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Av EvaLena Hallgren - Fredag 6 juli 22:10

What a difference a day and sunshine can make...............yesterday was a down day for Mom and this morning she got up so early, and didn't make the usual coffee and just left the campsite she really hated but the only choice since we're in a national park. 

Anyway, no more than a 15 minutes later she found a nice parking space and made the coffee and fed me and then the sun came up.............instant mood change. (I know why Mom was pissy last night, but I'm not allowed to tell..............)

Steeped in Lithuanian mythology, the Curonian Spit is a legend said to have been formed a long, long time ago by a beautiful giant girl named Neringa, who created this sandy peninsula to protect the bay from a stormy sea created by an evil serpent. This story can loosely be understood by observing the beautiful wooden carvings along the "Hill of Witches" in Juodkrante, a village where we stopped and spent several hours this morning................very fitting thinking of Moms tantrum yesterday.



Work began in 1979 on the sculpture park, and it now features 80 different wooden carvings from local artists. Painstakingly hand-crafted, each sculpture depicts a popular character from folk and pagan traditions in the Juodkrante. The public park got its name long before the sculptures were placed along the wooded trails, and is, in fact, a reference to the pagan celebrations that take place on the hill during the Midsummer’s Eve Festival.



The location of the Hill of Witches was previously used as the site of a yearly festival called Jonines (St. John’s Eve). Occurring on June 24th, this festival was a mix of pagan and Christian celebrations with dancing and merriment. The celebration culminated in a search for a magic fern blossom at midnight.This celebration was stopped during WWI


I had no idea what was going to happen, and in the beginning, when it was uphill I tried to protest so Mom should get my carriage but she didn't give in, so I had no choice to walk along. I did try to get these two stiffs to carry me but they were frozen and didn't move. it was a slow walk and a lot to sniff, so I started to enjoy it too. 



It was so early so at first, we were alone in this magical forest but soon a nice young couple came and the girl Amber was born close by and knew the legends and told many stories as we walked along. She told us this was the Devil and he's asking you to tell him your wishes and it'll come true. He's holding his hand by his ear as he's listening..............


This is too spooky for me............but knowing what happen last night I knew there was no use of me telling her not to...........and sure enough.


Amber also said something to him in her native tongue, and then her boyfriend did in his language and he was Romanian. I guess the Devil knows ALL languages..............wonder if he'll understand if I ask for those special treats we're out of.


The hill became overgrown with huge pine trees that now stand as high as the eye can see. Listen closely – you can hear them whispering to you in the breeze.

Once you reach the summit and start to make your way down the back side of the hill, you will notice a different feeling. The sunlight seems to be hidden behind the trees, the wind picks up just a little bit, and the carvings are of gruesome things like Lucifer and the Gates of Hell, scary sorcerers, and wicked witches. Beware – you don’t want to get caught on this side of the hill after dark or you might never return................here's Christian and Amber trying out a ride


all of a sudden we heard music at the bottom of the hill 


we stopped and listened and both kids fell in love with me and asked their father for permission to come and see me after they finished their song.


this is a hill where the witches, goblins, fairies, fortune tellers, and devils all come together each night after sunset. They party, drink, dance, gamble, and play cards. Most of all, they scare the wits out of any mortals that dare to enter the hill after dark! They roam the hill all night, frightening, confusing, luring, and tormenting any human who crosses their path. The only reprieve for all mortals is when the rooster finally crows at dawn. It was a warning to all party-goers of the pending sunlight that would soon pass over the hill. As soon as the rooster crows, all the magical and mystical beings disappear as if they had never been there at all.


we said goodbye to the nice couple and Mom looked around in a souvenir stand and finally found a wind chime she liked. Every year she brings a ddifferent one to the Florida room.



this is the Lithuanina flag in case you didn't know


Mom loves these stock roses and was admiring them in someones yard



The owner of the yard kept an eye on us so I didn't dare lift my leg and mark anything here, she didn't look like she would share her yard with me .........



and on we went, back on the ferry to the mainland and I'm doing the copiloting as usual



We're heading North to yet another country and we started off on a very good road but as usual, Mom has to make changes. This road looks like a quilt which Mom christened to "50 shades of gray"....................oh gee how original




We're still in Lithuania and we thought it was kind of strange there aren't billions of 18wheelers on the road and now we found out it's a holiday Lithuanian independence day.

we're camping in a gorgeous place and our closets neighbors are this cute.






as we're sitting here in Lucy a few cars with flags shows up and we got invited to their party, but that's another story I'll tell you about tomorrow.


Good NIght












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