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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 18 juni 2016 07:30

So we arrived in Moms puppy town, and we're parked at her cousin house. The first day was a gorgeous day sunny and warm, but that was it. Now it's been raining 24 hours 2 days in a row, and let me tell you, that makes Mom a pain in the a$$. Grumpy as hell laying around reading and napping. Not that I have a problem about napping, but too much of it is pretty boring. 


This is the view from our window now, and if sunny it would have been ok



Before we left the other place Mom watched a little chick being born. For some reason, I didn't get introduced to it, and I don't understand why ???  so Mom reminded me of that time I bit the little gerbil at Karens house so he squealed. Well, how am I supposed to know the difference between a squeaky toy and a real mouse ? .............exactly why there was no introduction Mom said.



 Another bird that has babies is this state's bird, a Curlew which has a very distinct whistling sound that can't be confused with any other bird.

I don't know exactly where the nest is, and I'm not allowed to look for it either, but I do know it's somewhere on the ground close by.



the baby has ventured out and Mom got a picture through Lucy's window. As soon as she walked outside to get a better look, the baby's Mom called her home. Looks like it has face on the neck ?




There are several meatball factories close by here too, and I've been trying to sneak off, but Mom is watching me like a hawk.




The wildflowers are gorgeous, and in a week it's midsummer and all the girls will be picking 7 different kinds, to place under the pillow to make them dream about a future mate....




Yesterday morning Mom finally tried out the on top of the stove oven. She made bread that came out pretty good 




It's Saturday morning, and as of now it's not raining, but still no sun. I've heard a rumor that dinner today will be that smelly fermented fish the Northerners like so much ?

I wish I could paste the smell here, you'll be in shock and not believe anyone would eat something so foul smelling............

Mom just got a phone call that made her all excited................but it's still a secret


all is well

kisses Buttons 


PS. Mom bought a thing with a fan to put the laptop on, and so far it seems to work OK






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