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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 1 augusti 2021 14:22

As always we got up early and there were no screaming kids at the pool to make me nervous. We made some awesome friends at this camping that so graciously shared everything they had with us, so we stayed a second night.

I'm pretty sure they dedicated this chair for me.


These guys knew how to camp and cook, and I made myself available to clean and taste everything. They had my favorite drink which they also shared until Mom stopped me from having as much as I wanted.


For the first time in my life, I got to taste Filet Mignon, and that my friends are absolutely scrumptious.................Mom thought it was too good meat for me but what does she know?


They also played a game I wasn't too sure about, but it turned out not to be too noisy and Mom loved it. (because she's good at it) They were shooting on targets and It is an airgun OK



as the evening progressed and the fire roaring it was time for Mom to learn how to make smores.

marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate smooshed together. 

Sweet tooth Mom thought it was delicious, but I didn't get a taste ..................it was messy 


one guy in the party really liked fire and built it real big, which made Mom a little nervous but I wasn't worried at all. I knew these guys knew what they were doing


They didn't live too far from here so they brought lots of firewood and giant axes ..............the kind Paul Bunyan used Mom thought


The guy working here has a pet chicken named Miss Prissy.

For some reason, I didn't get to meet her close up  


A little while ago Mom got up from her seat and left PC open so I jumped up to write a few things myself, but somehow I managed to wipe out everything so she had to start all over......................I could tell it made her unhappy

Anyway, we're going to pack up our camp and continue on for new adventures.

It's cool and it looks like it's going to rain ....................boohooo 

All is well


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