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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 12 augusti 2015 07:26

So we are parked at a marina again, this time in a small town called HÖGANÄS located on the west coast south of Gothenburg. Yesterday morning I woke up in a parking lot by a gas station. A horrrible rainstorm, thunder and lightning startd around 3 am. I was terrified, so Mom and I stayed in bed until 1 pm when the sun came out again.


Now we continued to a city named LUND, mom wanted to check out a church that had scared her so as a puppy. (Her parents took her to a lot of churches as a puppy ) and something very traumatic happened here, not in the church tough..................Mom lost Lucy !!!.........I was lucky to be in my wagon, but I heard Moms hartbeat and huffing as she anxiously walked the streeets looking for Lucy, thinking about the parking ticket she'll surley have since now we're way over the time limit. More than an hour later, there she was .............and no ticket...........puuhh


So the Lund cathedral is a huge "clump" overtowering everything in a town with no other tall buildings...........


As most of the Swedish churches, this one is also built a long time ago.....1085 is one date, but it's not exact...........

In 1234 the church suffered an extensive fire. When the church was rebuilt a lecture wall, new vaults and a new facade to the west were added. Many valuable artistic additions were done to the church in mediaeval times. In the 1370s, magnificent gothic choir stalls where installed in the church, and in 1398 a gothic, cupboard-shaped wooden altarpiece was placed in the main chapel. An astronomical clock was installed in the navee around 1424 and renovated many times.

The clock is quite interesting, it was was constructed c. 1380. After having been in storage since 1837, it was restored and put back in place in 1923.

On top of the clock there are two knights that mark the hours. The upper board of the clock is the astronomical clock. It shows, among other things, the different phases of the Moon and where the Sun sets.

The lower board of the clock is a calendar. With the help of it one can, among other things, calculate when different mobile religious holidays will fall, and on which weekday a certain date will fall. In the middle of the calendar stands Saint Lawrence, the Patron saint of the Cathedral, and by his side the Symbols of the four evangelists. The present board of the clock goes from 1923 to 2123, after which a new one will be needed so that the clock can still be used.



The cathedral's towers stand 55 meters high and are, with their pyramidical roofs, a landmark on the skyline of Lund and clearly visible from the surrounding wide plain. The towers are not open to the general public. The oldest church bell was made in 1513.


This is how I'm incongnito when I need to get into places I'm not allowed, I keep quiet and can still see what's going on to the sides  


under th church was the crypt, The crypt has remained largely untouched , and this was a scary place Mom thought as a pup.

The crypt's main altar is the oldest altar in the church and was consecrated on 30 June 1123 by archbishop Asser, it contain many sarcophagi, chests and grave slabs..............which could be spooky when you're little............


According to the Swedish tradition, when the man (a monk) returned and said the name, Jätten Finn became angry and wrapped his arms around a pillar in order to pull it out and destroy the cathedral. But at that moment he was turned into stone, and that is why there is a stone man hugging a pillar in this day. Another theory is that the carving represents the biblical figure Samson, who sacrificed himself by toppling the pillars of a Philistine temple.


not sure what gruesome story it is behind this statue 


The choir area is occupied by some finely carved and decorated wooden seats known as choir stalls, where the clergy sit, stand or kneel during services. The armrests to these chairs are carved wooden figures bending over crawling.................. and the purpose ???


Enough of these dark gloomy church buildings, out on the streets it's warm and sunny..........well, maybe not for all.............this has become a very common sight in Sweden. It's mostly poor Romanians begging for money. Most of them don't play an instrument, they just sit. Many Swedes claims it's organized criminals forcing them to, but so far there's no proof of that..........


At the The town square there was chantarellen,(yummi  says Mom ) vegetables and flowers to buy


When Mom finally found Lucy, we left town driving North, and ended up sitting in traffic for hours, (accident ) some drivers shouted out for Mom to put on coffee, since we weren't going anywhere.........

we could have...............but she didn't......



the country side is all farmland, and it's pretty .........


This marina is so close to the city we can walk,and there's a pub, andrestaurants here, so we might stay  for another night.............

Mom has a book she wants to finish, and I .................well, there's always time for a nap......




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12 augusti 2015 09:59

I gamla Svedala igen.. tips åk till Sularpsfarmen , ligger i Lundtrakten, och hälsafrån Lotta:=)

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12 augusti 2015 09:59

I gamla Svedala igen.. tips åk till Sularpsfarmen , ligger i Lundtrakten, och hälsafrån Lotta:=)



12 augusti 2015 19:52

När ni var i Lund var ni bara ca 2 mil ifrån mig, så nära!
Igår regnade det som tusan på förmiddagen.



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