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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 29 maj 2015 21:19

Around noon today we left our friends place in the small village and are heading south in a very slow pace. As soon as we got to the bigger city Mom picked up a card for the computer so we can stay in touch. I hope it means no more excuses for updating my blog every day as she promised.
We didn’t drive very far today, we didn’t even make it to the place we planned, before Mom said she was to tired to keep on driving..............As a matter of fact, we only made 116 miles (19mil) and we stopped for the night at a campsite Mom was familiar with from waaaaaay back when she camped with her parents. This also gave her the opportunity to take care of all the laundry that’s been piling up. I found my first Swedish dog friend, and I wish we didn’t need the leads so we could have really played. He reminded me of a friend back home .........Henry rest in peace.
it's now Saturday morning, and my entire blog from last night disappeared ? so I have to start all over .
Before we left our friends and the little village we went to the town Moms Dad lived (RIP to him too) to have dinner. Well, not me of course, my job is to watch Lucy which I don’t think is totally fair, but what can I do ? They ate meat cooked on a piece of wood, and didn’t bring me as much as a smidge.
I’ve forgotten to add the maps from our first drive, which was 466 miles (75 mil) and 2 naps on the road
At our friends farm house they have a bathroom that smells heavenly,  I’ve been trying to get closer to investigate,but Mom stopped me.I’ve tried every trick I know to get away, but Moms hawk eye got me every time. Here she’s holding me in an iron grip, not a chance this time either.
Here we are, ready to continue our drive south, and to Lotta and Morre who we can’t wait to meet again..............but we have a few errands on the way.
Yesterdays map
Our neighbors at this place are Germans, and Lucy looks like a little midget compare to this big fancy rig, but she’s all we need. Unfortunately we have a problem with the fridge that don’t want to start on 220 or 12 v. )Only propane seems to work, and that’s also very difficult to get started. With luck it’s an easy fix...........like Mom don’t know what she’s doing and we’ll get help today.
Everybody is sitting inside watching TV as we’re taking a long evening walk around these gorgeous surroundings. Lucy don’t have a TV like Adrienne had, and Mom isn’t buying one either, because she says we’re supposed to enjoy the nature and beautiful country side. I tend to agree.
This is how the sky looked last night, and that means sunny the following day. ...........we woke up to clear blue sunny sky, but still not very warm......................
It’s now 7.15 AM and I’m still in bed dictating my blog for Mom, I sure hope I don’t have to do it over again. Time for my morning walk and breakfast.
See ya later alligator............

Av EvaLena Hallgren - 28 maj 2015 20:56

I'm so sorry about not updating my blog, but as you know it's never my fault, it's Moms. We are once again in a place where they have no WIFI and when Mom went to the store to buy a wireless card, the lady in the store didn't know much, which as usual made Mom irritated and the drop that sent her over the edge was when the lady received a message on her phone and HAD to look at it right in the middle of conversation.

Mom hit the roof and walked out with no card to the PC.

Tomorrow we'll be in a city so no more excuses ............

The daily "fika"is continuing, Mom and Vanja made more trips into town ,and this time Vanja was kind enough to share some of her shrimp with me.............. but Mom ..................not even a small bite ? 



it's sunny, but windy and cold, so we made a very quick walk around town to make sure everything was still in right places. This little statue is new to Mom and it's a memorial of a little immigrant boy who's crying for his family ............can't blame him


This deer has been sitting in this place as long as Mom could remember, and the flowerbed has always been beautiful. This time of the year it's only tulips that can take the cold



We made a quick stop at Mom's cousin, and there was a tiny human that at first was afraid of me, but when she understood how nice I was she pulled my hair so she got two big handfuls................not so nice but I kept my cool and got away by jumping up on the couch.






We left Mom's puppy town around 5 pm Sunday evening and drove about 180 miles heading south. Lucy is purring almost as fine as Lilly, and we had the sun in our back all along. Since the highway is so boring we took a few backroads through the woods

So far I have seen a Moose, a red Fox and a Eurasian Curlev...........the last one is a bird that reminds the northernes it's spring time.

The shadow from Lucy on the road shows how low the sun is.




we went to sleep for a few hours at a truckstop mom was very familiar with, and as soon as Mom felt rested we continued south on the highway.

Next nap was by a lake and we was half way to our destination.



Finally we arrived at the village where we left all of Adriennes stuff 2 years ago, and it was great to see our friends again.................don't know what Mom was thinking about, since she forgot taking pictures of everybody ?? but here's me and the guy that's the easiest to flirt with. Mom keep telling him to stop spoiling me, but he doesn't listen..................in other words, a real good guy 


A lot of fresh air and freedom to run, require many naps...




This is one strange puppy sitting on a field, and I have no idea what he's all about 




This is a barn Swallov that was flying making loops and putting on a real show. It was fun watching, and even more fun when he flew in through the front door, made a few circles around the fixture above the

kitchen table, and than out .....................

They sure know how to fly.




Tomorrow we'll continue our trip south and eventually we'll end up with Moms puppyfriend and "personal chef" Lotta, who's supposed to come along on our trip through Norway..................woohoooo

Wonder if her cat Morre will remember me ?  he's buddy Saba went over the rainbow bridge a while ago, so maybe he'll be a little friendlier to me this time?............I'm hoping so my missing Lilly will be less painful.

All is well with us, even though the weather stink so far................it's cooooooldddd


Av EvaLena Hallgren - 22 maj 2015 06:40

Plane leaving Orlando was delayed, so arriving in Frankfurt the connection flight to Stockholm had already left. Never have I seen such a big airport and confusing as hell. Since we had to wait a long time for next flight, mom brought me outside so I could go to the bathroom which was a plus. The bad part is you have to go through security again, which is a real pain in the a$$.
The flight was a nightmare for mom, but not for me I was an angel, never complained, didn't make a sound. Nobody even knew I was there in my bag on the floor, and a few hours in her lap under the blanket. Mom sat next to a very big man and his wife from Germany. The big man had part of is body on moms side since the seats are made for tiny people, and the wife stretched out her legs across the mans lap so her feet ended up in moms .................some people are clueless ?? 
Anyway, next flight to Stockholm was a pleasure. We met a really nice couple, he from Canada, and she from Sweden. Mom made friends and now she seemed in better spirits again, although very tired. We arrived safely in Stockholm but our luggage didn't, it was left behind in Frankfurt.......oh well
Here we had a lot of time too, so I got another chance for a bathroom brake.
We had one more flight to final destination, Moms puppy town, where our friends Vanja and Lizze was waiting. This is a tiny airport nothing like I've ever seen, and now for the first time I got ornery and jumped out of the bag and made a run for it. I dodged a lot of people but realized this was really scary and mom soon caught me. She wanted to know where I was going..............I told her anywhere as long as it isn't an airport, and she agreed. 
It was totally awesome to arrive at our friend house, and of course the "FIKA" started. Fika is a Swedish tradition, and they do it a lot, and they do it everywhere, wherever you go. There's so many places to buy fika, and everyone you visit serves you fika (that's why mom got fatter last time we were here shhhhh )  This time our neighbor Max in Florida told her he's keeping a close eye on her so he can stop her if needed. .......................what if she doesn't post any pictures Max, than what ?  If you promise to keep those treats of yours coming I'll make sure to keep you posted.
We are now in Moms puppy town Skellefteå and we have slept 2 nights in Lucy. I'm not quite sure what to think about her yet, (there's all kind of noises I have to figure out ) but Mom absolutely loves her. She's smaller than Adrienne but a hell of a lot stronger an much easier to drive. First night she was parked inside a big machine hall so there was pretty dark and quiet, kind of like home. Now we are parked next to Vanja and Lizzes house and guess what people......................it never got dark. Mom woke up at 2 am, birds are chirping in Swedish and the sun is on it's way up. At home that means time to get up, but here it's not so.
I thought mom knew all this stuff, but she seems very confused and got up and made coffee. I of course have to wait for my breakfast ?..................oh well..............a few more days and she'll get the hang of this again.
Our suitcase was delivered the following day, which was very nice, but everything in it stinks horribly ? and as we all know mom has a nose like a bloodhound, so I figured it was in her imagination, but Vanja also noticed so all the clothes have to be aired .....................
We did a premier drive yesterday and mom was very pleased..................but I wasn't. Even if I really do love moms friend Vanja, she was in my space and I had to sit in the back ?  It's not always easy to be me.............and of course they left me alone to watch Lucy while they went to Fika............I'm going to have a chat with some Swedish colleges to find out if they too get left behind like this ?  if so maybe I'll organize a protest to make fika available for us too.
Spring is very late this year,  leaves on the trees have not opened all the way yet, but
at 2 am this morning we heard the coo coo bird.....................(yes dad, it's a REAL bird not only in clocks ) and that's a real sign of spring. We also heard some cranes making noise, and they spoke the same language as the the ones we have. Not a  pretty sound for us, but here it's another sign of spring. The birds sing all night here ? it's very pretty, but I like to know when do they sleep ? 
at our morning walk today we met this row of little people. The picture is blurry because mom aimed the camera from the hip, assuming the teachers wouldn't be to pleased about exposing the kids. It was a playschool on an outing, and they all wear these vests to warn everybody to be careful around them ??? WHAT ? are they dangerous ? no mom says, but just like you they can be unpredictable and careless................ME careless ???
They also have a long rope with loops, and every kid have their own loop to hold on to, and there's a teacher at each end..................cool huh ? 

Av EvaLena Hallgren - 19 maj 2015 04:21

I'm b aaaackk...................after weeks of mom packing, shopping packing again and again and putting the luggage on the scale, saying a few bad words and starting all over again. Finally it looks like it's all done, so tomorrow we should be ready for take off.

Lilly tried my travelbag, I even let her take a nap in it




A few days ago I went to see Dr. Grigsby, at Harbor City Animal Hospital, so he could update my passport and and to tell me I'm the most gorgeous, smartest,funniest most wonderful dog he knows......................well, and make sure I'm in great health, which ofcourse I am.




His nurse keeps the good cookies somewhere in the back, so I wait patiently by the door for her to bring me my well deserved cookie.



This morning I went to see Krystal, she's a proffessional groomer, and very very good at it.




Now I begin to look like a real champion I thought



Tomorrow it's Moms turn to be groomed, 


I made sure to give Lilly extra love so she shouldn't forget me......................don't really want to admit it,

but between us, I really going to miss her...............





My flight leaves Orlando at 7.55 tomorrow, and we'll land in Frankfurt at noon on Wednesday. I'm not staying there long enough for me to be able to take a leak...................it's on to next flight that'll take us to Stockholm, where I will have plenty of time to do my business before I get on the last plane to take us to moms puppytown in Northern Sweden, where my friends Vanja and Lizze will be waiting to pick us up. By now it's almost midnight on Wednesday.

Adrienne has been replaced by a little smaller gal named Lucy.  She got her name because mom bought her on Lucia day that's celebrated on Dec. 13.

This girl is a little smaller and stronger than Adrienne and most important she has powersteering.

Can't wait to meet her.

bye for now, see you Thursday