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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 21 juli 2013 06:48

I don’t know why Mom insist staying in these places in the forest where the civilization doesn’t give us good connection to the PC. I can’t deny it’s pretty but come on already....................Now I  have to go back in time and tell you about a guy that I had completely wrapped around my paw. All I had to do,was sit next to him and stare, and he melted like butter in Florida. His lady is sitting next to him and she was pretty easy flirted too, but she listen to Mom when told not to give me any more goodies...........he didn’t ...jaaaay
OH no!!!! I think he has rabies ? look at his mouth !!!
Hahahaha, he was just trying to fool everyone, it’s whipped cream and it was yummi
one evening the lady next door came looking for an audience listening to an weird instrument she was playing. I didn’t like it, and sat by the door watching Moms shoes, but do you think she got the hint ? ............noooo of course not, she stayed and enjoyed the music
The “rabies guy” is also a very good photographer and he took these very neat pictures of some baby swallows living in the barn
and this great picture of me running to him
It’s very relaxing to get brushed on the belly, and to get a foot rub..........mmmmmmmmmm  nice nice
forgot where we went for a bike ride, but I’m pretty sure it was in that village Horn, that we stayed at couple of nights. There was locks for the boats and a grocery store, and that was IT. .....very cute though
 When the people in this village (and all small villages do this) want to announce an event, or if they have something to sell, or whatever they want to communicate, they have a bulletin board at the grocery shop, we didn’t find anything interesting for us this time though.
This is a clock tower at a church in Ljungby, another tiny town we stayed in, real cute but as I said no connection to the rest of the world. It’s relaxing no traffic, no stress, and narrow lousy roads....
We are now back in Moms puppy town Skellefteå, and we stopped in at our old friends Vanja and Lizzes house for supper, and than continued to Mom's cousin Birgittas house
it's getting a lot cooler now, wish someone could send some Florida heat this way.............no complaints though, it's not raining and Adrienne is keeping the heat.
Today Mom and Birgitta will drive further North inland, don't know how far yet.
Everything here is pretty ok, but one thing I think is really uncool is that they don’t allow dogs to come along to most places. Mom and Birgitta left me in Adrienne for a loooooong time when they had “fika” waffles and coffee.....Not sure I would have liked that big moose sticking his head out the wall though
Yesterday evening we went looking for a beaver family that had built a dam near by, but unfortunately it was broken up and gone. ( the farmer didn’t like all the water on their crop) We did see a lot of meatball makers out in gorgeous pastures though, and guess what...............it never get dark at night here ? real strange I think, but Mom says it’s normal and the best part here in the north. The mosquitoes and gnats the worse............
This is a real cool place to build a nest, kind of modern design ..........
On some of the fields are small buildings where the farmer kept dry hay in the winter. They aren’t used anymore since nowadays there are big machines making huge bales wrapped in plastic, looking like gigantic  marshmallow
here’s a couple that just got married and are going to the after party on a tractor ..........beer cans dragging on a string behind............CONGRATULATION to them 
Saturday we went for a road trip to yet another small town, Norsjö (is there anything but small farm towns here ?) to visit another new cousin of Moms. They had a dog named Frans, and he was OK until his Mom gave us each a plate of leftover moose meat to lick. Things went well until one of us decided to switch plates. Mom didn’t see this, but she HEARD the scuffle and came running. I’m proud to say I held my own and didn’t back off............not allowed says Mom...........oh well.....
he didn’t appreciate me looking in his toy box, and kept a close watch, and grabbed every toy away from me as soon as he got a chance. Mom said I had to respect his home and that is that...............
On our way there we drove on so many roads with only gravel, lots of curves and hills, it was like a rollercoaster, and it was a miracle Mom didn’t get sick. Sounds like she has forgotten most of these roads she frequented as a puppy, but you should have heard her joy when she recognized this old power station which used to be a Sunday picnic area. It’s mostly a museum now, but parts of the old wooden slide that was used to for sending the timber down river was still there. She told me she used to fantasize about riding in it on an air mattress..........haha, not a good idea, good thing it never became reality
This looks like a natural spa made from the water, but not a good idea since the open the dam without warning.
this is Mom and Birgitta pedaling like crazy trying to generate power, ....................there will be no Television watching for sure
When we got home we ate home picked strawberries...........................well they did, I didn't get any
This is a funy picture of " drive slow, senior citizens playing"
OK, now it's time to pack up Adrienne to continue our adventure
hopefully to a place with connection so I can continue my story.
wet kisses to all

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