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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 28 september 2011 08:18

I thought mom was going to update my blog every day ? But everyday there’s something else. Also I have to admit, we’re both very tired for some reason. We go to bed early and sleep to late in the morning, it must be the crisp clean mountain air ?.At night mom opens the window so it’s freezing and I curl up really close to her to keep warm.

Right now Anna is reading the paper and noticed that a wolf killed a calf in next village over, and now she sound real mad and want the wolfs to move to Stockholm to kill the politicians……….mom do not agree, but see no reason to argue with a 90 year old lady. Anna believe that first wolf will kill all the moose, and than the children, like it was in the old days ..??

We have been here in the village of Malung for 4 days now, but have to retract back to moms puppy town.


We went visiting to new found cousins and an aunt, that was fun. We also visited her big brother ( Have no idea why he’s called BIG brother, as far as I could see he was much smaller ? At least less wide )

His son and girlfriend came with a big dog, that had no idea he was big, he wanted to be a lapdog just like me. He was ok, but tried to hump my back, and that pissed me off.

They were served moms favorite, palt, it looked like a big grey bomb,I never got a taaste, but not sure I would have liked it anyway.




Mom and her friends went out for dinner, and I got to stay with her newfound cousin, which was totally ok.

After supper they had coffee at a classmates house, and he still had pictures from all the puppies in the class, so they had a great time gossiping and reminiscing about them all




are really serious about recycling, this is how the garbage bin under the sink looks like in many homes. Mom says it’s a real good thing, and hope they learn in US too.


Moms cousin invited us to look at the famous cheese factory in her province. (I had to stay in the car   )The use 400 litre of milk daily, and make about 22 000 cheeses a year. Sometimes mom buys it at IKEA in Orlando. Mom and Jan tried to lift the milkcan they used in the old days. She hardly moved it, but her friend did a little better.


Finally we had to leave moms puppy town and head south, that sadden mom, because she would have liked to visit more friends, but hopefully we can make this trip again soon, and do it in the summer instead. Rain and cold is not what I'm used to, and I hate this damn sweater...........but I hate freezing even more.


In a town mom remembered well, she had to stop and look at the harebird., that she so believed was real when se was a pup. The story is that a few hunters was sitting around bragging about their catch, and one wanted to be on top and said he shot a harebird. Since no one believed him, he had a taxe   dermist put it together. A tall tale that still have gawking visitors amazed.



At Annas house mom ate another of her favorites blood pudding and bacon with fresh lingon berries ……I was offered a taste, but after a sniff I decided she can keep it and I have my kibbles………..yuck.




Everyday we go for a long walk, and I’m so lucky to get a ride with Anna. She’s the nicest person I know, after mom of course (she’s reading this, I’m taking no risks)



It's defintley fall here, lots of rain but not too cold yet. So far I only had to wear that ugly sweater once. Hopefully that's it.


hope the hear from you all,and

I'm sending lots of wet kisses to you all.................miss you



Av EvaLena Hallgren - 23 september 2011 08:42

I thought mom was going to help me update my blog daily, but she's so busy meeting people, chatting about her puppylife, so there's hardly any time left for me...............but that's going to change soon, because today we'll be starting the long drive south and hopefully get almost all the way to the sweet old lady who's 90th birthday we came to celebrate in November.

We have met so many great people here, mom was showered with gifts and the hospitality has been amazing everywhere we went.

So many memories and laughs.................

  This camper has been our home for the week, and it has been awesome......



This little cabin was where they ate that fermented fish, and it's so cute and comfy, so mom is thinking about asking if we can rent it in the summer...............great idea I thought, but hopefully they can turn off the rain when we come back.....




This is the kind lady where we live, I'm following her around the kitchen just in case she'll drop something.



Mom and her puppyfriend were so happy to see each other again after at least 40 years........................... so they been sitting around chatting late into the nights.


  This is the church mom went to as a puppy, looks exactly the same as she remember.


The white house is Moms first school she went to as a 6year old..............looooooooong time ago. The art on the wall came later when the new school expanded................It was art you can look at for a long long time, and always find something new.

  She went to the coffeeshop where she learned to smoke ( thank god she quit that shitty habit ) and the new cookie was supposed to look like a goldbar, since her puppytown is Swedens goldtown, where there is a goldmine. The cookie is almost exactly the same as Dad's favorite princesscake.


  after cookie and coffee we past her puppyhouse, and that sure changed a lot. This used to be the last house on the block with pastures all around. Now there was houses everywhere.



We continued to the lake Falkträsket where she learned to swim and her uncle had a summercabin.Uncle went over the rainbow bridge a long time ago. The new owner was there and invited us to come in, and the place looked exactly the same as she remembered, same wallhangings, same dishes...........same everything, mom cried a little.

  OK, now it's time to cross the river and leave this wonderful place and head down south.............................I hope mom will find time to update real soon..............until then  lots of wet kisses to all my friends





Av EvaLena Hallgren - 20 september 2011 08:26

First I want to add a picture of Aina's where we stayed the first night after leaving my friend in Kungsängen Stockholm.

It was a very cozy B&B and very reasonable priced a place I recommend.


This is a sign we saw in Stockhollm that reminds our masters to pick up after us......Dog says I'm doo ...doo .. done,and for some silly reason Mom thought that was hilarious,



At the subway station you can grab a newspaper for free, and it says you should either give it to a friend or put it back..........Swedes are very much into recycling, which of course is a very good thing.................

  After a good night sleep, and a great breakfast at Aina's we continued our drive north following the coastline. It was sunny but quite windy.

This is the Golden Gate bridge of Sweden that Mom got to see for the first time since it was a while since she visited here.......boy was it windy, almost like home where I live before it rains.

    The scenery is gorgeous around what's called "The High coast" Höga kusten, so we stopped very often to enjoy and take pictures, so often that Jan told

Mom "you keep this up we'll never get anywhere"..............so what !! who's in a hurry ?



This giant bear is a coffeeshop Mom remembered well, so of course we had to stop in for a cup of Java. I had to stay in the car but as usual I didn't complain.


Next night we rented a cabin in the woods and I was exploring many new scents.................it was awesome.



Since it's so late in the season,there was nobody in the reception when we got there, but there was an envelope with keys, and a note that said to choose a cabin, sleep well and pay in the morning ...... How about that ?????



We stopped in a city called Örnsköldsvik and there was a market where they sold fresh lingonberries and mushrooms that are called the gold of the forest. There's a skijumping tower where they land almost in centrum of the city.

Mom's is running down memory lane.................whole bunch of stories..........I slept through most.................


We finally arrived in Mom's puppytown and to her classmate from school.

She and her husband lives in a gorgeous house, and we`re sleeping in their trailer. I'm allowed to run around loose,and it's so much to explore.  First thing I did was chasing the neighbor cat that took off in lightning speed and disappeared ? I searched and searched but she was gone ? Than a found a big pile of sawdust to dig in..........that was fun until Mom caught me. I was wet from the grass so the sawdust stuck to my hair and made a great mess...........so I guess you can all figure out what happened next............

  This house is absolutley gorgeous, should be in a decorators magazine.



    they Humans are eating the fermented fish, that's so popular here in the north of Sweden. We're sitting in the little cabin because the smell isn't all that pleasant,(they say????????? I liked it, but didn't get a taste ?)   Had to travel all the way to Sweden to ride in a vette.........  

 These leaves are made of concrete on ruhbarb leaves. Moms friend is extremely talented and artistic

I have so much more to tell, but now the breakfast is on the table, and that's something I don't want to miss, so see you later everybody................hugs and wet kisses



Av EvaLena Hallgren - 16 september 2011 08:53

We're now on the third day here in Sweden, and so far it's pretty good.The flight was no problems I behaved like an angel so Mom is so proud of me. Here I am at Newark airport waiting for next flight to Stockholm.



We stayed 2 nights at a friends place outside Stockholm, and we explored the neigborhood together. It's much colder here compare to what I'm used to, but it's not all that bad. So far I'm fine without a sweater.

some flowers are still pretty.


Moms friend that live in England also came to visit, and we took a long nice walk. It's pretty windy, but it's going to get better soon.



From the balcony of my friends place we looked down at an outdoor daycare. Mom couldn't belive her eyes that the poor children had to play outside regardless of weather, but Swedes say it's healthy ? I guess it is,but it didn't look ok to us.



Moms friend Jan picked us up yesterday, and we are now half way up to Moms hometown. We spent the night at a real cosy Bed&Breakfast called Aina. At the moment it's very sunny, but like I said not very warm.

Here's a picture of a freezing Jan


  Connection is so slow here so Mom don't want to write any more, but I'll be back to update my adventure real soon................wet kisses and hugs to all.


Av EvaLena Hallgren - 12 september 2011 12:35

Today is the day............ in a few hours we're leaving for our big adventure. We'll be flying to Newark New Jersey and there switch to an airbus for the last leg to Stockholm.

We'll be landing at 7.15 AM on Tuesday their time. For us it's 1.15AM so I'm sure we'll be very sleepy, and I'll be very happy to get out of my bag and find a nice tree to water.

Last night it was thundering and lightning again, so I refused to go out, and this morning I saw some flashes on the sky..............again I'm staying in. Mom is getting worried and says I have to go, but when I tell her NO it's NO ............capissshh ?



I've had my last checkup with Dr. Grigsby at Harbor City animal hospital. He's awesome, I like him very much even though his giving me shots and forcing pills down my throat. The girls there really loves me and always give special treats.



I said goodbye to Bodie, and he got so upset and cried. We just met, he said, and now you're leaving ? I'll be back, I said.


Than I went on my rounds to pick up treats. Baconlady still not home.................some nerve........, but Mike across the street from her tried to make up for it, but he didn't have bacon, just some dried up dogbones ............yuckk ...........but beggars can't be chooosy..........  



Last thing Mom did was to finish the cottage quilt, why that was a rush I don't know ??

OK, I'm so looking forward to meet all my cyberfriends.........Petrus, Marta, Malte, Kasper, Aamor, Sigge,Ludde, Grabbarna Boys, Elvis, Rudi........Hope I didn't forget anyone..........Marta is my girl, I get weak in my knees just thinking about her...........

Som synes så pratar vi Engelska nu, Matte säger att dom flesta förstår båda språken, presis som jag, men det finns en knapp upp till höger som översätter, inte så bra kanske, men ändå.


Hugs from Mom and lots of wet kisses from me........................I'm flying , I'm flying .woohooooooooooooooo


Av EvaLena Hallgren - 8 september 2011 23:01

Nu börjar det närma sig avresedatum, och matte har blivit totalt knäpp, dvs. värre än vanligt. Hon kilar omkring som en galen höna, och packar ner, packar upp, sätter väskan på badrumsvågen...................visst har jag hört fula ord förut då hon ställt sig på den, men nu är det banne mig värre än vanligt.

Jag har packat med present till Märta som är en fin Fralletjej, som jag känt länge här i cybervärlden. Matte säger att vi nu ska få träffas i real life............woohoooooo. Hon är jättesöt, men jag har hört att hennes käkar är rena leksakskrossen, så jag har inhandlat ett tuggben som ska räcka jätte länge.....hoppas hon gillar det.


Jag har flera gånger kilat iväg till min baconlady och väntat och väntat vid dörren, men hon kommer aldrig ??? Matte säger att hon har åkt bort, och kommer inte tillbaka på 2 månader ?  Vad sjutton är på gång ?  har alla tvåbenta fått resfeber ??


  naturligtvis va matte tvungen att sy en ny "handväska" för att få plats med grejjor som hon nödvändigstvis ska ha med. Vi får väl se vad flygpersonalen säger om den här storleken ....


några löpare blev också färdiga och  nu packade i väskan.


Matte har fått en snilleblixt och tänker sy ett täcke med minnen från denna resa, så att alla hon träffar ska få måla en ruta på tyg med pennor hon tagit med..............och här har hon själv börjat


Vet inte än hur galen matte hinner bli innnan resan på Måndag ?  Tisdagmorron stiger vi av planet i Stockholm...........kanske hörs vi från Sverige nästa gång.................tills dess.........blötpussar till alla vänner

Av EvaLena Hallgren - 3 september 2011 17:01

Matte har tagit fram min resväska och förhoppningsvis kommer hon ihåg att ta med nåt godis till mig att tugga på, för det kommer att ta lååååång tid innan jag slipper ut ur min väska........kanske inte riktigt sant, förra gången plockade matte upp mig i sitt knä och gömde mig under filten, och det gick utmärkt. Man får bara vara lite försiktig så inte kabinpersonalen ser det.


Hela veckan har matte suttit vid symaskinen, och återigen packat upp och packat ner grejjor i sin väska. Man får bara ha 23 kilo så det är ett himla schåande på henne...

2 till täcken har blivit färdiga, och nu ligger det dukar på skärbordet.


Härom dagen kom Benjamin syrsa på besök, han ville inte leka,den bara flög iväg med sitt när jag kom fram och nosade........ matte hann ändå med att  fota den.

Vilken invecklad konstruktion det är på den ? färggrann är den och så låter det så mysigt när ett helt gäng av dom spelar sin musik.


 Förra året kom det här gänget förbi på besök, och matte som inte direkt gillar dom, (det gör ont då dom bits) ringde en "bugman" för att komma och ta bort dom, men hela gänget flög iväg tillsammans innan bugmannen anlände............


Matte har sytt och sålt väskor till några grannar, och sen blev hon utbjuden på lunch..........det var en himla lång lunch, för hon  stack kl 10 och kom inte hem förrän 16.30, så nog höll dopm på med nåt mer än att äta ?? Jag fick sitta hemma och vakta husse och fräskärringen hela dan.

Syns på den här bilden att matte hittat på nåt annat än att bara äta lunch ??

utan mig ??? och hund i huvudet............så hon tänkte nog på mig i alla fall ..


   nu får det banne mig vara färdigsytt ett tag tycker jag.........................och inget mer shoppande heller .............

ha det gott alla cybervänner, (som kanske snart blir IRLvänner ?) skitkul............

hej tjolahopp å blötpussar