike (so no one will back into it again) This young man, named Mark who spoke good English, helped and gave an amazing service moved my baskets from the old bike and walked out and helped to put it on Lucy making sure everything was secure.


the old bike that was broken and that Mom never really liked anyway was now given to someone who can fix it and needs it.

It's still almost 3 hours left to drive to Warsaw (we obviously didn't drive the closets road) Mom is not so found of the highways because there's nothing to see she says...ok so now we are in Suchedniow on Ogodova road not so far from hotel Swietokrzyski that's located on Slowackiego street.................poor Linnea who speaks Swedish trying to pronounce all these addresses. Sure we could trade Linnea into a Polish girl, but then Mom wouldn't understand when the Polish lady tells her to turn......................we'll keep Linnea, just found out that's Mom's middle name too

Service is excellent here and it's very nice and quiet. 

Here is little cafe that is run by a lady that used to live in Sarasota FLorida, this IS a small world. They have delicious Paninis.

On my walk, I met this funny looking animal and at first, I wasn't sure what it was and when I tried to get closer to investigate it took off like the tail was on fire..........poor kitty, hope he has a good home


there were ducks in the lake and I told them to come along Mom has bread to give, and they followed, but Mom didn't get the bread?  it's too cold outside she said...


I bet we'll be in bed sleeping early................... it's nice to do nothing 

tomorrow we'll have better weather for sure...............



good night

Av EvaLena Hallgren - 30 juni 2018 07:19

Two days and no updates? but to Moms defense not much has happened except yesterday when we spent the entire day walking around Krakow. (again me riding) We have been quite cozy resting in Lucy and waiting for the rain to stop. Mom got her hair done and decided she wanted a little more color on her eyebrows. They are so light they are hardly noticeable so a little brown would look good. She did get color but it'll be some getting used to. Mom says it looks like 2 black caterpillars hanging out on top of her eyes.


It's been raining all night but in the morning it looked like we'll have a sunny day, so we went into the city of Krakow which is the second largest and one of the oldest cities in Poland. The city dates back to the 7th century, and has traditionally been one of the leading centers of Polish academic, cultural and artistic life and is one of Poland's most important economic hubs.

After the invasion of Poland by the Nazi Regime at the start of World War II, it became the capital of Germany's General government.

It's an amazing city so much to see, but at the same time, many buildings look quite rundown. There are churches, synagogs, and castles everywhere you turn, and no way will Mom remember the names of them all.

The main square of the Old Town is, located at the center of the city. It dates back to the 13th century, and at 3.79 ha is one of the largest medieval town squares in Europe.

There were millions of pigeons and I didn't like the kids catching them to throw them up in the air. Sure they have wings, but why?



The Kraków Cloth Hall dates to the Renaissance and is one of the city's most recognizable icons. It is the central feature of the main market square in the Old Town. In the background is the Church of Our Lady Assumed into Heaven  which is a Brick Gothic church


This is town hall tower and what this hollow face is all about we have no idea, but it's kind of creepy looking especially

since many people crawl inside to peer out of the eyes and take pictures.








Tired of walking we went for an electric car tour which took us around to many different parts of town, and the Krakow Ghetto was one of the 5. The Jewish Ghetto created by the Nazis in the new General Government territory during World War II. It was established for the purpose of exploitation, terror, and persecution of local Polish Jews, as well as the staging area for separating the "able workers" from those who would later be deemed unworthy of life. The Ghetto was liquidated between June 1942 and March 1943, with most of its inhabitants sent to their deaths at Belcez extermination camp as well as Plazow slave labour camp, and Auschwitz concentration camp, 60 kilometres (37mi) rail distance.


Before the ghetto was established, 3,000 Jews lived in the area that would become the ghetto. The largest amount in the ghetto was 20,000 in an 18 block area. We also visited the Schindler factory and this restaurant we were told was Spielberg favorite when he was here filming his movie Schindlers list.


This is Jan Karskient  (24 June 1914– 13 July 2000)  he was a Polish World War II resistance movement soldier, and later a professor at Georgetown University.


Kraków’s most prominent evidence of its ghetto is this 12-meter stretch of the original ghetto wall. In 1983, a commemorative plaque was raised, which reads in Hebrew and Polish: “Here they lived, suffered and died at the hands of the German torturers. From here they began their final journey to the death camps.”


Because there were 68,000 Jews of Kraków killed, the Empty Chair Monument has 68 chairs to represent the 68,000 Jews executed here when the ghetto was liquidated................Mom got an. eerie feeling again especially seeing the small children chairs.


somebody had covered one in crochet ..............



maybe these ladies did? Mom bought a small handmade doilies for a friend at home.  


This must be something like our pretzels stands in NY. I'm not sure they're any good since I noticed most crumbling them to share with the pigeons.




we continued our walk to Wawel Cathedral and the castle. At the entrance, a funny man was playing the accordion and there was a sign with "no dogs" which Mom pretended not seeing.



The place is so huge it's impossible to get a picture of it all.


Hanging next to the cathedral’s entrance are the “real” bones of Smok Waweleski, the local dragon. They are chained together in a random jumble, hanging high above the main doors. Before the city was founded Smok was said to live in a cave under one of Wawel’s rolling hills. Smok was of the classic maiden-devouring ilk and the local people even had to put out a fresh young woman each month to quell his appetite. According to legend, he was finally killed by a local hero (or a local apprentice depending on the version), who fed Smok a lamb laced with sulfur. This made the beast so thirsty that he drank water from the river until he exploded.

As delightful as it would be if the remains were truly mythological, the bones are actually thought to be fossilized whale bones or mammoth bones. Regardless of their true origin, they have been there for centuries and are credited with magical powers. 

Mom noticed the three crowns which are a national emblem of Sweden, and thanks to Google, sure enough, the Swedes was there in 1500, 











Av EvaLena Hallgren - 27 juni 2018 17:33

This morning Linnea was set to go to the Wieliczka salt mine which lies within the Krakow metropolitan area. Opened in the 13th century, the mine produced table salt continuously until 2007, as one of the world's oldest salt mines in operation.

Commercial mining was discontinued in 1996, because of salt prices going down and also mine flooding. The mine is currently one of Poland's official national historic monuments whose attractions include dozens of statues and four chapels carved out of the rock salt by the miners, as well as supplemental carvings made by contemporary artists.

UNESCO has entered the Wieliczka Salt Mine in its World Heritage Register in 1978.






This was something Mom was looking forward to seeing, but getting there and being told the tour is 3 hours long and that she'll be walking in narrow space single file at a depth of 327 meters. (1020ft).............nope not happening. So why did we drive here? I want to know. Response is. Before she saw the crowd of people and before she knew how narrow the cave is in spaces, way too many in one group so the thought of getting crammed in the middle with nowhere to go at 327 meters depth and...........nope not happening..........in the end you were brought up in some rickety mineshaft.........nope not happening.............................so we went back to Krakow and set up camp.




after we set up camp in Krakow Mom went to a supermarket only a couple of blocks away. She took so long I thought she was lost, but she had stopped to get a manicure on the way. And tomorrow a hair appointment........maybe know she'll stop obsessing about the MEBLOWY signs, which she finally got on film. She claims everybody in America would think the same as Mom..............hairsalon, not a furniture store? hmmm I wonder




We have seen so many funny signs on the road, warnings for who knows what............What does this mean? wave to everyone who drives a scooter?


Not sure when we'll get into the city, Mom is really into a book she started and she's feeding the pidgeons...........you see the pattern here?........ what's next?

It's raining again and we are nice and cozy here in Lucy for now.



tweet tweet...............Buttons




Av EvaLena Hallgren - 26 juni 2018 16:43

Mom left very early this morning (they open at 7.30AM) she said to beat the crowd and it looked like thundershowers which she knows I'm terrified of, so she promised to come back soon. ( I knew that meant hours)

Birkenau is only 3km away, but Mom skipped visiting that place and I'm glad she did.




this marks from nails of people trying to get out as they're being gassed........







this is a bomb shelter 


like I said this isn't a happy place........

To change the mood Mom said we'll bike into the village, and a lovely lady at the reception gave us the address of a place to have great pastries. 

When Mom took the bike down she couldn't get the rear wheel to turn? as it turned out the rim is bent badly and either someone has tried to steal the bike or someone has hit us from the back while parked. That stunk but we were going into the village somehow, so we got a cab, which was a very good thing because it started to thunder real hard and the rain made us both wet. 

Mom found the cafe and had a tiramisu and a cappuccino which was delicious while we tried to wait out the rain. I was shaking of fear in my carriage so Mom decided it was best to go back to Lucy. There wasn't much to see in town anyway 


Before going back Mom tried several beauty salons to get her hair done. For a small town, they sure had a lot of them, but none had the time to fix Moms' hair.

Back with Lucy and the sun shining again. Tomorrow we'll be leaving this town and head to ?????

your guess is as good as mine








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