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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 4 juli 2018 22:16

we are now somewhere in Lithuania, we were supposed to be in Vilnius which is the capital of Lithuania but found out they have a city festival and that means it'll be crowded, so Mom stopped at a parking place to look where else to go, and we're still at that place. First, she got hungry and cooked, and then she needed a nap? and oh well.............we're in no hurry.

Before it got dark we had this view.


There are storks nests everywhere here and apparently, it's baby season 


last night we slept by a lake in a very quiet spot, can't really say that about this spot, it's too close to the road, and when we pulled in here we saw this sign. It looks like we're under camera surveillance and that sounds like it'll be very safe? right. According to google translate, it says: You will be fined for the sale of household items.................ok we are not selling anything


When we woke up this morning we finally see blue skies and a sun on it's way up, so we went for a nice long walk by the lake. This bird looks familiar 


but I have never seen this kind before?


Leaving this place around noon and heading north we start to see signs that let you know it'snot that far to Russia, and Mom worries about Linnea leading us wrong so we mistakingly cross the border to Putin land. According to Moms friend, we will know for sure where that border is............haha


He also asked for more pictures of the country and the people, enough churches already ...............so we stopped in a small village, one street a couple of bars and a supermarket a bunch of old guys sitting on a bench drinking beer and shooting the shit. Mom bought an ice cream and we sat and took in the scene. 


There were quite a few curious stares and this man chatted away with Mom and she responded to him in English and Swedish telling him she's sorry she can't speak Polish. It didn't seem to bother him at all. He still told her his story


the ice cream was delicious, I didn't want any even though Mom offered to me


A Munk on a mountain bike is not something you see every day.


The Polish people are really serious about their cemeteries, we have seen many like this and this one in the middle of nowhere it seemed?


Another thing here is the constant detours because of road work, and that usually ends up getting very bumpy, but this one broke a record. Mom was so sure Linnea screwed up because how can you possibly meet another vehicle here? 

and when she met a guy in a Volvo that happily waved she was sure this is not going to end well...........(she thought he was laughing at her choice)


then this sign popped up ?? and ok this is for eighteen wheelers too? I sure hope we will not meet on now


all went well. Another sign we often see is this, but we never see many cows or is it a bull warning? Either way, we don't  see them often and never on the road


This is me telling Mom I have to go out NOW......................


see you tomorrow......................all is well

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7 juli 2018 20:23

Ask mom why she call them polish. Arent you inte Litauen?



20 juli 2018 05:32

Mom is confused, she never knows what country she's in. Good thing you're alert and notice her screw ups, so we don't get lost forever.


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