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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 31 maj 2013 18:52

Just like Mom said,we stayed here one more night, and now there's a lot more homes parked. Many have dogs, but none to play with.

Before anyone else was awake, we went for a long walk, and Mom kindly unlatched the stupid collar so I got to run around sniffing anywere I desired. Millions of dandelines on the grass, which by the way is a lot softer than at home..................the grass I meant


Forgot to show you how Helge ( he's Moms friend that found Adrienne ) cuts his grass............the  machine made an awful lot of loud noice or I would have insisted on a ride, just to make my friend Buddy at home jealous. He rides in a golfcart which I like, but this looked more like a hotrod dunebuggy I thought.


Another thing I forgot to tell, was that one of Moms friends, Anders bought a motorcycle and wanted us to come along to pick it up. We did and Mom really wanted to drive, but there's no room for me, so I said noway she's going to get one of those ever again if I have a say..................and I know I do


Mom tried Anders old bike for size, but I say no no no , and that's IT PERIOD.



This is the way hay grows here !! very peculiar if you ask me


This is A pictures from a truckstop where we slept one night, Mom giggled at the logo on this truck .....


The town of Askersund is very old with many old wooden buildings and cobblestone streets.  Cafes at every corner, but of course no dogs allowed, ( What's up with that ? ) 

It's ok says Mom, we have our own cafe at home, and she bought an amazing shrimp sandwich for dinner.

Well, she said it was amazing, I got the same old same old................


can you see Adrienne the goo old dame, peeking out at the end of the long red building ?


These mirrors are mounted on a lot of old houses, and are called gossip mirrors.............you can sit by the window and see who's coming down the street...........without they seeing you.....smart


lots and lots of wild-flowers are growing everywhere, we have forget-me-nots were we are parked now, and the yellow flowers we call gullviva, ( don't know the English name) and are this providence flower.


This is wild bluberrie puppies, much smaller than the ones we are used to, but have a lot  more flavor.


Can you believe Best Western have sailboat hotels here ...............cozy, but not for Mom who get seasick


It's now 7.30 pm, and it's warm and sunny out, so we're taking an evening walk................tomorrow there's a veteran carshow going on, so we'll have to stay and watch, at least for a while.

take care all......................  Buttons


Av EvaLena Hallgren - 31 maj 2013 07:11

Sometimes I can’t update my blog, because we are parked at a place with no power and the batteries don’t last very long.Yesterday was one of these days. We stayed at a church parking lot where Mom’s puppy-friend Jan lives. The town is called Örebro, and while here it was raining most every day, so we spent most of the time inside.



look at this big chunk of liverwurst Mom is having ?    she shared a ittybitty piece ........cheap cheap


Jan helped Mom with a lot of stuff, like running  around shopping for stuff needed to make us more comfortable on our trip. Now we have a phone, and one of those things that talks to Mom and tell her where to turn when driving. We have one like that at home too, but this one speaks real funny.


About speaking.............not only Mom and her friends speak funny, even the birds chirp different, and they have different feathers too ?


This is a real shy wood pecker hiding behind the food.............


Squirrels look different too , but this one was either a mute or too busy eating to talk, so I don’t know his language.


We stayed at the church parking lot 2 nights, and I ended up staying home a lot since every store here has a picture of a dog crossed over in red, which translates to no dogs allowed..............I can tell Mom feel real guilty about it, she bought me a very tasty bone and she promised it’ll get better.
That yellow bird I found on an evening walk...............lucky me.


 Jan helped Mom to wash Adrienne on the outside, so she looks much better now. She’s still an old lady, but just like Mom she’s in real good shape..... ( I wrote that to kiss up, maybe she’ll buy another tasty bone )


After she got cleaned up we drove a short distance to one of Moms favorite towns called Askersund. We’re parked at the harbor in Sweden’s second biggest lake Vättern. The scenery is awesome and we took a long evening walk. Unfortunately not without the stupid collar.
We had to pay $25.00 to park here, and for a few dollar more we would have had power too, but there was no such spaces available.  Doesn’t matter much though, since there’s a beautiful kitchen with power for everyone here. Nice clean showers and bathrooms, and a very nice lady in charge that sells ice-cream and some food. We highly recommend this parking, and as a matter of fact,  Mom is already talking about staying here one more night.


Another strange thing I observed here is that the sun never seem to go down ? It’s daylight in the middle of the night ? and Mom is a real early bird, so she fooled me to getup too..................not anymore though, I’m on to her and get up when I’m good and ready.
Where we are now,the sun goes up at 3 AM and down at 11.30 pm
It’s much cooler here too, we’re fine during the days and at night under the covers, but early mornings Mom fire up the heater so it becomes real nice and cozy.......another good reason to stay in bed............right ?
Mom tells me it’s real cold in the winter here, so that’s the reason so many houses save big piles of wood in their gardens,
I think this is where they get it from ?
On one early walk we passed this moose house, situated all by it self close to a lake. I went to the door and waited for a long time, but no moose came out, and he had left his boat behind !!!!!  hope he havent drowned 
That's all for now, got to go for my morning business...................lots of love and kisses to all of you coming along on my adventure.

Av EvaLena Hallgren - 29 maj 2013 11:44


FINALLY, more than a week has gone by since I made the big loooooong trip over the ocean to Mom's puppy-country. It was long, and as usual I behaved 100 %. Occationally, when the flightattendants weren't looking I got to sit in Mom's lap, which was much more comfortable than the bag.



We arrived at Stockholm airport and there was noone there to look at my passport or my papers, so we just walked straight out the door, and I got my much needed bathroom break.

Than we took the train for 3 hours and was met by Ove and Elvy , and than another hour in their car and I got my freedom to run loose, and run I did......

There was some real strange dogs there, they didn't bark like any other dogs I ever heard ? I wanted to go and play with their puppies, but Mom got me by the tail seconds before I made it through the fence, and on with the stupid collar again. Mom said I had to because the puppies parents could hurt me......? maybe even the puppies would ? she said they were only a week old ?? and bigger than me already ?? how can that be ?  it looked like they were making meatballs just like the big guys at the stable, but these were real small...................never got the opportunity to taste though.........since they were so small, they were probably gourmet......



We are living in this little house with weels on. I wasn't to sure about it in the beginning. Every cupboard and closet makes a lot of noice when open and shut, and Mom looked worried when she was driving it. After a few days while sitting in the passenger seat keeping a close eye on her, she seemed to relax while driving, andTHAT made me much more comfortable.



We sleep high up under the ceiling, and I didn't think that was so cool the first nights either, but now I'm used to it, and found a real great spot to watch everything going on outside.

One day we went for a trip up the river with Ove and Elvy, no fishing just enjoying the nature and watching the birds warming up their puppies.



After mom got the house, ( she named it Adrienne) cleaned and learned about all the features from Helge we drove to the city we spent a lot of time in last time here. We visited old granny, who turned 90 last time, she is pretty tired now, so we didn't stay long, but she was real happy to see me.

We stayed here two nights and visited with Inger and Mattias family. They gave Mom a dudad for this machine so we can stay in touch. They were going to their summer house to cut the grass, and that was a gorgeous place and I got to roam free..............whoooppppeeee.




The front door to this house was open, so I took that as an invitation. A feature I find very convenient for a short guy like me is the wooden couches in most kitchens here. Food was served for me ready on the table. It was called Pytt i panna, and reminded me of our corned beef hash. Dosen't matter what it was called, it was quite tasty, but I didn't get to finish...............Mom called and the people in the house came.............apparantly the food was for them....I

........not for me ??

People was nice, they were laughing, and Mom was embarrassed.................I didn't care, just wondered if I could finish the plate ? but noone listened to me.

They ware telling a story abot a fox that used to come by daily for left overs, so I figured the rest would be for him.



I have a lot more to tell, but it has to wait, because Mom need to go to the bank and do some other important stuff, so I'll continue later...............bye for now... see you soon.