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Av EvaLena Hallgren - Lördag 16 juni 06:58

Early rise as usual and watching the sunrise over the river Vltava.............nope, that's not a misspelling.



 Remeber yesterday when Mom said, "we're driving straight to Prague on highways"? well, she tried to change that when she saw this flea market it was like ooooohh we must stop here,  but I put my paw down and ............she gave in



Driving in Poland has some challenges, especially since it's impossible to read the signs. This sign warns you that it's something scary ahead? but what?  time will tell I suppose...........we saw nothing scary?




Like I said trying to figure out which town to match up with the English version of this...............I'm telling you, being a copilot is not an easy task, so forget about it, just wing it Mom says. ok, you wing it, meanwhile, I'll take a nap



This sign I'm pretty sure is telling us we're leaving Poland and entering the Czech Republic. The road immediately got wider and smoother.




The language didn't change much though. No idea what this says, but maybe it's a prison because a man behind those bars in the window kept shouting at us while we had stopped so I could relieve myself.




We got new money again, and 100 of these are $4.50 so from the gas pumps in Poland reading 5.50 to now 130 a litre it seems very expensive.

Mom thought all of Europe were using Euros, but apparently not. In most countries, you can use both, but we think the exchange rate is better with their own currency, and it feels rich having thousands in your wallet says, Mom. I pointed out all the warning signs about pickpockets..........so that's your job to watch out for them she says.......ok good.




at another one of my weewee stops we met a stray dog, he didn't want to say hello, and Mom was happy about that but gave him an entire package of bacon she didn't intend to eat anyway............he wolfed that down in 2 seconds and came and asked for more. Before saying goodbye I shared some of my pellets too.



I know for sure that sign means NO stopping, what are you doing Mom. She had seen something she absolutely had to take a picture of ......


after about a five hour drive we finally arrived in Prague and the big city traffic.




we arrived at a campsite about 4pm and the meanest most vicious cat I ever met lived there, she had no interest in making friends.



the camp is right on the river so we have a great view of the tourist boats passing by, maybe that's worth doing tomorrow? I ask. A swan couple with babies swam by............this place is really pretty.





At the reception there were gorgeous roses that have a great scent Mom says.............ha that's nothing you should smell this light pole I say, much more interesting and is telling a story, does your rose do that




Mom left her calling card at the little waterfall.



OK, so it's almost 8 AM and today we will go into the city and explore all the sights............I will tell you all about it tonight if Mom isn't too tired from pushing me in my carriage.


see you later






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