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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 30 maj 2016 14:46

Monday morning and we're back at Lotta's house and Morre again. Sunday evening did we stop at a beautiful place under the bridge that leads from the island, planning to stay there, but the traffic noise made it impossible to relax, so Mom called Lotta and 2 hours later Mom was served a great omelet and I got the last of my treats she bought for me.


But now I'm getting ahead of myself again. Saturday Mom started to fix Lucy for the drive, fill water empty toilet and vacuum the carpet. Unfortunately, there's a problem with the potty, she has changed every rubber seal known, but  there's still a leak somehow. ..........crap (oh no there's no crap in there)

Anyway,we continued at a slow pace through the countryside of the island and enjoyed the bright yellow rapeseed fields. We also saw some grazing deer in the distance.


Finally, Mom managed to catch a picture of a swallow that sat down for 2 seconds to rest



There was a bicycle race going on,and I looked real hard to see if my Doctor was in it, but Mom said he couldn't leave all his patients in the USA to fly to the other side of the world to ride his bike. The bikers covered the entire road, so we had to drive real slow behind them, which was ok it gave us more time to look around. 



We drove to the biggest city on the island Borgholm, and spent the night at a cabin and fishing place where you can also park your RV.We were almost alone there, so I did get lots of time to run loose. In the morning, we went to see the ruin and made a visit to the Kings summer house.



The castle is today only a ruin of the fortress that was first built in the second half of the 12th century and rebuilt many times in later centuries. The castle was destroyed in a fire on 14 October 1806.

The construction of the original fortress was built on the Swedish east coast as a defense against enemies from the other side of the Baltic Sea. During the 13th to 15th centuries, additions and changes were made. For example, new towers were built, and a new and thicker wall was constructed. The fortress was damaged on a number of occasions during these centuries, including in 1361, when King of Denmark attacked Borgholm. Many castles and fortresses in Sweden were damaged as a result of the ongoing conflicts between Danes and Swedes. When Gustav Ericsson became Swedish king and the union was dissolved, he, together with the sons that followed him on the throne, invested huge sums of money in repairing these buildings. 

Some decades later, Sweden and Denmark fought each other in the Kalmar war. Borgholm Castle first, in 1611, surrendered to the Danish side but was reconquered by the Swedish side later the same year. The following year, after a siege of two weeks, the commander of the Swedish defense, Peter Michelsen Hammarskiöld, had to surrender. In accordance with the treaty that followed the war,  Borgholm was handed back to the Swedish.

The castle was in a bad shape after the war and it took until 1654 before a restoration and reconstruction would begin. This time, the castle was to be turned into a baroque palace. 

For a hundred years, the palace was left to fall into decay. On 14 October 1806, the castle was turned into a ruin by a fire that started on the roof of the north wing.

We didn't bother to go into the ruins, it's just a bunch of rocks, and the Swedes charge for everything. Money was better spent for a walk in the kings Sollidens garden.


We are too early for the roses to bloom, and almost too late for the tulips, which had almost finished blooming. Still a very beautiful park where we did get a ride behind a tractor to look at the property.



None of the princes or princesses were here because they were busy in Stockholm having a christening for another prince just born, they named him Oskar.




This is the children's playhouse, which has a working stove and running water? It must be hard to grow up as royalty.




Mom is not all that interested in the monarchy but enjoyed the gardens so we went for a long stroll and I loved the nice thick cool grass, which we weren't supposed to walk on, but it didn't say anything about rolling or resting on it.



Looks like Loreena Bobbitt has been here too ? good thing there's clever doctors who can stitch things back together.



This poor baby has lost both an arm and a leg, just like Mom does every time she fills the tank on Lucy. $90.00every time




This looks like one angry lion, so I approached it very carefully from behind.


Cornflowers are together with daisies and buttercups the traditional flowers in the wreath for midsummer celebrations.


This great Pyrenees mountain dog was so nice and calm, a good thing because one swat with his paw would have flattened me out to a rug.




A flower delivery bike full of geraniums named after princess Madeleine



This is the entrance to the guest house, guess they didn't have a lot of concerns about people in wheelchairs back then ?


getting back to Lucy we discovered how she was parked in. I can't wait to see how Mom plan to solve this.............and she did by driving straight into the cow pasture to turn around...........


Cows on the island have a very nice and relaxing life, they're free to roam, and the tags in their ears are some kind of chip that tells the milk machine how often they're coming in to get milked. It's all automatic, cow feels full and in the mood for a treat, so she goes to the machine and it gives her a goodie and empties her on the milk, and when done off she goes. There are grates on the roads so animals with hoofs can't cross, and you have to drive slow and give them the right of way.

They looked quite surprised at us driving by.



The island is known for the many windmills, they aren't used anymore, but it's a nice addition to the countryside.



it's now 3.30 PM and I have no idea what plans Mom has, not sure she does either ..............

The day is almost over so I guess it'll be more relaxing, reading, and crossword puzzling for her, and napping for me.

Maybe tomorrow we'll be on the road again.

All is well.












Av EvaLena Hallgren - 28 maj 2016 06:24

Mom woke up at 4AM and it's 5AM and Mom got up and made coffee ? I stay in my loft bed until later, don't see any reason to get up this early. Mom is used to get up as soon as the sun rises, but how is that going to work a month from now when we'll be way up north and sun never sets ? 

Oh well, that's her problem as long as  I can sleep as long as I want.
We are now on Öland island which is the second largest Swedish island and the smallest of the traditional provinces of Sweden. The island has an area of 1,342 km² and is located in the Baltic Sea, and has 25,000 inhabitants. We got here crossing a 6km long bridge from the mainland.

We drove south to a place we have been to a few years ago.It's a small harbor and a place to park your camper. Last time there was only two more campers, this time, there's 42. Guess more people found this wonderful place. We spent 2 nights here.


The beach is very rocky, not a great place for me but millions of ladybug shaped rocks for my Mom's project. First day here was very windy so we spent the day relaxing watching hundreds of acrobat flying swallows. Impossible to take pictures of them since they aren't still for a second. Mom thinks they have ADHD. 




The second day we went for a very long bike ride to a bird sanctuary. 




The nature Reserve carries on the legacy of the royal hunting park established in 1569 by King Johan III. The descendants of the English Fallow Deer he introduced can now be seen throughout the Reserve, but we didn't see any.  Human activity has strongly affected the entire Reserve since the first people occupied the area in the Stone Age about 6000 years ago.




The Ottenby Bird Station has been operating since 1946, catching and ringing about 20,000 birds every year. Through this and other research studies, much has been learned about bird migration and about different diseases carried by birds. This is a birdwatchers paradise, and we saw many with big expensive camera equipment. 




Mom tried very hard to capture at least one of the fast flying swallows, can you see them ? 




You can also climb the 197 steps of Sweden’s tallest lighthouse, called Långe Jan (Tall John), towering 42 meters above ground, but knowing that Mom had to pedal all the way back, we passed on the climb.




Somebody at this place speaks my language and have a sense of humor




this bird had the decency to sit still so Mom could get a picture 




Lots of cows everywhere, they don't make meatballs like the horses do. They make something looking more like a pizza. Do they taste the same you ask ? Not a clue, Mom didn't let me near them, not even for a quick whiff...........I don't understand,after 11 years of cohabitating and she still doesn't understand the delicacies I'm trying to introduce to her.




15 miles, and Mom is still smiling



Many windmills out in the ocean are making efficient clean power.



Loved this gorgeous horse,and I think it was mutual because he came over to see me immediately  when Mom stopped the bike. I bet he makes gourmet meatballs, but stupid Mom didn't let me down to investigate


The massive stone wall, stretching straightforward between the two coasts of Öland, was built due the orders of Duke Karl Gustav, later King Karl X Gustav in 1653. The intention was to keep the deer in the royal hunting grounds from escaping them, although many speculate it served the double purpose of keeping the peasantry away from his sport. It was built with local materials and local labor in lieu of taxes. The surrealistic wall in the open landscape is still in good condition.




giant oak trees often frame the roads to the old mansions




these red trees are a different tree Mom doesn't know, still very pretty





Here's an old-fashioned windmill that is now refurbished and made in to a restaurant.




Finally, I'm caught up in my story, hopefully, we'll be staying in places where the wifi is working, so there will be no more interruptions.  

it's now 7 AM, and I'm still sleeping, might as well because looking out, the sun is gone and the sky has a bluish gray color.

Have a great day you all





Av EvaLena Hallgren - 27 maj 2016 18:47

Close to Lotta's house there's a horse farm where som very expensive horses are bred. They are the kind that runs on a track with a little wagon attached behind them, and in it, a person is sitting and steering. If they run really fast they make a lot of money for their owners. 



As we're driving by, Mom shouts for Lotta to stop. There's a horse laying down giving birth to, as we later found out a filly. I wasn't allowed out of the car, and Lotta quickly went back to the stable to get help if it should be needed.
Mom was nervously waiting until the stable hand arrived, she kept thinking if she's supposed to do anything? if so what ? AND the worst part, she realized the camera was left at Lotta's house...........which she was kind enough to go and get.




The filly kept trying to stand up, but didn't succeed and kept falling. Mom wanted to help it, but the stable girl and the owner were there, and they, of course, knew what to do. Guess nature takes care of itself




They went and got a wheelbarrow, and told the filly her taxi arrived. Fillies Mom followed along and they were both installed in the stable.




The owner proceeded to milk the Mom and fed the filly milk from a bottle because apparently the first milk is extremely important for her to drink to keep her healthy.




All in all, it was a beautiful experience to watch in real life, says Mom. My view from the car wasn't very interesting.

Mom painted a portrait of me on a rock, to watch over the cat there. Not sure who that kitty is ? it doesn't look anything near Morre? but we'll look for a suitable rock to make a portrait of him join.


Thursday noon we left Lotta's house and Mom drove to a place that had powerwash tools to get all the yellow stuff off Lucy.She was pretty full of dead bugs in the front too.




Now I'm almost caught up to on my story. I'll tell you about today tomorrow ............ok?
Not sure what will happen tomorrow, all I know is that we're leaving the place we're at now..............new adventures awaiting..........woo hoo.

Here's a little prewiev...............this is last night's sunset, and we went for a very long bike ride today.



















Av EvaLena Hallgren - 27 maj 2016 08:28

It's Friday, but I have to go back in time with my story. ( have no clue when we'll catch up)

Tuesdays excursion went to Astrid Lindgren's park, and Mom and Lotta started a competition on who was better at remembering things from a long long time ago. (That's what old people do)When they were about 8 years old they were in a school play, where Mom was Pippi and Lotta the teacher Prussiluskan.I would have given anything for a picture from that time, it was almost 60 years ago !!!!


Anyway, the park was gorgeous, with all the fairy tales represented in a miniature format. Not as elaborate as Disney's parks, but there was way more interactive stuff for kids to do and fantasize about. Mom actually tried the stilts, and she managed pretty good for an old lady.




Astrid Lindgren (14 November 1907 – 28 January 2002) was a Swedish writer of fiction and screenplays. She is best known for children's book series featuring Pippi Longstocking, Emil i Lönneberga, Karlsson-on-the-Roof, and the Six Bullerby Children (Children of Noisy Village in the US), as well as the children's fantasy novels Mio min Mio, Ronia the Robber's Daughter and The Brothers Lionheart.
As of May 2013, she is the world's 18th most translated author and the third most translated children's writer after H. C. Andersen and the Grimm brothers. Lindgren has sold roughly 144 million books worldwide.


By 2012 Astrid Lindgren's books had been translated into 95 different languages. Further, the first chapter of Ronja the Robber's Daughter has been translated into Latin. Up until 1997 there had internationally been issued a total of 3000 editions of her books, and globally her books had sold a total of 150 million pieces. Many of her books have been translated to English by the translator Joan Tate.
In 1976, a scandal arose in Sweden when it was publicized that Lindgren's marginal tax rate had risen to 102%. The news item led to a stormy tax debate. In the parliamentary election later in the same year, the Social Democrat government was voted out for the first time in 44 years, and the Lindgren tax debate was one of several controversies that may have contributed to this result.Yet Lindgren remained a Social Democrat for the rest of her life.




This pretty lady was selling waffles, the best ever both Mom and Lotta said. The strawberry jam was homemade and absolutely delicious.  



Lindgren was well known both for her support for children's and animal rights and for her opposition to corporal punishment. In 1994, she received the Right Livelihood Award, "For her commitment to justice, non-violence and understanding of minorities as well as her love and caring for nature.

the flowers in the park were covered in pollen, and the lilac's in full bloom, not the greatest for Mom's allergy.




When we've seen enough of the park we drove a small country road through the forest to have a picknick Lotta had prepared.
This tree is more than 1,000 years old and it is 14 meters (46 ft) high, with a trunk approximately 13 meters (43 ft) in circumference and a volume of approximately 60 cubic meters (78 cu yd), making it one of the largest trees in Sweden.



There was an iron band around the trunk to support it, thought to have been put there in the 19th century. It was partially replaced after being cut in 2005 by someone who said he wanted to "free" the tree. It was replaced in 2013 by an arborist. A chain a little higher up prevents the trunk from splitting; the tree is now completely hollow. Climbing has been forbidden since 1998 and there is a fence around the tree, going closer than 5 meters (16 ft) is not permitted ? Mom broke that rule when she placed one of her little ladybugs in the hollow. Hope we don't get into trouble since my address is on the back. In any event, I'll deny, deny and deny any knowledge of this law breaking.
The hollow trunk of the tree was the location for sex scenes in I Am Curious (Yellow), a 1967 film by Vilgot Sjöman. The film was controversial when first released, including being banned in Massachusetts; in a case that went all the way to the Supreme Court of the United States, it was ultimately determined not to be obscene. Haha, no wonder Swedish woman had a reputation in the older days


After a long day out and about, Lotta made a delicious spinach pie and served with a great salad.
Not something I care for, but it didn't matter since Lotta had picked up some great treats for me at the supermarket. They tasted pretty close to those that Max, my neighbor used to give me.

After supper we were so exhausted we fell asleep and missed the dessert of strawberries and ice cream...........

If the PC connection stays this good where we are now,I'll make Mom continue this story after a bike ride.          where we are ? I give you a clue, we have been here with Adrienne, and it's an island. 


later alligator 












Av EvaLena Hallgren - 25 maj 2016 10:11

It's Wednesday already, and I'm a little upset with Mom that she keeps insisting on going to places in the country where the WiFi connection is almost nonexisting, but Lotta's place have everything else tat we like, so you dear friends have to be patient and wait until we once again get back to a city with decent connections.
Anyway, let me start where I left off.

Monday morning Gosta and I managed to manipulate Mrs. Sorensen to empty the fridge and give us all the goodies. It wasn't all that difficult she's a sucker for us cute hairy kids, and for a change Mom didn't interfere, and let me eat all the treats handed to me.



Lucy had a broken light bulb which Mom had not noticed, but Lennart who's a truck driver immediately noticed and wanted to fix it. Too bad there's no store that sells them here in the village (as a matter fact, there are no stores at all here) so that's something Mom has to fix as soon as we get back to civilization.




Since Mrs. Sorensens fridge is emptied it's time to get on the road and look for one that's filled up, so on the road we went, and driving south to next destination, which is Lottas and Morris house.






Here again, we're being served a great breakfast and a delicious supper. I thought that maybe we should have a TVshow, where we visit and talk about the food being cooked at all of our friends' houses. Heaven knows there's a million of cooking shows on Swedish television already, so one more wouldn't hurt, but ours would be the greatest since I could give a different perspective on the flavors. Mom says I don't taste the food since I just devour every piece I get in record speed...........what does she know anyway ?



Finally, a real summer day with temperatures over 60, so and Mom and I relaxed in the sun, and lo and behold it was actually getting too hot to lay there so I had to look for a shady spot. 




We went for walks in the woods and Morre came along, just like Lilly always does. Pretty cool even if he's not willing to walk paw to paw with me.



We came to a house where this strange animal lived. I couldn't for my life figure out what was the front or the back. As soon as I tried to sniff one end, the darn thing turned around and went the other way ? It didn't have a scent I recognized so I gave him a very loud piece of my mind. Strangely enough, it didn't seem to be affected by my barking at all ?
Mom finally had to carry me away from it.




walks around here is very nice, something we've been doing several times. Here's Lotta's friend joining us. Unfortunately, there are billions of ticks here, and even tough I'm on a pill that makes them not wanting to suck my blood, they still take a ride on me, and Mom is disgusted about the thought they'll migrate on to her. ............so take a pill I say ???  only made for dogs she says..........



 There's a lot more to tell, but this short piece has taken all morning to upload pictures, so Mom tells me I have to wait until we find a better WiFi connection..........Hmmm.....where have I heard that before ? 

Tuesday morning my stomach was making some awful noises, so I had an awful feeling about not getting any treats but no worries, I'm fine now.

We had a long busy day, but I'll tell you tomorrow I hope.










Av EvaLena Hallgren - 22 maj 2016 09:50

We're still at the small paper mill village but last night the smell from the mill was replaced with a heavenly scent from Birgitte's kitchen,as she made Mom's favorite pork roast. Unfortunately, this brought out a  side of Mom I didn't know she had,and it's greed..................Thank heaven Birgitte noticed and fixed it.................... 




Mom said not to waste those good pieces on me, she said I don't savor the taste like she does ?
That's Bullsh##, Sarah and I did get our fair share, as Mom trying to save it all for herself, she even stole a piece that Birgitte meant for me, but she fixed her ass and gave me an even bigger piece on HER plate. Hahaha




Mom stuffed herself so she could hardly move or breathe after supper, too bad she didn't listen to my offer to help out.

Breakfast was pretty amazing too, according to Mom. I don't care much for herring...but she could have shared the eggs..........



We visited Mrs.Sorensen and usually,she immediately goes to the fridge when she sees me, but this time I had competition in cuteness.Anita is the Mom and his name is Gosta. I met him before, and we're about the same age and according to Mom equally spoiled.



we do get along just fine, but neither one of us are much into running around the house playing, so relaxing on the couch getting hugged is not a bad life. 


 Gostas Mom had made a rhubarb pie, and supposedly that was not something I would have liked ? I'm wondering why I couldn't be the judge of that,and at least get a taste?

The cat, Morris are not afraid of me anymore, but she still doesn't let me love her like I love Lilly. I think she's very cute, maybe next time she'll soften up a little.




Apple trees are in bloom, and very pretty.




Birgitte has a very nice garden, beautiful flowers and a lot of  plants Mom can't have in Florida.




well, dandelions are probably  flowers that exist all over the world and are considered a weed in most places. Not sure I understand that? the flower is pretty.


Not much is happening around here, it's quiet and relaxing. Weather could definitely be better but at least it isn't raining, and we do get a little sun in between the clouds.

All is well, 

Kisses for all Buttons








Av EvaLena Hallgren - 21 maj 2016 09:37

Finally, Lucy is ready for the road, she now has a new carpet and cushions. Elvy sewed some beautiful neck cushions to put on top of the chairs. (not in this picture) Mom is very pleased to sit more comfortable, but they do nothing for me.


Lucy also needed some rubber seal for the toilet, which was ordered and put in place.Most expensive       little doodad ever. Everything is coming together real nicely and Mom is finally getting over the 6-hour time change.

It's not very warm, so for a short moment, I felt we should go back to Florida, but Mom promised,it'll get better.

One afternoon they left me in the car and went for brunch. Look at the pizza Mom had ? and that's supposed to be for one person ? Can't say everything is bigger in the USA, at least not in this case.




We had a gorgeous sunny day, not super warm, but good enough for a rest in the easy chair.



This wildflower is one of the first to bloom in spring, one of Moms favorites



Swedish men are very inventive, and even though we have never seen a car on this contraption, it sure looks very practical and sturdy.



Mom and Elvy looking in magazines and girlie chatting about outfits of the rich and famous




The weather stinks rain rain rain and still a little chilly. According to the weather rapport, it's going to be warmer tomorrow. Hope they're right, because Mom says if it doesn't get warmer we're driving to Spain, and that's sounds a little scary to me since I've never  been there. On the other hand, what choice do I have?  Mom doesn't always listen to me, and I mostly go along with whatever crazy ideas she has, except when it comes to this motorcycle stuff. That's where I draw the line, no way, no how, is she getting me on one of those things, and neither is she. I don't want to be an orphan.




Friday afternoon we said our goodbyes and "see you soon" kisses and went on our way driving south. From the window, we saw 2 moose crossing the road, but there was nowhere to stop and take pictures, and they went into the woods pretty quickly anyway.
My first thought when I saw this figure I said "Oh this is where Lincoln went", but at closer look I realized the mustache and the beard weren't the same........then again, maybe it turned white when he became older ?



The destination was the little village where Sorensen family lives. I knew it before we arrived as soon as I got a whiff of the air since there's a paper mill there and occasionally it smells funny. It's a great opportunity to let go of some stomach gasses without getting the blame.

Here we are at Sara's house, and she's the same kiss up girl as last time we met.The kitty didn't want to bother with me this time either ? what's up with that ?


Saras Mom Birgitte made an awesome supper, well at least that's what Mom said, I didn't get a taste so I can't judge, but it smelled real good. 

Sara had the nerve to plop herself in MY Mom's lap not that I care much, I know she'll never trade me for anybody else, nor would she sell me for all money in the world..................



It's now Saturday morning, and there are a few blue patches on the sky, so maybe, just maybe we'll have a nice sunny day.

All is well, look out for tomorrows update 










Av EvaLena Hallgren - 17 maj 2016 13:57

Finally I got Mom to help me to update my story. She has been so busy taking care of Lucy,so I've been feeling very neglected for a couple of days.
As ususal I was on my best behavior on the flight, and slept most of the way. For a little while I was sitting in Moms lap, but it got too warm, so I prefered my bag on the floor. Flight was late landing in Oslo, and the connecting flight to Stockholm was closed, at least that's what it said on the board. I did hear Mom saying a bad word reading the flight schedule trying to figure out how long we'll have to wait, and if there was time for me to go outside. All of a sudden a man in uniform comes running and he grab me and Moms bag telling us to hurry up. Mom snatched me back from him thinking he was a dognapper ? but she tried to keep after the man since he had her bag. As we're running he explained that the pilot was waiting for us ? like we were famous celebrites or something. Getting on the plane everybody was in their seats staring at us, but who cares at least we're on time for the train out of Stockholm, or so we thought.
As an after thought, how the dickens did this guy know that we were the missing passengers? I know he was at the same flight as us from Orlando, but we were never introduced ?




After landing in Stockholm we got the suitcases very quickly and everything got loaded on a wagon and Mom pulled it all outside and I found a very nice plot of green grass to do my business.
Than off to the train, and now the difficulties start. It's almost impossible to buy a ticket if you don't have an Iphone. Sweden is very advanced in technologies,and for an old lady like Mom it's not easy, and she's tired and irritated that noone is willing to help her ( I should have done the asking for us ) Finally she managed to buy a ticket from a machine, but the first 2 trains had no seats, so we had a long boring wait before the train arrived.
Mom could hardly pick up her suitcases so a kind man helped, and finally we arrived at our friends station where Ove and Elvy was waiting. Now there was only an hour drive left before the final destination, and I finally got to stretch my legs in a long run.



It's pretty cold here so we slept in Helges cabin the first night. He had prepared with a nice fire in the stove so it was warm and very cosy. It was 1AM Saturday morning Swedish time,(7pm Friday UStime) before we got to bed, and Mom still had trouble sleeping, but I was fine.
Following day it was time to give Lucy attention, and first the waterpump refused to work,it pumped water that never came to the zinks, instead it poured out underneath Lucy and that put a damper on things. Mom saw a big repair bill thinking she had forgotten to empty the hotwater heater for the winter and everything is probably bust. Well, it's weekend and there's nothing to do about it now, since repair places are closed. Second night we slept in Lucy and in the morning Mom decided to read the instruction book, and low and behold, there it shows a saftey switch on the heater that releases if it gets to cold and the water empties..............awesome saftey switch for people who doesn't know what they're doing. Mom loccated the switch and ...........voila everything worked. Hallelujaaaaaaaa

Second issue was a seal on the toilet tank, which was no news Mom had already ordered it, and it was waiting to be installed. Unfortunatley it was a second seal that was needed, (again reading the instruction book) so that's the last fix needed.

Today is nice and sunny Elvy and Ove is having "fika". Temperature is aroud 55, no complains


I'm getting older, and Mom says it shows on my eyes and coat, but I still have the power of hypnotizing some people. One look at Ove and he heads straight to the fridge to find treats, just the way I like it....................woo hooo



This place is a little old fashioned so Mom have to get the water from a well. It's a summer retreat, and it's fun to experience how people used to live a long time ago. We sure have it a lot easier now a days.



The place we are at now, does not have good wifi, so Mom have to drive Lucy in to the village to connect, but it's not so bad. The peaceful atmosfere more than makes up for it and the first morning we heard the coocoo bird and saw 2 deer at the corner of our friends property.........sure is something to be said aboutt living in the country.......

Not sure about any plans for the next few days, I'm probably the last to know, but it doesn't matter as long as I'm not left behind. Not a chance in hell Mom says, where she's going, so am I.
Stay tuned, my story is to be continued.