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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 26 september 2013 09:37

An entire week has gone by without me getting the opportunity to speak up..............What’s up with that Mom ?  She has nothing to say about it other than she’s getting a little nervous about the upcoming long flight home. I’m not the least worried so why should she ? Guess that’s because I don’t have any preparation to take care of. “You’re just coming along for the ride” Mom says............oh well, what can I do to help ?
We have spent several days at our friend Lotta’s house, and that was a real sweet reconnection.  Her cats on the other hand........despite my charm, trying to put it on extra thick............again to no avail. Maybe next time, since this time no cat climbed the curtains in panic, or totally disappeared from the house. As a matter of fact, we even stayed in the same room for short periods..........so there’s hope..................I have figured out they can’t be too smart being afraid of me since first of all, it’s 2 of them, secondly they are bigger and quicker than me, and third, they have sharp claws that could really hurt me if they wanted to. In other words, I wouldn’t stand a chance in a fight................it’s a good thing they don’t know, and I think they are very cute and would like to be their friend some day.
The weekend we spent driving around to small villages and farmhouses, to see what they produced and wanted to sell...........
I saw this car that Dad wants, but the owner didn’t want to sell, and even if he would, I doubt it would be less than the $1000 that Dad was willing to pay.
At this farm they had lots of those funny looking dogs with curly hair. They aren’t dogs, Mom says, they are sheep. Poor sheep was just sitting there on his butt, and once in a while a little pitiful sound came out. She sounded real frightened I thought and I wanted to go comfort her.
This man that was about to cut her wool coat to make yarn, said sheep play dead when they realize they can’t escape. They save their energy for when they do get a chance to run..........and who said sheep was stupid ?
Why oh why make her completly naked, poor baby I thought
Here's Mom trying out the first step in making wool the old fashion way. Meanwhile I'm watching this mans hands real close so he doesn't shave me too......
As usual I get a lot of attention from the short two legged kind
On one farm they had a lot of these guys, and we bought eggs from them ...............according to Mom the place where they live don't smell good ............I don't understand that at all
This man does wood carvings ...........
Talk about wood carvings, this carving of a wedding, made by a very famous artist in Sweden, stands in a roundabout  that we passed. How Mom managed to drive around and take pictures at the same time??? scary scary I say....
See this cute little kitten ? I bet she would have been easy to make friends with ...........
This is the first sign that is high time to return to Florida..................what is THAT machine doing ???????  He’s putting down the poles to mark where the road is, so the snow plow driver knows where to go when he’s clearing the roads ?? WHAT ???? they are at least 2 meter long, snow can’t get that deep can it ? Well, maybe in some places where it drifts Mom says................uhoh. ... let’s get going to the airport now I say. We will soon Mom says, but first we have to get Adrienne ready for her winter sleep...........Maybe next update will be from the warm and sunny Florida..........wwooooo hoooo
miss you all...........wet kisses.

Av EvaLena Hallgren - 19 september 2013 07:53

We just woke up, and it doesn’t look like it’ll be a sunny day, sky is gray, but mood is sunny so it doesn’t really matter. We are on the mainland, a little further north than planned, but you know Mom always changes her mind. This time she got irritated at the campsite rules and a snotty check in girl. They had the audacity to  charge an extra 50 kr. for me ?? and extra for electricity no wifi, only here in the lobby..........so can I bring my PC here and sit than ? answer No!.......that did it so we kept driving. It’s not that I’m not worth an extra 50, it’s the principal, NO campsite charges extra for dogs, (hotels yes) but in this case I live in my own space, there’s no cleanup after me. I have a feeling the girl just had a bad day............
Anyway, here’s the story about Öland island, it's the second largest island,and is about 10 miles wide and 85 miles long, it has 25 000 inhabitants, but in the summer the tourists invades by the thousands.Last count on the 4mile bridge was ca.500 000 during the summer month.
The most famous building on the island is Borgholm castle.It was first built in the second half of the 12th century, and rebuilt many times in later centuries. For a hundred years, the palace was left to fall into decay. In 1806, the castle was turned into a ruin by a fire that started in the roof of the north wing.
The castle was closed for visitors, so we couldn't go inside...........well that's what you get for not being here with the tourists. ...............this is a picture from above, stolen on the web, and a picture on how it looked before the fire.
Queen Victoria of Sweden 1862-1930...........she doesn't look like a very happy lady ....maybe she's pissed about the fire ?
Archaeological evidence indicates the island of Öland was settled about 8000 BC, with excavations showing the presence of hunter-gatherers. In the early Stone Age, settlers from the mainland migrated across the ice that connected the island.
Burial grounds from the Iron Age through the Viking Age are clearly visible at Gettlinge
Locals told me that this man, (in his early 90ies) are spending every summer and fall measuring and calculating trying to reveal more secrets that he claims the experts didn’t find. They consider him a tad loony, but who knows........ Mom made sure not to start a conversation with him............we still would have been there.
Every stone was put on top of a few smaller ............what that means ???
At one point, there were as many as 2000 mills on the island. Today around 350 remain and are lovingly cared for by their owners and local history societies.
    The majority of the windmills were built in the 19th century, but flour was probably ground using wind power as early as the Middle Ages. The mills were located outside the villages, often each farm had its own mill. There were "Dutch" mills, where only the top part was turned by the wind, and the more common "stubbkvarnen", where the entire rotating mill rested on top of an oak tree stump.
The island has nice sandy beaches that’s usually packed with tourists, but at this time we were on our own, and that was fine with us...
we’re drove across the island and turned south on the ocean side. Lots of farmland, and it’s completely flat, no hills for Adrienne to conquer, such a different landscape compare to Moms Puppy hood.
Modern time windmills are built at many places, not even close as interesting or beautiful as the old ones..............and ofcourse not used for the same purpose either.
here's a field of onions, ready to be picked up and sold on the market.
I'm not allowed out every time Mom stops to take pictures, but I'm keeeping a close watch.
this collection pole, was located outside a church, and said “give to the poor after your abilities”..........good idea.
By the road we saw several runes, but since Mom can’t read Viking language, there was signs that translated. One says "Olof and old Sax erected this rock after Unn his father,Unn was rich,and owned half this village."
Another is " Näv and Ingvald erected this rock for Rodman their father".............ahh ....now I know where Dennis is coming from ..........
This was the cutest little meatball factory I,ve ever seen, but he was shy and hid behind his hair
we finally reach the most southern part of the island, and this is thee birdwatchers paradise.
It’s also home of  “ Långe Jan”
The lighthouse was built in 1785, probably by Russian PoWs. The tower was built by stone from an old chapel. Originally the light was an open fire, and the tower was unpainted. It was painted white in 1845, and the same year the tower's lantern was installed, to store a colza oil lamp. A couple of years later a black band was added to the tower.
the road to get there was crowded with bulls and walking yarn balls............. they didn’t want to move and I really wanted to go out and play.............too dangerous Mom said.
How do you like my version of Moving moving mooooowing..........?
this is what's called a Mexican stand off I think .........
this is a Panda bull...............
we weren’t allowed to stay there for the night, (too crowded with bulls I think) so we continued to the small boat harbor and found a beautiful space. Mom did her laundry and took a long hot shower
nice rocks shaped by the ocean waves, too bad we couldn’t bring some home for the garden............it’ll be to heavy in the suitcase.
we went for a long walk in the morning, and made a note of coming back here. We also had very nice neighbors, which of course added to the pleasant stay
leaving this lovely place heading North again, we encountered this wall ????
This famous two meter high wall stretches right across the island from west to east. It was built on the orders of Duke Karl Gustav, later King Karl X Gustav in 1653. The intention was to keep the deer in the royal hunting grounds from escaping them, although many speculate it served the double purpose of keeping the peasantry away from his sport. It was built with local materials and local labor in lieu of taxes. It is still in good condition
back on the mainland we’re driving close to the coast, and came to a small town called Påskallavik, and all of a sudden Mom shouted “OMG, this stuff is still here!!” and we had to turn Adrienne around for a closer look. Somewhere there’s a picture of Mom as a puppy sitting on the foot of that blue boy.
An artist named Arvid Källström, 1893-1967, lived in this house for 30 years and he made these sculptures for his garden, and many more that you can see all over Sweden.
this is called the French lady
Not sure what to think about this lady in front of his house.......................our neighbors would have hart burn for months I think
Time to move on, we will soon be back to the town where we started our trip, but first we'll have to visit Lotta and the cats................miss you all ...........wet kisses. 

Av EvaLena Hallgren - 17 september 2013 20:34

We had a very nice adventurous day, and are now parked at the most southern tip of the island. Unfortunatley not very good connection, and I do have some stuff to tell,  but Mom don't feel like helping me, (she's in the middle of a really good book) This video is all from me today................wet kisses.


Av EvaLena Hallgren - 17 september 2013 10:31

Waking up to a rainy chilly day, good thing Adrienne has heat, and a roof to keep us dry. At the moment we are at Sweden's second largest island called Öland. We got here over a long bridge, that was inaugurated September 1972. The bridge is almost 4 miles long and have a clearance of 118 ft..


But now I’m getting ahead of myself, last night we stayed at the harbor on the main land. We took a long walk to explore the grounds of the castle where one of the most significant political events took place in 1397. 


It was The Kalmar union which was the personal union between the three kingdoms of Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Also included was Finland that was a part of Sweden (until 1809) Iceland, Greenland, the Faroes and the Shetland archipelago, belonging to Norway, meaning that the union encompassed all of the Nordic countries.


The union’s centre of power was located in Denmark, but all the countries were principally ruled according to their own laws and traditions. The union was, with short breaks, maintained from 1397 to 1448. Following this, only the personal union with Norway – with a few interruptions – remained in effect (until 1814), while the Danish kings only managed to rule in Sweden for brief periods until Sweden definitively seceded by proclaiming Gustav Vasa king of Sweden in 1523


a real draw bridge and a moat................so much exciting stuff to explore, sure wish that stupid lead could come off for good............love the canons...........yeah Mom says, if one of those would go boom, you go boom under your tail............don’t embarrass me I say.....


On the way out these wooden people were standing, not sure what their purpose was, other than decoration


in the middle of all this historic interesting well build stuff, some new fancy architect has put up this black ugly cube ............ Mom hates it, and I tend to agree


this is one strange looking tree.................


this town had palm trees, planted in pots so they can be moved indoors for the winter month. Makes me long for my Florida home and real heat


I had no clue chestnuts grew in clusters like this ? and they have tails ?


This is a memorial statue of Kalmar Nyckel that was constructed in about 1625 and was of a design called a pinnace. The ship was named after the city of Kalmar, which purchased the ship in 1628 as its contribution to the Royal Swedish Navy. When Sweden decided to establish a trading colony in the New World  the Kalmar Nyckel was chosen for the voyage, and sailed up Delaware river to Wilmington.

The ships sailed from Gothenburg in December 1637, but encountered a severe storm in the North Sea and had to divert to the Netherlands for repairs. They departed on New Year's Day 1638, arriving in North America in March 1638.

A second voyage, which departed on February 7, 1640, and arrived at Fort Christina on April 17, brought additional settlers for New Sweden.  Kalmar Nyckel made four successive round trips from Sweden, a record unchallenged by any other colonial vessel. She later served the Royal Swedish Navy in the Swedish-Danish War, then was used as a merchant ship. She was lost at sea in the late 17th century. There are conflicting reports on where she was lost. One says she sank off the coast of the city of Kalmar, while another says she was lost in the North Sea.


 In 1986, a group of citizens of Wilmington, Delaware, established the Kalmar Nyckel Foundation, whose primary source of funding is from the taxpayers , plus donations from corporations and individuals. The foundation designed, built, and launched a replica of the Kalmar Nyckel. The modern ship, designed by naval architects Thomas C Gillmer, Melbourne Smith, Joel Welter, and Ken Court, was built at a shipyard in Wilmington on the Christina River  near the original 1638 Swedish settlers' landing site at Fort Christina. She was launched on September 28, 1997, and commissioned on May 9, 1998. The re-creation measures 94 feet (29 m) on deck and 131 feet (40 m) overall, with a 25-foot (7.6 m) beam, a 12-foot (3.7 m) draft, and a displacementt of 300 tons.

Mom boarded her at a tall ship regatta in New York, and at the time not all the wood carvings weren’t finished still very impressive..............this is a borrowed picture of the replica


Once again we were up early watching the hustle in the harbour as people were heading for work. After a short bathroom run, we made it over the bridge to yet another castle, but I'll tell you more about that tomorrow........


wet kisses to you all................miss you..................

Av EvaLena Hallgren - 16 september 2013 15:01

We’re still heading south and Mom had planned to visit a large RV and camping store, but when we got there it was closed. On the gate was a note that it was closed because of a giant convention in a different town called Jönköping. That’s a town located at the most southern tip of lake Vänern................Mom said the road to get there is real pretty, so off we went.

We passed the town where these planes are made.............


long wide roads that go on forever and ever ............boooring...............Adrienne have been behaving like a real lady all along.


As usual Mom forgets to calculate how far it is, so we were driving for a very long time, and it was getting dark..........( how much pretty roads do you see in the dark ?)  We stopped in the town right before where we were going, and lo and behold, I recognize it, I have been here before............I have a real cute girl friend working in a shoe store here. We drove to the harbor and the parking lot there was jammed packed with RVs. We found a spot and went to sleep.


We got up early for a change, we walked around the harbour and watched the sun rise. From here you can take a ferry out to a very small island, a popular summer location.


 Mom found out that the convention was so crowded you could hardly move around, so we changed our mind and went to the campsite for the night. Good thing, let,s go to the shoe store .....jaaaayyy

The store wasn’t where I remember it ? Mom asked around and found out my friend went over the rainbow bridge, and so did her Mom ......RIP...............I sat down on a bench thinking of her.  
This entire town makes a living on making candy canes, but what I don’t understand is, why are they called polka pigs ??? ...........Mom didn’t know either, so we’ll Google when we get home.
It’s very similar to our candy canes but a tad stickier. They were invented in this town by a lady named Amalia Eriksson (1824-1923).Her entire family died of an cholera epidemic. She later married, and her husband dies one week before her only daughter is born,so she needed to support herself and her baby. She went to the town council’s to get permisson to open a shop, and make pastries and peppermint rocks. She kept her recipe secret and it was only revealed upon her death. They're still made the same old traditional way......but now they come in any color combination and flavor you can think of........every store in this town sells them
Mom didn't buy any ...........
this town is very small and quaint, it has cobblestone streets and the town square is difficult to walk and park on. Every summer there’s an invasion of tourists here.


What on earth is this ?? He must have escaped from Norway ? That’s where these trolls belong, I know, I was there 5 years ago..........oh well, guess they too are allowed to travel.

It was a pretty steep hill walking into town, peace of cake for me ...........for Mom.......Oh well...


Apparently I’m in need for a good bath, since the trees where I went to the bathroom have been discharging some real sticky stuff, that made my hair feel like glue. People frown upon dogs in their showers, but Mom found a family bathroom with a baby tub, and we are going to lock ourselves in as soon as everyone else are in bed..........shhhh  that’s our secret.....

This is me following day after my very refreshing bath............


This is what Google say about "polka gris"

The name polkagris refers to a lively European swirling dance polka, which was still a novelty when the polkagris was invented.

The dance originated in the middle of the 19th century and is still a common genre in Swedish folk dance and folk music.

"Polka" in the candy's name may refer to the way traditional polkagris is made, twisting red and white sugar dough ribbons.

"Gris" means "pig", and was at that time used as an expression for candy.

Good thing to know, I guess.

We are now at Swedens second largest island in the Baltic sea, but I'll tell you about that tomorrow.

until than, lots of wet kisses to you all.

Av EvaLena Hallgren - 14 september 2013 18:08

Every morning we wake up to a thick fog, quite exciting looking. I stayed in bed napping as Mom went out to shoot some pictures. As a matter of fact, I didn’t get out of bed until 11 am, and only because that’s when Mom decided it was time to move on.


at 11 the fog was gone and the view changed to this


Please please Mom, just a short swim, it can’t hurt ..............it’s waaaay to cold and you’ll get filthy dirty and I have no way of drying you now............excuses excuses I say.


We were going to a castle called Skokloster, and it’s located on a peninsula in the lake of Mälaren, not very far from the airport where we'll be flying back to Florida . Carl Gustaf Wrangel was born in 1613 and he became commander of the Swedish army, and it was he who comissioned the construction of the castle By 1668 the biggest privatley built castle ever in Sweden was roofeed over. It was furnishd with the very best of everything. The general died in 1676, and part of the castle never finished. In the large banqueting hall, the scaffolding and tools remain, as the builders left thinking they would never get paid.


This is a painting showing how the castle looked back in the days. Most prominent visitors came by boat from Stockholm and their dogs have no lead.....


Why on earth does anyone need so many rooms to live ? personally I would have preferred one of the houses across the water..........not too shabby ......
a rather colorful coat of arms with gold inlays adorned the top of the castle
the castle is now state owned and everyone is welcomed to use the grounds for games on the huge lawns, picnicking or just strolling around, but of course there's sign "dogs must be kept on leads "..........what's up with that ?
Again I get to meet some of these funny looking dogs.................well, maybe not so funny looking but funny sounding..........Mom didn’t let me get close since it said the fence was electrified ............it didn’t look like that kind of fence, but Mom wasn’t about to feel if it was true either....she’s terrified of those kind of fences. Experiences from puppy hood I asked ? ....Mhum she said.......
these lime trees avenues were planted in 1684,and today many trees are in poor state. They have rot damage in both trunks and crowns. The trees were regularly pruned in the 18th century, but this ceased in the 19th century. The crowns were than allowed to grow freely, and the burden on the rot-damaged trees was too great.Trying to save the trees they are now pruned back heavily ...........would be a big shame to loose them
Lots and lots of apple trees on thee grounds, and upcoming weekend there’s supposed to be some kind of celebration in the apple orchards. We are not staying for that, but Mom tasted several and they were good.
This church is located right next to the castle, and is Sweden's second oldest brick church and was built in the 13th century for the Cistercian nuns.
Time to move on to new adventures, the only thing I know for sure is that we’re heading south ............right Mom ?
tomorrow is a new day, hope to see you than................
wet kisses to all

Av EvaLena Hallgren - 12 september 2013 11:14

There’s with a little bit of sadness we now left Moms puppy town and headed south. No more narrow dirt roads and forests that lasts forever, no more reindeers .........roads are now mostly wide with two lanes and factories are spewing pollution in the air.............it doesn’t even come close to the air in big US cities though.


Finally Mom got the chance to take a picture of the giant cheese slicer that stands there to represent a really great tasting cheese from her province. (Sometimes IKEA in Orlando sells it ) It’s a hard cows milk cheese, strong in flavor, it’s taste is described as somewhat like parmesan cheese, salty but more bitter. The Swedes consider it the king of cheeses and demand for it has often outstripped the limited supply. For this reason, it’s roughly twice as expensive as other types of aged cheese.Västerbotten cheese must be aged for at least 12 month, but 14 month is more common. The cheese was invented in a small village in the 1870s, and supposedly it happened as a dairy maid was left alone to stir the curd of a traditional cheese, but was interrupted by her lover, and this resulted in altering the periods of heating and stirring of the curdling milk.........maybe a fable, but still a cute story and great tasting cheese with a very secret recipe is the result.


This is one mean looking kitty cat.............even meaner that my hissing kitty I used to have at home

RIP Dipstick.....


Mom thought her favorite statue had disappeared, but it had moved to a much better location in the middle of a round about close to a school..............busy ant .........busy pupils..........very appropriate for sure


Driving along listening to the radio we hear an announcement about some gay activists had painted the steps to the church in rainbow colors, and that’s the town we planned to visit..........hahaha, good thing we aren’t in Russia. Someone on the radio thought it could stay that way because it brightened up the steps, and Mom tend to agree............


It certainly was the most photographed steps in this town called Härnösand..........seemed like EVERYBODY stopped and took pictures.......
The stone cold bishop was watching it all, and he didn’t look very amused.....
Since Mom had some errands in this town we stayed the night parked close to a McDonalds ( they have free WiFi ), Mom wanted to watch Swedish Hollywood wives ..........It’s embarrassing television at it’s best, and Mom can’t resist watching it.........what about me ? what am I supposed to do meanwhile ?
The view from our window was very nice, and I can’t stop wondering what kind of bait they put on that fishing float out there ....................Dogs, Mom said....... WHAAT !!!    .......but that was only because I disturbed her TVshow
after that stupid show, we went for a walk around town, and there was so many old beautiful buildings still standing. Made Mom angry at the architect in her puppy town who tore down all the old buildings and put up new modern unattractive cubes in it’s place.
This is the town hall
this used to be the mayors home, now a museum and offices
a bank 
Tourist office , chamber of commerce I guess
still some gorgeous flowers left, despite the cooler weather and upcoming winter .
Beautiful fall colors.......
the youth in this town must have had a great evening, not only did they paint the church steps, they also gave a beer to this stone man. In his other hand he’s holding a banana peel. Not sure if there’s supposed to be a message or if there’s some symbolism we’re missing ?
You never know what will sneak up on you ............this guy was fishing  with a spear Mom said, and his name is Neptune. Why is he doing it naked I wanted to know ? Mom had no answer, but I’m thinking it’s so he shouldn’t scare the fish ..........
This is a statue that leaves a lot to the imagination says Mom ................oh ok ?? I’m not sure I see what she sees......all I see is two twisted up clumps on top of each other ..............OH I see............  
We walked forever and ever, and I picked up tons of leaves and other debris, which made my coat very heavy and consequently harder to keep up with Mom. I laid down in the street and was hoping to get carried, but not a chance in hell, not when you’re that filthy dirty she said.......after a short brake and some cleaning up we continued on.
Hey Sigge, (He’s a famous Swedish dog that locates mushrooms) look what I found !!!...................can you eat these ? probably not Mom said, not ready to take a chance anyway
This is one strange looking mushroom growing on a tree
At the moment we are at a town called Hudiksvall, and we have been waiting for the sun to show, but not today........................might as well keep on driving further south, hopefully we’ll find a sunny spot soon.
Mom liked this picture, so I'm just throwing it in here..................it's from on the road someplace
all is well here, miss you ...............................sending wet kisses to all
Av EvaLena Hallgren - 8 september 2013 13:21

 Still staying at the same place relaxing, and we’re riding bicycle in to town visiting and shopping. I mean Mom is shopping, and I’m visiting. Some store keepers are getting used to me, and finally understand that I’m well behaved and let me come inside. Like I said before, Mom’s puppy country aren’t very tolerant about dogs coming along inside. Many stores have hooks outside for us to be tied to. Mom is not doing that, she’s scared someone would steal me, and that’s a nightmare as bad as getting eaten by an alligator.
I made it my mission to convert the Swedes in letting us come inside...............one store at the time
Yesterday a car magazine had a rally, and Mom’s friend came to pick us up in a car that was almost as roomy as Adrienne...........
It was a sunny beautiful day, and lots of people met up in their American cars .................I know a guy on my block in Florida that likes this stuff, and I hope he’ll read my blog and get impressed.......
some people dressed to match the cars, really cute I thought ............................
these big bumpers provide shade for me........ and protection .............. which is a real good thing since there’s some rubber burning going on ....................which seems to be a favorite thing with the audiences ,  it smells really bad and makes a lot of noise......................so I don’t understand the point at all.....
After the magazine got their pictures we cruised about 20 km. to a small town were we parked, and took more pictures and ate hamburgers
Curt, are you impressed yet ?  here's more....................
this guys Tshirt says , "home is good, but the garage is best".................I think he has a cat too .....
This shirt says “ real men smells like diesel “ .............wonder if that's his goal in life ?
When Mom was a puppy a lot of guys dreamed about owning an American car, but not everyone could afford one, so the next best thing was this Opel ............
Lots of chrome to check out that my topknot is sitting right ......
more pictures that need no explanation
maybe these guys want to save on tires so they only drive on two at the time.......
this poor dog has too big tongue, it doesn’t fit in his mouth ???????
This picture is for Dad, it's a PV from 1954................they wanted more than $ 1000 so .......forget about it
Mom thought this was a great idea for us..................NOWAY I say, I prefer Adrienne.....
as usual Mom couldn’t stay away from these two wheel things, but there’s no way I’ll allow her to get one.............I did pull her away from this monster very quickly.......
last picture from this event is a shiney ass..................
now  I have to get ready for a bikeride. Mom and I are invited for "fika" ( coffeee and cake) ........................have a great day
wet kisses to all.