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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 5 juni 2017 08:36

It seems like my travel story is having a problem getting started, Mom says it’s because we are still parked at the same place doing nothing, but I say she should let me be the judge of that.

We’re still at Lotta's place and I have no complaints about that. Selma is not Lilly but at least she’s not hissing at me like Morre does. Maybe Morre doesn’t like me because I steal his food any chance I get.

His Mom thinks it’s OK since he never cleans his plate like I do.

One day we went for a walk in the woods to collect pine tree shoots. Lotta was going to make a syrup of it? She also collects nestles to make pesto and soups. Lotta knows that you can buy all this stuff at the store and it’s not like she’s too poor to buy it, she just likes doing this stuff, and as a matter or fact Mom loved the pesto (syrup isn’t done yet) and asked for a jar to have in Lucy for later.

I never had the honor to taste it, and Mom says it’s because it’s garlic in it and supposedly that’s not good for me.


There’s a meatball farm next door and there are so many puppies there and I bet the little ones makes gourmet balls. I’m only allowed to look at them from the car window for some stupid reason. Mom says we can get in big big trouble if any of them would get hurt because they are very expensive race horses. I don’t understand how she expects me to hurt them? but it's no point to argue my case I know I'll loose this time




One day Mom was helping Lotta to put up a curtain, and Lotta had a box with screws and nails, which she dropped on top of the stairs. That noise put an abrupt end to my nap and Mom was happy to sort and organize it all.


The reason we aren’t on the road yet is that some problems with the little plastic card Mom uses to pay for stuff are messed up, so we have to wait for the mailman to deliver a new one.

Every year Mom and Lotta goes to Blankaholm bed and breakfast to eat the most amazing potato pancakes served with lingonberries and bacon. The owners are friends and the man an artist who makes gorgeous stuff of wood. We looked at his gallery and if Mom was rich she would have bought this one.


I could easily have made friends with this kitty if I only was given a little more time. She never introduced herself so I don’t know her name but I could tell she was smitten by me. The tall grass was infested with ticks which grossed Mom out and luckily my doc Grigsby had put me on the pill to prevent them from sucking my blood.


Driving home this bird came running over the road and kept on running into the field so we got a good look.It was a pheasant. Beautiful bird that’s also good cooked Mom says………..I didn’t know she had such cruel thoughts inside her.


it has been raining all night and Mom finds the raindrop noise on the roof soothing and says it’s OK if it rains every night as long as the sun is shining during the day. I’m not quite as comfortable with the smattering but I’m a lot better than I used to be.

Sun is on it’s way up now, and it looks like it’s going to be a gorgeous day with clear blue sky. Temperature has not been over 70 yet, and up north in Moms puppy town they still have frost at night, and a little further up it snowed………………..we're not going there yet.

All is well.





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