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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 31 maj 2017 20:31

Mom is in a better mood, and this time it didn’t come out of that box she and Elvy drank from.  I think it’s because finally, Lucy is healthy again. We did drive to a city and Mom made an appointment to get a new water pump. Avery nice girl helped us out and said we could stay for free at this beautiful campsite until Monday morning when the mechanic will arrive to install the new pump. The first night there was entertainment in a tent nearby and it was supposed to be music but in our ears, it was only loud noise. That ended at 2 am so we didn’t have a very peaceful sleep


Mom made her first supper in Lucy and it was Swedish pirogi's (called body cakes) with lingonberries, nothing that I had an interest in although I got a little taste of the bacon inside. At our walk along the lake, we came upon a big field of Lilly of the Valley. Mom said it smelled like childhood so she couldn’t resist picking a few despite the strong scent and her allergies.


Monday morning we got up real early and parked outside the repair shop very excited to get Lucy fixed, and the girl called at 8 am to let us know the mechanic was sick so they couldn’t help. A very disappointed Mom called around to other cities with RV shops and with a lot of begging managed to get help.

They too were extremely busy but agreed to help anyway and quickly replaced the pump which worked great, but now it was leaking in the faucet which also had to be replaced. These guys are like acrobats working in such cramped spaces. Mom went into their shop to look at stuff she wants but do not need, and she actually resisted buying unnecessary stuff. But she remembered the inspection guy had said something about the propane hoses needs to be changed out.

Girl in the shop was so helpful and came out to look at the hoses and found a hole!!!! so grateful for that discovery. The expert guy came to look and said the way that is connected is not legal anymore, the inspection person should not have overlooked that. Mom had 2 propane tanks with 2 regulators and a T connection to both. Now we have 2 tanks and one hose and one regulator.  



Mom was real happy when we left this place because she feels safe everything is working now.

The last thing was to rotate the tires and that was done at a shop in a few minutes. The left front brake was squealing but that was taken care of with some grease.

Our trip is continuing south Mom driving and I mostly napped until I recognized where we were going. I immediately got a whiff of the meatball factory and knew we were going to Lotta's house ……….I jumped around in my seat singing, can’t wait to see Selma and Morre, and of course Lotta too.

According to Mom, she’s an amazing cook and she’s preparing all Mom’s favorites.  


Selma was only a little kitten first time we met so I was hoping she’ll remember me, not sure she did because she hissed at me. Morre did too but he has always done that so I ignore it. He’s the same age as I am, so I understand he’s a bit cranky, (not that I ever am)

Selma did lighten up and was very curious about me, but she’s no Lilly so I mostly ignore her.




 Early morning Mom got to do some gardening before Lotta got out of bed, and that’s probably the therapy she needed to become happy again


This little guy is also contributing to the happy feeling as he is chirping away sitting on top of the roof.


A relative to Lotta from our hometown had visited recently, and she brought homemade Swedish matza and cloudberries...............what a breakfast treat



these creatures Mom likes cooked on a plate.............I say it looks gross and don't want anything to do with them, and that's a statement from a guy that eats horse poop Mom says.......meatballs I remind her


Lotta son came to put a house together where hens are supposed to live, and of course Mom couldn’t leave him alone, she just had to help. It was raining but they both kept on working until they found a few pieces that didn’t fit.

Convinced the factory had sent the wrong pieces they stopped and Mom went into town for some errands in Lotta's car and left me to watch over everybody.


At dinner, we got homemade "palt"a dish mostly Northerners makes. and this time I made sure I sat next to Lotta because she is easily swayed into giving me some from her plate. I wink at her a little and she’s mine ………


We’re having an awesome time here and Mom is being pampered so now everything is just dandy. Lotta has washed all Moms stuff the mice had shitted in and tomorrow it's supposed to be sunny ……………..life is good again.









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