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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 5 augusti 2013 08:19

yesterday was another day I had to watch Adrienne for a few hours again. I’m telling you if this keeps up, I’m going to demand a bigger salary, the one lousy little treat I get isn’t enough anymore. I’ll have to put my paw down for sure. Other than that I really do enjoy this kind of living, new places and new scents almost every day, and I have excellent view from my bed................
Another job of mine is to get everyone out of bed.......................
so much work demands plenty of naps, but don’t be fooled I’m up and alert in a second if need be
we are now camping at the foot of a world famous ski jumping place in Falun.They’re fixing it up to get ready for the WorldChampion-games this winter. Mom told me she has been up in a tower like that, and carefully climbed down. She told me once up there you can’t see the ground where you’re supposed to land........the jumpers must have ice in their bellies for sure
This entire town is built around a very old mine.For well over a thousand years, ore has been extracted from Falun Mine. The start of the mining can be securely dated to the eight century, and there are indications that the mine may be even older. According to one legend, it was a Billy goat that found the ore deposits.
The oldest documents about the mine are from 1288 and 1347.
this mine produced mostly copper and in 1650 the mine yielded over 3000 tons of crude copper.
In 1992 mining ceased, but the pigment for the red paint that is so common in Sweden is still extracted. The paint also function as a wood preserve.
inside the mine it was chilly and 600 + steps down Mom started to feel claustrophobic but managed to keep calm....................( I should have been with her)
Birgitta also looked worried.................
The Billy goat is the town mascot, and shows up everywhere
after a strenuous walk in the mine there was a well deserved “fika” and a train ride around the edge of the mine
There’s a lot of legends about the mine, and one of them is about  Fat Mats, ( so nicknamed because he was tall and strong, not fat) who disappeared in to the mine and his body was found 42 years later completely preserved by the water in the mine. He was displayed in a glass case for years, and became a great tourist attraction.................but eventually he decomposed and is now buried in a regular grave.
If anyone is interested in reading more about this mine, here’s the link http://www.falugruva.se/en/?gclid=CN6oyr7k5bgCFfF2cAodcXgALw
 When Mom got back she praised me for a job well done watching Adrienne, and after a walk and showers we all rested outside .....................weather still gorgeous.  
in a few minutes we'll be ready to pack up and continue the road trip.................I've heard something about yarn shopping again ....................  
Thank You Falun for a greaat visit............................see ya again one day
Wet kisses to you all


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