Alla inlägg den 6 maj 2023

Av EvaLena Hallgren - Lördag 6 maj 08:04

Yesterday was a great day for me because we arrived at my favorite place in Sweden. (Mom likes it too) It's a place where I'm allowed to roam around free without a collar or lead. I found my ball at the same exact place I left it last year, and I made Mom throw it until she had no more strength left. 

The nights are still freezing in the 30ies but I think that's fine and Mom loves the coziness of a fire in the stove.


The days are sunny and in order with the Swedish tradition, we placed the chairs against a wall away from the wind to take in every ray of sunshine.


The ladies were drinking wine and I got thirsty chasing the ball so I demanded a sip too



While still in town we went to a ostrich farm to buy meat for the BBQ.........I wasn't allowed near these birds. Their feet were almost as big as me and they didn't look all that friendly anyway.

Their meat is supposedly delicious and hopefully, I'll get a chance to taste it this time. Last year I only got a whiff of it.


After Mom, this is my favorite person in Sweden. Elvy is the nicest lady and she doesn't mind my wet kisses like my Mom does. She also shares all the goodies she has so I'm going to make sure I sit next to her when they'll be eating the Ostrich


Mom says her cooking is so good she wants it all to herself...................I think that's very selfish


In the evening they sit around playing poker while I'm napping. Mom had no Swedish money but managed to play anyway because at first she won some, but an hour later she had given it all back 


At the supermarket, they had horsemeat so Mom bought some since she had forgotten how it tastes but remembered she used to like it a lot. It's served as a Coldcut and tastes a little bit like a cross between prosciutto and corned beef.

I found it very salty and Mom said we're not getting it again.......................poor horse


It is only the beginning of spring so trees are still without leaves and there's snow in many places where the sun hasn't reached. The first spring flowers are showing off and before we know it everything will be green and gorgeous.


Monday Lucy will be ready to pick up and she'll have new breaks........................... then will go ???? somewhere

wet kisses