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Av EvaLena Hallgren - Torsdag 12 juli 17:27

So we didn't make to Abo in one day, Mom felt tired so we stopped and spent the night halfway there.

Up early again and continuing on. I'm trying to tell Mom if she stopped getting up so early we would make it much further during the day. But the response to that is "who's in a hurry?" and I guess I couldn't argue

When we arrived in Abo we parked right at the dock 


Turku, as the city is called in Finnish is a city on the southwest coast of Finland, sitting at the Aura River. Dating from the 13th century, it's known for Turku Castle, a medieval fortress with a history museum, perched at the river mouth. There were many Pubs and restaurants that lined the cobbled riverside streets.

and there was a Motorcycle meeting there and again Mom decided to skip my carriage again so after ca.5 min. I sat down and demanded her to get it, and I won.



When Mom saw these she was grinning from ear to ear..............I think she had memories from puppyhood.......



Most everyone speaks English here so the communication difficulties are over. 89.4% of Turku's population speak Finnish as their native language, while 5.2% speak Swedish. The next most widely spoken languages are Russian (1.3%),

The dock went on forever and I'm glad I'm not walking. Mom gets a little annoyed when I bark on every big dog we meet which I don't do when I'm walking......(I'm not stupid) I don't bark at small dogs it's not as much fun


At the end of the dock was a car meeting, and everybody seemed most impressed by this rusty heap that once was a car. Mom liked this Edsel painted like it belonged in the airforce.


 King Bore is the God of Winter in the Nordic mythology so I'm pretty sure that's who the ship got her name from or is it possible a ship can be a bore?



gorgeous schooner, she had been a schoolship but now she sits still on the dock as a museum




A giant must have dropped a daisy............




This is how the lighthouse looked before electricity. they made a fire in the basket and raised up so the ship captain could find his way home



we had a very nice walk and so many cool things to look at from the statue of the mermaid who lost her tail to the many cranes at shipyards. The racecar guy that lost everything from his waist down...............maybe we could have stuck him on the mermaid to complement each other?





a nice evening like this it would have been nice to sit down with a beer and people watch but at 8 Euros a glass Mom didn't think it was worth it.



An amazing thing about these bikes is that they are for everyone, you use your phone (of course) pay and get a code to unlock the bike. When you put it back at any of these racks that are all over the town, you get charged accordingly. If you get a monthly bus ticket you get a code so you can use them free of charge.



I think Mom has gotten a little obsessed with bathrooms, noooono she says, just curious about different customs in different places she says like here in Finland they all have this little hose next to the bowl?  They do have paper too so it must be a choice Mom Thought. Well "when in Rome" and she tried it, and said it was like getting an enema.............guess it was a first and a last.




this is going to become Moms favorite expression when she doesn't like something.Maybe there's a bumpersticker?



These guys were twins, one the head of Police the other Head of firedepartment.............and how can we miss out on a photo opportunity like that ?


We slept very well, and in the morning we went to the dock to buy another ferry-ticket to an island in the Baltic sea called Aland. Least expensive is sailing in the middle of the night and we arrive at 1.20 am Saturday morning.

Since we're spending one more night in Abo we were going to investigate the castle which is a medieval building in the city. Together with the Cathedral, the castle is one of the oldest buildings still in use in Finland. it is the largest surviving medieval building and. It was founded in the late 13th century and stands on the banks of the Aura river.


 Our timing was perfect since there was a medieval festival going on. I have been to that several times before in America so I didn't think it'll be anything different but it was. This was a Championship in jousting and we cheered for the girl from Canada even though she was last. Actually, I think she did amazing against the men, the lance was super heavy said Mom who of course had to ask to hold one


 The announcer was loud and the cheering, clapping and shouting became too much for me so Mom walked me back to Lucy to rest.


I met this cute girl and I could tll she really liked me


This pig does look like he's laughing but that must be an illusion since he's cooked which means he's dead.


eewwww , can dogs be vegetarians ?


This cooked little fishes looked like bait, and the guy let Mom have one to taste. They were salty and not bad at all, but I'm sure they are made that way so people buy lots of 8 Euro beers.  


The salmon and the fried herring looked amazing though but Mom wasn't hungry, and she wasn't about to buy me a hot dog 


There were rules in this game, they have to hit on the opponents' shield only and the tip of the lance breaks off in sections. I think they got points on how many sections?


this is by far the cutest jouster in the entire place


Little bit too early for a drink, but a 3 Euro water had to be bought because MOm forgot to bring some.


This lady made chocolate covered strawberries and apples, Mom resisted even though I could see she would have liked to dip her finger in that bowl a few times.


how gruesome is this game? I say we're not staying for that, Mom agreed 


Finns are winning so far and the Swedes right behind...........

this vendor was selling knives and stones to sharpen them.


and a future model maybe?


This was to go on several days and it was other parts of this riding too, but Mom thought of me sitting alone so we left driving to this old village and parked at the campsite right next to it and we both took a nap.

We'll have all day tomorrow to look at the village.

All is well, Lucy is behaving, Linnea doesn't have to work as hard anymore, roadsigns are big and easier to read, roads are smooth as a,,,,,well, you know......weather is perfect...... life is good




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Torsdag 12 juli 19:31

Buttons you have to ask for the kalakukku, I heard that they are very special!!

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