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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 9 juli 2020 13:09

Mom early bird dragged me out for a morning leak but I refused to go on her command because I wanted to sleep at least another hour and I told her if she would too she wouldn't get so tired while driving. As usual, there's no talking to her

She made her coffee and while she waits for the caffeine to kick in I'm napping.

Yesterday was a very exciting day, we were at Mammoth Cave National Park, which is an American national park in central Kentucky, it's the longest cave system known in the world. The park was established as a national park on July 1, 1941,and a World Heritage Site on October 27, 1981


This was the cave Mom had in mind, but "no dogs allowed even if I sit in the backpack" The person that said it was ok when Mom called isn't there any more...............what's the odds of that happening? Like I said before"you have to call several times to confirm the dog rules with more than one person.

Still, we lucked out and found a privately owned cave called Crystal Onyx cave (there are two with the same name) who had no problems about me coming along as long as I stayed in the backpack. Even the aliens have to wear a mask here


There was a lot of great sculptures on the property made from metal scrap


and some big ass bugs............luckily they do not bite and Mom didn't freak


we had a guide named Shawn that walked us down into a cave and it was a very nice and cool place...............but woooha Mom, are we really going down those stairs? that looks steep and I'm going to get heavier on the way up...........

Mom is a stubborn animal so down we went


I had the best view and didn't have to take one step


Shawn was a great guide and very passionate about his cave and he named many of the shapes we saw..........like this is a wedding cake..........pretty, but a little hard to digest though


this is Bullwinkle a moose, and yeah I can see that too


when we got to the end of the cave, we all sat down and Shawn told us a spooky story and then turn the lights out.........THAT scared me so much Mom felt me shaking, good thing it didn't last long. The darkness was darker than I could even imagine. I couldn't see my own paws????


at one place it was so tight and ceiling so low I felt Mom getting a tad worried too, and a much larger man in our group just about managed to squeeze through.


This looks like a giant jellyfish said, everybody................Whatever that is ? 


we did get out of the cave and back to the scorching heat of 92F (33C)...........we're both hoping for it to cool and that's why Mom wants to get up the mountains faster so we're doing a lot of driving every day. Who knew this country is so big??

So far we made it through 

South Carolina
North Carolina

we just about missed Indiana and the next state will be Iowa. At the moment we are in a town named Mt.Vernon which is south of St.Louis a big city Missouri state. Mom has been there before and we're skipping ALL big cities on this trip.

We had great big rainfall that made the temperature to drop to 75F (23C) Unfortunately that didn't last.


It's now 7.05 AM and MOm is ready to get back on the road.................I'm not but luckily I don't have to navigate today, there are people in a button by the rearview mirror that always knows exactly where we are and tells Mom where to turn.

she's also listening to the book "The Giver of Stars" which is a great story and fits in perfectly with the scenery around us at the moment.

wet kisses to y'all 

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