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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 14 juli 2022 08:55

Goodbye Bremen and goodbye Germany 


Hello Holland and a slower pace is appreciated


Drawbridges are everywhere here and it's nice to stop and watch 


Dutch foam slippers anyone? 

Mom had set direction to a town called Venice of the North, actually, there are a few places called that ..... Stockholm for instance, but this particular town Mom wanted to revisit to make sure it's still as gorgeous as she remembered it.

( Especially how she remembers stuff lately)

We managed to get a spot in the marina, which was very lucky because this is a crowded tourist area.


Dutch village without roads
Giethoorn village has no roads in the center. So of course, no roads mean also no cars. Visitors and residents of Giethoorn village need to park their cars outside the village at special car parks.

You can rent whisper boats which are electric and quiet

Mom says she doesn't know how to drive a boat and after standing around looking at other drivers and the crowd we both decided it wasn't safe for us. It looked like bumper cars but boats


There were lots of choices of restaurants and cafes so we stopped for a beer and mussels, and yes I did get a taste of both. Mom really enjoyed the mussels so I didn't get much


Mom finally decided to get on the bigger boat for a ride, which we both though was boring


Giethoorn village contains hand-dug canals and all small islands which are interconnected by 176 bridges to the mainland. In fact, on all these islands, there are houses (farmhouses) which are built in the 18th and 19th centuries. A walking/cycling path named: 'Binnenpad' runs right through this area. 

So Mom decided let's get up real early before all tourists and ride this path...........which we did


All these roof thatched houses in the Venice of the North are often surrounded by deep green well-kept lawns with beautiful flowering hydrangeas. So, in combination with the many waterways with rows of weeping willows along the canals and the 176 bridges, you easily imagine yourself in a fairy tale.


I suppose it's garbage pickup on Fridays.............I have never seen a garbage boat?

 The village was created 800 years ago by manually searching for peat. In fact, the locals at that time dug by hand and created a complete channel system. In conclusion, with all this digging all islands were created. How cool to have your own moat around your house. No gators in these waters and it's only about 1 meter deep.


Thatching is the oldest form of roofing, it has been around for 10,000 years and it still exists and is still used on many buildings today, from commercial through to residential.

Thatch is a natural insulator that will keep your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter which will save you money on heating bills.
Thatch is also a sustainable resource making it extremely environmentally friendly; harvesting the thatch is also economically friendly too!
No matter what size or shape your roof is, thatch is a flexible, soft material that can be shaped on any roof. Cool designs and patterns can also be formed at the ridge and the edges, so they can be customized to your taste.

About 100-200 years ago there was poverty in Giethoorn. so, if you had little money at the time you had your house covered with reeds. In fact, it's the other way around now. In other words, placing roof tiles on a house is now cheaper than having it covered with thatch. However, residents of Giethoorn village are happy to stick to the tradition of the roof thatched houses. Therefore, they renew their roofs every 40 years.

This is a very interesting tree? no clue what it is? 


Mom was in total awe at these gorgeous gardens, the hydrangeas are huge, and roses were everywhere..........


How did the Wall Street bull end up here? 


We both thought it was a great idea to get up early to sightsee we only met a few residents walking their dogs, usually without a leash. This is my kind of town 

Mom was told she can bring me to the supermarket too??  That'll be interesting I have never been to one.

It's already 9.30 am and time to pack up and continue on to the next amazing place, wherever that'll be? 


It has finally got warm now, but still rather cool at night which is the greatest.

Life is great 

wet kisses 


Av EvaLena Hallgren - 12 juli 2022 08:01

we're waking up at a campsite in Bremen a city that ranks among the largest cities in Germany. Its population growth since the 19th century has been linked closely with its economic development. WWII saw a decline in the war-torn city’s population, but it rose sharply with the extensive postwar reconstruction. The vast majority of Bremen’s citizens are Protestants

Since almost all large cities in Europe have green zones in the inner city we always have to find a spot on the outside and this park is close enough that we could ride the bike into the center.

I love sitting n the basket looking at the world go by while Mom pedals as hard as she can.

There are plenty of bike paths but they are on the road and bicyclists go fast, very fast crossing roads without looking it seems. Mom got worried and got off the bike at several intersections to walk safely but we got screamed at a few times for not doing it correctly.................Mom shouted back in Swedish 



Close to camp is a huge park where you easily can get lost because there are roads going in all directions and no signs of where you are.

This is the Universum of Bremen, In our opinion the strangest looking building we have ever seen. It looks like a beached whale, it would have been interesting to go inside but "no dogs" allowed sign stopped that idea.


Continuing on we finally reached the city marketplace with amazing buildings all around, 

The City Hall is the seat of the President of the Senate and Mayor of the free Hanseatic city. It is one of the most important examples of brick Gothic and Weser Renaissance architecture in Europe. Since 1973, it has been a protected historical building. In July 2004, along with the Bremen Roland statue, the building was added to the list of UNESCO world heritage sites.

The statue of Roland was erected in 1404. It is facing the cathedral and shows Roland, paladin of the first Holy Roman Emperor and hero of the Battle of Roncevaux Pass. Roland is shown as the protector of the city: his legendary sword known as Durendal is unsheathed, and his shield is emblazoned with the two-headed Imperial eagle 


This fountain is called Neptunbrunnen.........The group of figures in the fountain shows various figures from Roman and Greek mythology In the middle is the sea god Neptun (or Poseidon in Greek), who rides over the waves on his chariot pulled by two horses and raises his trident. The chariot itself is indicated by a block of granite rising above the fountains  only Poseidon himself and the team of horses are sculpted in bronze, the two horses spray water from their nostrils from time to time.





The Schutting, situated on the market square, initially served the city's merchants and tradesmen as a guild house In 1849, it became Bremen's chamber of commerce. Since 1973, it has been under monument protection.It lies directly across from the town hall





We do like to see the Ukrainian flag on many buildings in Germany, just to let their people know we're supportive and thinking of them 


The Musicians of Bremen are seen everywhere in pictures and statues, and the story is: a donkey, a dog, a cat, and a rooster, all past their prime years in life and usefulness on their respective farms, were soon to be discarded or mistreated by their masters. One by one, they leave their homes and set out together. They decide to go to Bremen, known for its freedom, to live without owners and become musicians there.

On the way to Bremen, they see a lighted cottage; they look inside and see three robbers enjoying their ill-gotten gains. Standing on each other's backs, they decide to scare the robbers away by making a din; the men run for their lives, not knowing what the strange sound is. The animals take possession of the house, eat a good meal, and settle in for the evening.

Later that night, the robbers return and send one of their members in to investigate. He sees the cat's eyes shining in the darkness and thinks he is seeing the coals of the fire. The robber reaches over to light his candle. Things happen in quick succession; the Cat scratches his face with her claws, the dog bites him on the leg, the donkey kicks him with his hooves, and the rooster crows and chases him out the door. The terrified robber tells his companions that he was beset by a horrible witch who had scratched him with her long fingernails, a dwarf who has a knife, a black monster who had hit him with a club, and worst of all, a judge calling out from the rooftop. The robbers abandon the cottage to the strange creatures who have taken it, where the animals live happily for the rest of their days.


The Schnoor quarter is the oldest part of the city, and its narrow lanes are lined with a succession of delightful little houses. This is Bremen at its most inviting, with cafés, and artisan crafts. 

we both decided this was the best part of Bremen.



This is the oldest house in Schnoor




This guy recognized me as an Ewok but said it would be even more alike if I was walking on two legs, so I did show him I could ..............look at his face 

Maybe I should start to charge people for showing off this trick? 



 Bremen Cathedral dedicated to St.Peter is a church situated in the center of the city, it belongs to the Evangelical Church a member of the Protestant umbrella organization. Since 1973, it is protected by the monument protection act

It is huge and quite impressive, the style is very much like a church in Lund Sweden


A closer look at the statues by the entrance does not look very inviting at all, Strange ??



These heralds were originally created for the World Exposition in Paris.




some sculptures are really strange, this one for example. What is it? a fat guy wondering what to do with the woman?

Suffocating her maybe?





It's exhausting to walk around a big city, with the noise, the smells, and fast-moving everything, and as in every big city there are homeless people. Also lots and lots of graffiti on almost every surface


Both me and Mom felt like doing what this white pup is doing, but neither one of us could be this relaxed, and besides it's pretty dirty in the streets. 


We both felt we had enough of this and I managed to curl up in the basket for a short nap while Mom pedaled back to Lucy. 

It's 9.30 Tuesday morning and people around us start to move on. Mom said we'll stay here one more night to relax and take walks in the beautiful park that's close by.

Not a bad idea I thought...................


Life is great and even greater in the country, I hope Mom isn't planning any more big city excursions.............

Oh well she says, there may be one or two more...........


This is for the postcards to friends..............sorry we're not sending any


Kisses to ya,all 



Av EvaLena Hallgren - 11 juli 2022 13:53

After a great night's sleep, we continued on to cross the border to Germany which was uneventful being within the EU.

The difference now is that the relaxing 50 and 80 km speed limit in Denmark has now turned into 70 and 100km and the roads stay the same: narrow one-lane roads. In centrum of villages, you're supposed to know it's automatic 50km because there are no 50 signs just town signs.


Our first stop is in a town called Husum a small quaint town that was first mentioned in 1252 when king Abel was murdered.

Like most towns on the North Sea  Husum was always strongly influenced by storm tides. In 1362 a disastrous storm tide, the "Grote Mandreke" flooded the town and carved out the inland harbor. Before this date, Husum was not situated directly on the coast. The people of the city took advantage of this opportunity and built a marketplace, which led to a great economic upturn.

Between 1372 and 1398 the population of Husum grew rapidly, and two villages, Eas and West Husum was created



I tried really hard to scare some life in that creature but he was stonefaced


This poor seagull was stuck behind the glass, and Mom wanted to help him out but too many ladies screeching 


This could be a good golf cart I thought, Let's check it out....... Mom............Moooooooomm


Hmmm..what is there to say about his sign? Not much Mom said


At the town square, there was a market just like at home, and Mom bought a hat to keep the wind out of her ears.


The sandwich shop serves healthy herring........Mom is grinning thinking about what most of her friends say about them
They say eeeeuuwwww she said.
Mom, let's get one and I'll be the judge if it tastes good.
Mom reminded me we just ate and said I'll eat anything no matter what which I can't deny. I'm a true gourmand


Mom tried to convince me this says "U are a schmuck"
Hmmm.....so why do they sell watches and jewelry?


Looks like Mom has been here with her yarn and crochet needle


After the walk around we continued to Gluckstadt and the ferry over the Elbe   

the wait was a couple of hours but no problem, Mom made coffee and we took a walk looking at the sheep.


watching the birds


So we got on the ferry last and Mom went out to check so Lucy didn't hang her tail outside.

And yes I always take over the driver seat when Mom leaves. I'm the co-pilot so I can do anything I want if Mom isn't behind the steering wheel


We arrived in Gluckstadt and continued on to Bremen but we ended up stopping at an RV store to park for the night

Maybe Lucy will be sold by the time we wake up...........haa

They just provided this service to park and sleep, we got up and left before anyone had awaken.


We are now in Bremen parked at an RV parking outside the centrum because Lucy is not allowed to drive in the centrum because she has a diesel engine and is considered bad for the environment  which we can't deny

We'll be biking in a little later but first Mom is going to make some calls to the WiFi provider that are not very good............

It's a dreary day overcast and chilly 

but life is still good


Av EvaLena Hallgren - 10 juli 2022 07:03

We slept well at the rest stop we found, but now both me and Mom are fed up with the constant wind blowing. Lucy hates it even more and is giving Mom a hard time by pulling in all different directions, but only once did it worry me when a specially strong side wind got a hold of her. Luckily no other cars were on the road at the time.

When we drove over the bridge we discovered the more interesting bunker was on the south side. Here you can clearly see the "footprints" of Germans


As far as wind, Denmark was a pioneer in developing commercial wind power during the 1970s, and today a substantial share of the wind turbines around the world are produced by Danish manufacturers. Here wind power produced the equivalent of 47% of Denmark's total electricity consumption in 2019, an increase from 43.4% in 2017, 39% in 2014, and 33% in 2013. In 2012, the Danish government adopted a plan to increase the share of electricity production from wind to 50% by 2022 and to 84% by 2035. Denmark had the 4th best energy architecture performance in the world in 2017 according to the Worl economic forum, and the second-best energy security in the world in 2019 according to the same agency. Norway is number one.

There are windmills almost everywhere and no increase in cancer or piles of dead birds



this is a row of mills and from this angle, they looked wild. 




We went to a Viking village  (there are several of them here in Denmark) and every tent had a smokey fire smoldering 

Mom of course hated that so she didn't bother trying out any of the things you could do here.


There isn't much to say about his place other than it's pretty well done and was worth a quick visit


their Gods weren't very good looking 


I bet the kids must love this gameplay just running around having fun and getting their picture taken by tourists like us


I tried to get some attention here thinking they must be eating something, but nope and that Mom didn't let her kid pet me?

Mom said he might have been allergic to dogs like so many seem to be here, impossible I say  


Finally, I found something to eat. This lady was chewing on a carrot and she bit off a small piece for me, but I quickly grabbed the larger one she held in her other hand. That made everyone laugh at me.

I don't care, I got the carrot.


We left this place Mom complaining about stinking like she's been stuck in an underground smoke-filled jazz club

 so I'm sure we'll end up on a campsite and showers tonight. I hope she doesn't plan to involve me in that 

The next stop on the way south was this monument she read about, but when we got to that city named Esbjerg it was packed with people everywhere. Streets cut off and impossible to get around...................What's going on? 

It was a tall ship festival


It was hell to navigate around the crowded streets so Mom was about to give up when a young man gave her advice on how to get around it all, and we eventually did it.

Unveiled in 1995 the quartet of sculptural titans known collectively as the art piece, Man Meets the Sea is a timeless tribute to man’s contemplative nature. 


The piece was designed by Svend Wiig Hansen and is meant to have a universal appeal to represent all men as opposed to any one ethnicity. They are, 27-foot-tall figures and the stark white statues are completely devoid of decoration, allowing visitors to map their own contemplative thoughts onto the figures, and their own countenances across the statues’ blankly staring faces. Although the figures may look alike, keen observers will find subtle differences among them. We didn't stay long, the wind was beating us up so we didn't look for the differences, maybe next time.

All Mom wanted now was to get the hell out of this town and to find a shower.


As we are leaving town we saw something that looked like a sea of gray whales??? 

It was wings for the wind turbines, but nowhere to stop for pictures so Mom took a not very good one as we drove by

Those are enormous............


we found a campsite and Mom got her shower and we slept great listening to the never-ending wind.

It's now 8 am and today's plan is to drive to the ferry on the Elbe in  Germany hoping it'll finally be less windy.

Nobody should be able to resist my begging face, not even Mom, right?


Life is great


Av EvaLena Hallgren - 8 juli 2022 17:03

We slept in a parking lot just outside the terminal, and across the river is a huge red monster 


The ferry was leaving at 4.15 so the alarm went off at 3 am and Mom had planned to make coffee but decided to do that in the queue. Ha, there was no time, the trucks were getting off at one end of the ship as they were loading on new trucks at the other?  It didn't take long before we were safely parked inside the belly of the ship.

You're not allowed to stay in your car, so from experience, Mom knows how people hog the seats, and usually, there are only a few in the dog section so we got out quickly and "ran" up 5 flights of stairs The comfortable couches were already taken by people stretched out with pillows and blankets. How did they get up here so fast?

They didn't have dogs, so surely they'll be kicked out later ................but nooooo 

The ship is fueling ..................wonder how many liters?


We checked out the lifeboats, hope we don't have to use them Mom said

WHAAAT I said, is that a possibility?.

Just kidding Mom answered..............stupid humor if you ask me


We found a seat by the window with a very wide windowsill for me to sit on. looks more like I mirror I thought. The trip was boring and uneventful so I fell asleep on my lead.


Oh, I did meet a giant Rumanian truck driver. He didn't speak one word we could understand, but he wanted to show Mom pictures of his dogs, and of course, pet me. I tried giving him a lot of kisses but after a few, he held me away.......what's up with that????


Now we are in Denmarks mainland Jutland, which  is a peninsula bounded by the North Sea  to the west, the Skagerrak to the north, the Kattegatt and  Baltic sea to the east, and Germany to the south

We're driving along the west side and our first stop is a town called Lokken

The town is renowned internationally for its beautiful broad sandy beaches where you’ll find the white bathing huts side by side like a string of pearls against a backdrop of grass-covered dunes.



On Løkken Beach you’ll still find fishing cutters being drawn up onto the beach after a trip out to sea.




We walked all the way out on the pier as the wind beat us up............cold wind too and I got sand blowing into my hair


 How many miles to America?



We could have driven Lucy down to the sand and park but Mom was afraid to get stuck and we would have had sand everywhere.

Motorcycle parking?


Lokken is a typical tourist place, with very sleepy tourists because it wasn't many people out at 9 am 



We went into a souvenir shop (Mom is looking for unusual wind chimes) and to our surprise, this was being sold in there

Granted it IS airguns, but do they have to look that scary?




As we were walking along we started to think that maybe some Americans founded this town? Or they are being copycats




This sign must have me in mind. I always get foam in my beard when I drink beer 




These streets are nice looking but not very comfortable to walk on. I found a dead fish ..........he's stoned hahaha 




Hollyhock grows everywhere in Denmark............even with almost no dirt.




Mom changed the plan to stay here for the night. Too many cars and no space, so we continued south along the coast.

We're both tired from lack of sleep so we can't drive all that long now.

Finally, we found a great place to camp by a bridge in Aggersund


We were wondering why such a nice rest stop here? and then we realized this place had a lot of history



The Danish state had begun construction of the bridge in August 1939, and the work continued during the occupation with the result that the bridge was officially opened on 18 June 1942.

The bridge had barely entered into use before German troops arrived in Aggersund to protect it. In August/September 1942, the German Air Force installed three 2 cm anti-aircraft guns to defend the bridge against aerial attack, and the German Army stationed an infantry company (approx. 50 men) at the bridge around the same time.

Work was begun to fortify the area around the bridge in early 1943, with broad barbed-wire obstacles being laid out in semi-circular patterns around the bridgeheads. Trenches and firing positions were then dug behind the barbed-wire protection. The bridge defenses were subsequently reinforced between March and October 1943 by the laying of 3,209 anti-tank mines and 1,475 anti-personnel mines.


Construction of concrete bunkers commenced in August 1943; the first was completed in December of the same year, the last in October 1944. A total of 15 large bunkers with 2 meter-thick walls and ceilings were built, as well as five smaller ones with walls approximately 30 cm thick.

Five of the large bunkers were the property of the German Air Force and served to protect the bridge against aerial bombardment. These bunkers are positioned in the immediate vicinity of the ends of the bridges.

The other bunkers were operated by the German Army and are located in the outer areas of the fortified position.

Because the water table in this area is so high, most of the large bunkers were built above ground. To camouflage them as ordinary houses, they were clad in artificial brickwork and topped with false roofs.

In January 1945, the position was served by 174 soldiers.

you were allowed to go down inside, but Mom said no way it looked dark and scary, who knows what's down there?



As we were standing there a gang of older guys came riding their mopeds. Mom said they were reminiscing back to their teenage days. Looked like they had a lot of fun

Tomorrow is another day. I know something exciting is going to happen, not sure what yet, but Mom has been looking into this box for a long time making plans. Not that it means an awful lot because everything can change on a drop of a hat when it comes to Mom I just have to paw around 





Av EvaLena Hallgren - 7 juli 2022 21:42

 Saying goodbye to our gracious host and repairman we're now back on the road and Lucy is her good old self again.

We didn't drive very far because Mom decided we'll take the ferry from Gothenburg to the top of Denmark's mainland instead of going down to the bridge.

The next available ferry that'll allow dogs are embarking at 4.15 am so we'll have to set the alarm for 3 am.

Mom has been to Gotheburg many times before, but nothing looked like she remembered. Everywhere there's road building and cranes and highrises and ........



The trams are still running though


Mom kept saying the Fishchurch must still be here and yes she found it, but it was closed for repair

Feskekörka is an indoor fish market that got its name from the building's resemblance to a Neo-gothic church. It opened on 1 November 1874 and was drawn by the city architect Victor von Gegerfelt. Feskekörka is an institution in Gothenburg as well as a tourist magnet, housing one of the city's oldest trades, fishing.

Apart from a fish market, there is also a fish- and seafood restaurant in the building.


Gothenburg is the second-largest city in Sweden and the fifth-largest in the Nordic countries. It is situated by Kattegat, on the west coast of Sweden, and has a population of approximately 590,000 in the city proper and about 1.1 million inhabitants in the metropolitan area.

 The architecture is very interesting Mom thinks




Gothenburg was founded as a heavily fortified, primarily Dutch, trading colony, by royal charter in 1621 by King Gustavus Adolphus. In addition to the generous privileges (e.g. tax relaxation) given to his Dutch allies during the then-ongoing Thirty Years' War, the king also attracted significant numbers of his German and Scottish allies to populate his only town on the western coast. At a key strategic location at the mouth of the Göta älv, where Scandinavia's largest drainage basin enters the sea, the Port of Gothenburg is now the largest port in the Nordic countries.

Mom HAD to see the place she remembered so she dragged me along for 8.4miles  (according to the GPS) 

This was the view she was looking for.................the Museum of art


The square Götaplatsen was constructed for the World Fair in Gothenburg in 1923 and a fountain was placed in the same location as Poseidon before the statue was inaugurated nearly ten years later. The square is surrounded by beautiful buildings on three sides: the Concert hall, the City Theatre, and the Gothenburg Museum of Art.


Poseidon, the sea God, by Carl Milles is one of Gothenburg’s most famous landmarks, situated at the top of the main boulevard Avenyn at the square Götaplatsen. The statue was inaugurated in September 1931.

Mom thinks this Poseidon is ugly, he looks much better from the back


After a short break and some water we walked all the way back to Lucy


So many outdoor cafes and some had no people so I quickly checked for table scraps

 Some streets were no smoking streets, which of course Mom loved 

The sign says your butts end up in our fish, throw them here


FIKA is like a religion in Sweden, it's a coffee cake, a cinnamon bun. Usually it's something sweet


Gothenburg is home to many students, as the city includes the University of Gothenburg and Chalmers University of Technology. Volvo was founded in Gothenburg in 1927. The original parent Volvo Group and the now separate Volvo Car Corporation are still headquartered on the island of Hisingen in the city


This is the city library


Not sure what kind of vehicle this is 


Surprise surprise?????................the have ODD Fellows here too


These guys were coaches for a soccer team and asked the kids to collect cans to make money........good idea 


Almost back home Mom spotted this art on a wall.......................show that garbage can be art too


Back in Lucy, we will now get a few hours of rest before it's time to take the 3,5-hour ferry ride.............It's going to be fun I've never been on a ferry before.  I hope Mom don't get seasick


Wet kisses to ya all


Av EvaLena Hallgren - 5 juli 2022 08:53

Goodmorning we're still parked at the same place and still waiting for snail mail which is even slower than in the USA. Mail is only delivered twice or three times a week in some places and as far as we know there's no FedEx 

Oh well, it's not that we're uncomfortable we have everything we need and are being well-taken care of by our host.

This is the "dhoodad" that needed to be fixed and it looked very complicated for both of us. Good thing there are people who know how to


Yesterday we went for another sightseeing tour of the island and we stopped at a farm with all kinds of weird animals.


For a couple of bucks, you can ride on these tall guys and Mom got an offer to but declined which I'm glad she did.

I tried my best not to look at them because I heard the owner talking about how they barf on you if you upset them.

This guy reminds me of you, Mom said

WHAT!!!! I'm not that ugly.........must be the underbite?


Talk about giving me the evil eye as I walked by...........I wanted to tell this thing off by barking at it, but Mom didn't let me


The donkeys were ok in my opinion they didn't do much of a fuzz. I decided to ignore them too despite them being quite interested in me and wanting to snuggle..........no Thank You I said 


I have no idea why these two were so angry and hissed at me? All I did was walk by and sniffed the grass on my side of the fence and all hell broke loose.


This is another kind of spitting animal so I decided to stay far away here too, Mom thought they were cute. She said it inspired her to get the knitting needles out to make a sweater.............I think it'll make a smelly sweater 


Mom tried real hard to pet the babies with no fear of a spitball ...............Either she was brave or she had forgotten about the risk...........from what I know about Mom, I think she forgot


This little guy was more to my taste he seemed gentle and was quiet so we said hello


On the way out I saw a guy who had his head in the toilet ? or has he passed out from over exertion?  weird I thought, but then again a lot of stuff was weird to me here,


Leaving the farm we took a short ferry ride to a town called Stenungsund, which holds the largest chemical cluster of its kind in Sweden, producing plastic in primary forms and basic chemicals, it was once only idyllic bathing and vacation location on the Swedish west coast and home to several industries and business, with a total of 2000 registered businesses.

The power plant in Stenungsund was commissioned in 1959 and was for decades an important part of Sweden's electricity supply. A petrochemical facility was erected around the plant which currently employs around 3,000 people


this factory stuff is not one iota interesting for either me or Mom, but to you, that is, here's a website explaining this stuff.............https://history.vattenfall.com/stories/stenungsunds-power-plant

Continuing on to the waterfront harbor looking at boats 

here's a yacht from Turkey.........maybe an oligarch? ............haha



The island of Orust and the archipelago has many interesting and beautiful places to explore and shipbuilding has been

the essence of this region can be traced as far back as 1253.



Back at our Lucy we went for a walk and these cows came charging happily to see me.

Mom is smiling and I can see how this is reminding her of her puppy time when life was slow with no worries 

Life has been pretty slow for a week now I reminded her................not that I'm complaining 



Life is great

wet kisses to ya all Henry



Av EvaLena Hallgren - 3 juli 2022 08:00

Mom and I must be the luckiest people in the world. The repair man (Ralph) came to fix the battery problem and invited us to move Lucy to his house so he had easy access to all the tools needed to ensure everything was working well.

He really tried to educate Mom on how Lusys electrical stuff works, but I don't think Mom got it

The battery store wasn't open so in the evening Ralph cooked and we had an impromptu crawfish party.

He also invited Lasse who had helped Mom pull out the battery the previous night.


They were delicious and Ralph peeled several tails for me...........crayfish are freshwater crustaceans resembling small lobsters (to which they are related). In some locations, they are also known as crawdaddies,,mudbugs,baybugs,yabbies, 


Only shells left after a few hours



This island where we are is called Orust. and thanks to the Gulf Stream, the summer waters along the coast are about the same temperature as those in Southern California, and Swedes make the most of the welcoming sea—Sweden has among the world’s highest per capita boat ownership, and most families have at least a little rowboat or kayak for getting to nearby uninhabited islands for picnic lunches, swimming, and sunbathing

Mom always stops to admire the wooden boats that she considers a work of art and great craftmanship 


After all, repairs were done Ralph drove us to Mollösund an old fishing village located on the southern tip of the island with 236 inhabitants in 2010


 the guest harbor has over one hundred moorings and along the quayside, there are cafes, restaurants, and piers with outdoor refreshments. Fish and seafood are always on the menus to be enjoyed at their best with views of the boat life in the bustling fairway



There Mom ordered a shrimp sandwich and Ralph had a bucket of mussels




To Ralphs's big surprise I ate three mussels ..............Mom wasn't surprised at all she knows I eat and drink everything offered to me.


The present harbor and guest harbor were built during the Second World War. Fishing declined more and more in the 1970s and these days the village is mainly known as a summer idyll, even though there are remains from the heydays of the herring era here and there.



Herring fishing started in Mollösund in the 16th century and within the following hundred years, the village grew into Bohuslän’s largest fishing center. Then came a period of harsh winters, poor fish stocks, and poverty. Not until the end of the 19th century did the herring fishing recover, and at the beginning of the twentieth century a road was built out to Mollösund


This is not a road for Lucy, she would get stuck on these narrow cobblestone streets. The cars must have been much smaller back then?




There were roses climbing on houses everywhere and I could hear Mom thinking of her own wilting garden in Florida




so many houses had a design of what Swedes call "carpenters joy" which is this ornamental woodwork around the windows and doors




I asked Mom if we could trade Lucy for a boat? never in a million years, Mom said but that doesn't mean we could go for an occasional ride. I do have a life jacket in Florida but haven't had an opportunity to use it yet.

Jack Russels seems to be the breed of choice here? wonder why?




Sailing schooners are also a work of art but look a little complicated to sail for a landlubber like Mom  



This church was built in 1920 and the architect Adrian Peterson hired for the assignment left a clear mark on the central church, which has the shape of a Greek cross and is partly inspired by longhouse churches. It is the only church he made of wood. From the beginning, there were also Old Norse features outside the church where dragon heads adorned the roof and tower. They were removed in 1929 because the wood was damaged.

There is no time to build like that anymore Mom says



we had a great day with lots of new views and this morning we woke up looking at a deer gracing outside Lucy

Life is great

wet kisses to ya all