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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 20 september 2011 08:26

First I want to add a picture of Aina's where we stayed the first night after leaving my friend in Kungsängen Stockholm.

It was a very cozy B&B and very reasonable priced a place I recommend.


This is a sign we saw in Stockhollm that reminds our masters to pick up after us......Dog says I'm doo ...doo .. done,and for some silly reason Mom thought that was hilarious,



At the subway station you can grab a newspaper for free, and it says you should either give it to a friend or put it back..........Swedes are very much into recycling, which of course is a very good thing.................

  After a good night sleep, and a great breakfast at Aina's we continued our drive north following the coastline. It was sunny but quite windy.

This is the Golden Gate bridge of Sweden that Mom got to see for the first time since it was a while since she visited here.......boy was it windy, almost like home where I live before it rains.

    The scenery is gorgeous around what's called "The High coast" Höga kusten, so we stopped very often to enjoy and take pictures, so often that Jan told

Mom "you keep this up we'll never get anywhere"..............so what !! who's in a hurry ?



This giant bear is a coffeeshop Mom remembered well, so of course we had to stop in for a cup of Java. I had to stay in the car but as usual I didn't complain.


Next night we rented a cabin in the woods and I was exploring many new scents.................it was awesome.



Since it's so late in the season,there was nobody in the reception when we got there, but there was an envelope with keys, and a note that said to choose a cabin, sleep well and pay in the morning ...... How about that ?????



We stopped in a city called Örnsköldsvik and there was a market where they sold fresh lingonberries and mushrooms that are called the gold of the forest. There's a skijumping tower where they land almost in centrum of the city.

Mom's is running down memory lane.................whole bunch of stories..........I slept through most.................


We finally arrived in Mom's puppytown and to her classmate from school.

She and her husband lives in a gorgeous house, and we`re sleeping in their trailer. I'm allowed to run around loose,and it's so much to explore.  First thing I did was chasing the neighbor cat that took off in lightning speed and disappeared ? I searched and searched but she was gone ? Than a found a big pile of sawdust to dig in..........that was fun until Mom caught me. I was wet from the grass so the sawdust stuck to my hair and made a great mess...........so I guess you can all figure out what happened next............

  This house is absolutley gorgeous, should be in a decorators magazine.



    they Humans are eating the fermented fish, that's so popular here in the north of Sweden. We're sitting in the little cabin because the smell isn't all that pleasant,(they say????????? I liked it, but didn't get a taste ?)   Had to travel all the way to Sweden to ride in a vette.........  

 These leaves are made of concrete on ruhbarb leaves. Moms friend is extremely talented and artistic

I have so much more to tell, but now the breakfast is on the table, and that's something I don't want to miss, so see you later everybody................hugs and wet kisses



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