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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 21 juni 2017 19:38

Last night we didn't find a campsite so we pulled over and slept at a parking space by a ski chalet. So did several others, so we felt safe. The view all around us was magnificent.


I had a visitor who came to see me, her name was Lilly (made me think of my cat, hope she's ok without me) and she walked right in and ate my food and drank my water. I thought that was pretty forward of her, but I didn't care as long as she didn't go into the closet where my treats were. 


When we crossed the border into Italy Mom finally got around to buy that reflecting safety vest which is the law here just as a triangle is, which we have. Not a bad idea


In the evening dark clouds came rolling in fast, and it turned into a horrible thunder shower according to me. Mom loved it, as long as it's only at night she's fine with it. Needless to say, I was terrified so I kept mom awake by pacing all over her. Finally, I was put down on the floor where I felt safer under the table, but I made sure she knew when the thunder stopped so she wakes up and lift me up in bed again. I have not learned to climb the ladder and nor do I want to, it's easier to demand Mom to pick me up.


Our plans about heading to Venice first thing in the morning changed when Lilly's dad told Mom about a route not to miss while there..........it's only a 60-mile loop.......she fell for it and off we went.

We passed several very fancy ski lodges, but I can't even imagine driving on these roads in the winter.


We stopped at a gorgeous village and went for a walk, still very early. Cortina if I remember correctly


Here you can rent electric bikes, which Mom thought of as a great idea since she wouldn't dream about biking anywhere on these mountains. 


Lucy is doing an excellent job, working hard without demanding a drop of extra oil, but Alice, that's a different story.

The only reason she's still with us is that Mom had to keep both hands steering on this terrifying road she brought us on.

I tried to defend her because of another tunnel but she's supposed to come right back when we get out. This time she made herself dizzy trying to speak Italian road names without knowing the language. No matter which way we turned she told Mom to make a U-turn, and I can't repeat the words from Moms' mouth, it wasn't pretty, but neither is U-turns on these roads says, Mom.

Mom thought once again, turn her off and go with her built in radar she always brags about, and boy was she about to regret that.

We ended up onThe San Pellegrino pass which is a mountain pass in the Dolomites, a place at 1,918 m 6 292 ft.

There was a lot of totally crazy (according to Mom)cyclists training here on these steep hills. I wonder how they do it down hill ?

We stopped several times to give Lucy a rest. Despite driving in a low gear her brakes started to give off a peculiar scent.


Of course, there's no-one around to ask either, and even if it were Mom's does not speak Italian, and English is not very common here............so we just kept on ............. Mom driving and since I couldn't do much to help,I napped.

Another village, and we stopped by a church to once again give Lucy a rest. Mom said if she was into that church stuff she would have gone in to pray...........................do it I said, can't hurt.......


Instead she grabbed the map and managed to locate our exact position, and she told Alice to take us to one village at the time. It worked, guess she couldn't handle too much information by giving her a final destination.

we are supposed to be down there................you see the road?


we got there and finally we got a sign.........................Hallelujaaaa


Then I heard Mom say something I never ever thought she'll say.......................a tunnel !!!!   Yaaay............she always hated them, but I suppose it's less scary than the alternative of driving over the mountain

Alice redeemed herself by safely taking us to the campsite in Venice, which Mom thought was overly expensive, but the old saying "you get what you pay for" is true. This place is great.


As soon as we got everything in order Mom popped a German beer. She looked in the shop but couldn't see anything but wine, and figured it'll be an insult to ask for a beer in Italy.......................................... what I was wondering about is since when does she care about who she'll insult ..................oops ..........maybe I'll be sleeping under the table again?

Tomorrow we'll be going into town, we can't bike or drive there, so we'll be taking a bus, hope we get the correct timetable this time.

good night all


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