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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 29 juli 2015 11:30

Next town we stopped at named KIVIK  is known for the beauty of its cottages & for the abundant production of herring, apples and apple cider, but also for it's  fleemarket that used to have 100 000 visitors and 1000 sellers.

It's a yearly tradition and supposedly started in the 1800 with the trade of salted herring to buy and sell to Southeern Europe. 



It's a very quaint town, with a population about 960 permanent inhabitants, but during tourist season it becomes crowded with boaters, and here's a gorgeous well kept wooden boat



This town is also covered with cobblestones, and luckily I got to walk on my own istead of shaking in my wagon..........


As usual Mom admire all the flowers everywhere 




Fritiof Nilsson Piraten, born 1895 -1972..................according to Mom, there is not a Swede born who didn't read his books 

Educated as a lawyer he left a successful practice in 1932 to write, and that same year published his debut, "Bombi Bitt och jag" ("Bombi Bitt and me"), a  Tom Sawyer-like story of sorts. Bombi Bitt is what he is most remembered for, it was made into both a movie in 1936, and a TV-series 1968, the series starring Stellan Skarsgård of present Hollywood-fame in the lead role as Bombi Bitt, with Piraten himself as the narrator. Piraten went on to write two more books about Bombi Bitt, one in 1946 and one in 1974. Most of his books are collections of bucolic anecdotes about eccentric people in this province, such as his novel, Bock i örtagård ("Buck in herbal garden", 1933), about an illiterate horse-dealer and squire who bullies his way into a church-wardenship to win a bet. A movie was released 1958 based on this novel. A later novel, ("The book-dealer who ceased bathing", 1937) is a deeply tragic story, dotted with occasional comic situations, about a too-sensitive man falling in love with a woman and marrying her before he realizes who she really is, and the disasters that follow. 1969 a movie came out based on this novel. Most of his books are considered to fit well in the tall tale category.

He himself added "Piraten"to his name to  distinguish him from another Nilsson




I met this guy who's supposedly the same breed as me......................Mom couldn't stop looking at those socks tough ..............




this two houses connected with a greenhouse looked dreamy said Mom,but she wouldn't have chosen to paint it blue and yellow................




Not sure this  young kid knows what thee leaf on his hat is,  Mom thinks ..............for real ? really ???




A tourist from Germany was driving this Rolls Royce, and according to him this is 1 of only 4 of this model left ..........wow



The weather is still very unreliable, but luckily there has been enough sun so we could go for a long nice bikeride, in the town we're in now. 

We're parked between some real big guys, in a town called SIMRISHAMN. There's going to be a jazz festival here, so Mom said we can hang out here a little longer...............and that's fine with me



We have been driving a lot from North to South and Easst and West..............so just hanging in the same place for a while is Ok ............Denmark is still a possibility says Mom 

so far about 3265 miles..........



This town is also a port where a lot of  sailors, and we're parked close to the water, which means lots of these noisy birds. You should hear them walking on the roof of Lucy.................definitley no pussyfooting...........


This ship is in port and I'm wondering if it takes courage to have 602 sins ? or what it's supposed to mean ?




Now it's sunny again, and I've been waiting long enough for my walk,so we better hurry up to go outside before more rain...............



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