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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 15 juli 2020 16:04

Yesterday .................early morning as usual and this fella was having his breakfast munching away on the green grass


first stop today was Devils Tower It is a butte, possibly laccolithic, composed of igneous rock in northeastern Wyoming, above the Belle Fourche River. It rises 1,267 feet (386 m) above the Belle Fourche River, standing 867 feet (265 m) from the summit to base. The summit is 5,112 feet (1,559 m) above sea level.




Devils Tower was the first United States national monument, established on September 24, 1906, by President Theodore Roosevelt The monument's boundary encloses an area of 1,347 acres (545 ha).
The Tower is sacred to several Plains tribes, including the Lakota, Cheyenne, and Kiowa. Because of this, many Native American leaders objected to climbers ascending the monument, considering this to be a desecration. The climbers argued that they had a right to climb the Tower since it is on federal land. A compromise was eventually reached with a voluntary climbing ban during the month of June when the tribes are conducting ceremonies around the monument.

There are many great legends regarding the tower and the unusual looking columns that bear a striking resemblance to claw marks. It’s no surprise that both the stories, from the Lakota Sioux and the Kiowa, involve a similar narrative. In the Lakota Sioux legend, six girls were out picking flowers when they were attacked and chased by bears. The Great Spirit felt bad for them and raised the ground beneath their feet. The bears gave chase and attempted to climb the newly formed tower, but they couldn’t get to the top. The bears fell off, clawing the sides of the monolith.


Deer gracing here too


Continuing Northwest we were driving the Warrior Trail Highway 212 and it's miles and miles of hills and tall grass. We are on a prairie and can't help thinking of the Pioneers and their wagons, how they must have struggled


We are comfortable but it's nothing but grassy hills as far as we can see. Mom is getting sleepy and needed to stop for a minute and we found a store that supposedly was located on Custer's last camp. The owner was friendly and had many stories to tell. Mom got ice for our bucket and then we went for a walk.


the ATM machine looks out of place here


The Battle of the Little Bighorn, known to the Lakota and other Plains Indians as the Battle of the Greasy Grass and also commonly referred to as Custer's Last Stand, was an armed engagement between combined forces of the Lakota, Northern Cheyenne, and Arapaho tribes and the 7th Cavalry Regiment of the United States Army. The battle, which resulted in the defeat of U.S forces, was the most significant action of the Great Sioux War of 1876. It took place on June 25–26, 1876, along the Little Bighorn River in the Crow Indian Reservation in southeastern Montana Territory.


there was no dogs allowed here either? It is sacred ground ................sooo god doesn't like dogs huh?

The fight was an overwhelming victory for the Lakota, Northern Cheyenne, and Arapaho, who were led by several major war leaders, including Crazy Horse and Chief Gall, and had been inspired by the visions of Sitting Bull. The U.S 7th Cavalry, a force of 700 men, suffered a major defeat while under the command of Lieutenant Colonel George Armstrong Custer. Five of the 7th Cavalry's twelve companies were annihilated and Custer was killed, as were two of his brothers, a nephew, and a brother-in-law. The total U.S casualty count included 268 dead and 55 severely wounded (six died later from their wounds)


we continue west and an occasional bar pops up in the middle of nowhere.................


there were millions....no billions of grasshoppers here......................


more saloons


we are now in a town named Billing, and Mom can't decide what way to go?  we can make the loop north to Missoula and then loop back to Yellowstone, or ???

I don't get involved in the navigation Mom will go wherever she thinks there's something interesting to see, and I'm fine with that. That's why I'm the best travel companion Mom says


  Getting ready to continue our adventure...............see ya in the morning

  sloppy kisses for ya'll



15 juli 2020 17:15

Vad fint med alla djur och vilken spännande klippformation!


EvaLena Hallgren

16 juli 2020 04:39

Thank You Nu gjorde du mig glad

Ingen bild

Lena I England

15 juli 2020 20:51

He på er
What a great trip you are on. So interesting to read about it all. The owner of the shop looked a hit scary. Looking forward to see what happens to you tomorrow. Enjoy och kram till er båda

EvaLena Hallgren

16 juli 2020 04:38

oh yes, Lena, we love every second of it and now I'm at the best part of the trip so glad you let me know you're watching over us

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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 9 augusti 2020 19:52

we have been home for NINE DAYS!!!!! and I, have told Mom several times that I wanted to finish my story but she's been busy cleaning, gardening and stuff that SHE thinks important, so what can I do other than wait patiently like I always do.   S...

Av EvaLena Hallgren - 30 juli 2020 12:43

We slept quite well at Clines corner and had a great breakfast before continuing on to Texas         Both I and my Mom have come to the conclusion Texas has nothing to offer us. I can't stand the grass because every time I walk on it some ve...

Av EvaLena Hallgren - 28 juli 2020 15:28

Good Morning from Clines Corner where we spent the night. It has been raining all night and from what I can see it looks like it will continue all day too. I don't mind the rain at night it's kind of soothing to listen to, but it sure puts a damper o...

Av EvaLena Hallgren - 27 juli 2020 12:27

Before heading to New Mexico Mom decide we had visit "The Garden of Gods" in Colorado Springs.....so I wondered is it time for repentance Mom? she responded that if anyone should repent it was me for chewing her cord............ooops we're still on t...

Av EvaLena Hallgren - 25 juli 2020 15:46

so in order to catch up to where we are now, I got Mom to keep on writing after her coffee and my whizz  This is why I'm on the shitlist for awhile .............................hmmm I thought mom was over it already?  I've been chewing on the str...








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