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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 2 augusti 2016 08:44

Finally, a decent connection so Mom can update my story. At the site we were allocated, there was no WiFi worth using, but we drove to the gate of the campsite and hopefully this will work long enough.

So now, let me tell you about the last town we visited.

Lübeck is a medieval city in Northern Germany, and one of the major ports of Germany, and because of its extensive Brick Gothic architecture is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. In 2015, it had a population of 218,523.

It's also the city where marzipan comes from, thinking princess cake ?


The old part of Lübeck is on an island enclosed by the Trave. The Elbe–Lübeck Canal connects the Trave with the Elbe River. Another important river near the town center is the Wakenitz. The Autobahn 1 connects Lübeck with Hamburg and Denmark. Today Mom is talking about taking the ferry over to Denmark, she's a little tired of the non-English speaking Germans, and also trying to remember all the words she learned in school 50 -60 years ago ..........................I'm going to get it for that one ;-)




one of the streets was bubbling of water ? don't they think the water from above is enough ? because the day started out sunny, but as soon as we got on the bike it started to rain ........typical 



Though considerably hit by bombs in WW2 , most of the old city survived. The city centre still has its medieval skyline mainly composed of seven gothic-style church towers. It is surrounded by parts of the old city walls with two of originally four city gates left intact. Most notable is the Holsten Gate which was the motif on the German banknote of 50 Marks until a redesign following German reunification in 1990.


Lübeck was historically an independent city state and came to considerable wealth as the capital of the Hanseatic League from the 11th to the 17th century. Many merchants made a fortune on shipping salt to other Baltic port cities in exchange for valuable goods needed in Germany. Many impressive warehouses are located at the old harbor and can be accessed by tourists as they host museums, shops, restaurants or pubs today. Lots of narrow cobblestone streets and I'm sure no German women ever wear high heels.

Mom was kind enough to walk the bike on these so I didn't shake around too much in my basket.




For a little while we sat down to people watch, and Mom is shooting secret pictures. I think the pink hair lady noticed, but luckily she didn't say anything. 




After sea trade substantially shifted away from the Baltic Sea to the Atlantic in the 17th century, Lübeck was slowly marginalized as a trading city against the north sea ports of Bremen and especially Hamburg. This led gradually to a noticeable decay in wealth and eventually inspired contemporaneous writers to draw a resigned picture of the cities' residents, most famously read in the novel Buddenbrooks by Thomas Mann who earned the Nobel Prize for it in 1929.

After World War II, the city was ultimately marginalized due to the nearby iron curtain which impeded access to many trading partners in the eastern Baltic and even cut off two minor urban districts of the city itself. Despite efforts to boost commerce in the Baltic region, the city is still struggling from that time with a fragile economy that leads to a comparably deteriorated infrastructure outside the touristic city center. That was very noticeable as we biked back to Lucy who was parked at a bowling alley outside the city.

Almost all Germans still smoke, it's almost impossible to get away from, and I see many roll their own tobacco or smoke pipes.



at the town square there was a market with all kinds of stuff. Mom bought a piece of cheese and a small sausage.



these little "cakes" are soaps ? 


this lady are selling pebbles in a net as a bracelet ? and an old fashioned market with brushes 


This shop made Mom hungry, so we decided to find a place for lunch. Mom ordered a chicken quesadilla and it looked nothing like the ones she's used to, but it was very tasty (yes I did get several tastes)



In the ladies room there was a tooth brush dispenser ??




between the rain showers we stopped and listened to some street performers. This guy was chanting or I guess he would have called it singing, in this metal thing ? He was good at the accordion though. 


here's a different group performing, and this was more Mom's taste of music. The guy has a great voice. Please listen to him as he sings La Vie en Rose.


After Lubeck, we drove to the coast of the Baltic sea, where I got to run on the beach 

Mom had this for lunch and spent many hours reading and doing crossword puzzles.



That's all for now folks.................................Denmark next.






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